Peter & the Bogeyman

Peter & the Bogeyman

by Michael Ratnett, June Goulding

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
When Peter misbehaves, he is more intrigued than frightened by his grandparents' dire warnings about the Bogeyman. His parents assure him that there is no such thing, but Peter suspects otherwise and plans accordingly. He behaves disgracefully for an entire week, and has the monster's undivided attention by Friday night. Although Peter triumphs at a midnight rendezvous, the story runs the risk of genuinely scaring sensitive children. Also, Peter's behavior during the week seems to go unnoticed (and unpunished) by everyone else. This book provides some amusement, and the cheerful illustrations are comfortably cluttered with details, but like the grandparents' threats, nothing really comes of it. Ages 4-7. (July)
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
K-Gr 3-- Peter's grandparents warn him that if he is naughty, the Bogeyman will get him and turn him into salt . Despite his parents' assurances that there is no such creature, Peter decides to capture the Bogeyman and bring him to justice. And so he does, using planning and panache to conquer his own fear. Goulding packs each vivid watercolor illustration with detail and sly humor. Peter's plans are clearly signaled as readers watch him think and draw. As the Bogeyman stalks Peter, they see him stealthily record each of Peter's deliberate acts of naughtiness as he trashes the dining room, bathes in a fountain, and even plays a one-man band in the library. (The librarian pictured here is as stereotyped as they come.) The Bogeyman himself is bug-eyed, five-armed, and gloppy--the perfect blend of menace and humor. A tale of pluck and daring, to be enjoyed initially for its silliness and to be read again to delight in the Bogeyman's sneaky appearances and in Goulding's clever illustrations. --Gail C. Ross, Baltimore County Public Library

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