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Pha¨don : oder, U¨ber die Unsterblichkeit der Seele, in drey Gespra¨chen

Pha¨don : oder, U¨ber die Unsterblichkeit der Seele, in drey Gespra¨chen

3.7 3
by Moses Mendelssohn

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Berlin : F. Nicolai
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Barnes & Noble
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Pha¨don 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fool.. you underestimate my power!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Eclipsimatic is a group that has been around for a good week or so. This group consists ONLY of Nephilim, vampires, fallen angels, and werewolves. Nothing else.<p>Nephilim, or Nephil, are enemies with fallen angels.<br>Vampires and werewolves are enemies.<p>Of course, that doesn't mean, that, for instance, Nephilim can't be allies with vampires. Or fallen angels can't be allies with werewolves. Kapeesh?<p> Please keep in mind that this roleplay is for these four races ONLY. No elves. No humans. No elementals. Believe me, the only reason l add this in is because it happened.<br>No se<_>x in any of the reses. Absolutely NONE. Two people thought it was funny to have a se<_>x party in res two. Where an eight page long explanation is. Rude, much? <br>Ignore the add-on rule in this res. I did not permit it. Don't listen to any add-on rules, actually, unless it is this post or the only post in res three. Thank you. <br>No alc<_>hohol. This is a roleplay for all ages over 10.<br>Violence is allowed. (Duh, how else will fallen angels get a vassal?)<br>Do. Not. Post. In. Reses. 1-4. I am dead serious. I get so mad when l see people disrespecting my wishes and hard work. I might sound si<_>ni<_>le, but it kills me. <br>Basically, stick to the rules at res three, and don't roleplay anything other than these four groups.<p>Map:<br> -Vampire and werewolf explanation at res two. (scroll down to find it) <br>-Nephilim and fallen angels explanation at res four.<br>-Rules at res three.<br>-Bios res five.<br>Roleplay area reses 6-13.<p>Thank you,<p>-Starry &#10023 Night<br>(Happy now, Xander?)