Pha¨don : oder, U¨ber die Unsterblichkeit der Seele, in drey Gespra¨chen

Pha¨don : oder, U¨ber die Unsterblichkeit der Seele, in drey Gespra¨chen

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by Moses Mendelssohn

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Berlin : F. Nicolai
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Pha¨don : oder, U¨ber die Unsterblichkeit der Seele, in drey Gespra¨chen 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The information about Werewolves and Vampires is in the last review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Rain jogs in happy. Storm is still human and is carrying two pups. Faya and Ceder. Rain turns human and puts on some make-up and takes faya and sets her down.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Strength. Blood. Battle.<p>For centuries, two immortal races have consistently battled out their differences. Which is better? Four dagger-teeth and endless supplies of blood? Or shapeshifting into a wolf at any time you want?<p>This one reason is why these two very different races have been enemies since the dawn of time. Maybe one day it will change for the better. But for now... that idea is laughable.<p>&nu&alpha<_>m&rho&iota&pi&epsilon<_>s are a species known by every human race. Some humans say they are a product of imagination. Others know better. The smart ones are the ones that get locked up. They get called crazy. They are the ones that don't become a victim. <br>With skin as pale as the whitest paper, these blood-sucking demons are here for on reason and one reason only: destroy everything.<br>Most go undercover. They dress as normal teenagers and fake a normal life. Others, very few, decide to go the harder way. They dress to impress so that their next meal will have a nice picture in their mind as they die. Well, it would be nice if blood wasn't anywhere and that perfectly-dressed dude wasn't trying to kill you. But let's not be picky.<p>&omega&epsilon&pi&epsilon&omega&sigma<_>l&nu&epsilon<_>s are by far the best species by human standards. Especially for boys with big dreams. I mean, you get the supermodel looks, the bada<_>ss attitude, AND you get to change into a wolf on will. The perfect dream, right? Not exactly. Although werewolves have all those cool features, and more, something darker lurks beneath them. Hidden.<br>Every full moon, at night, from 6 pm to 2 pm, those 20 hours, are filled with pain and misery. The full moon is your master. For every wrong deed you have done during the cycle, the next full moon punishes you. Say you stole a simple apple. Prepare for the worst shock treatment imaginable. Say you stole an apple and you flipped the finger at someone. You get shock treatment AND your arms shattering into pieces. Or it feels like that, anyway. Let's go deeper. Say you are an evil bada<_>ss and you like being that way. Say you've killed three males, or got in a bloody fight with them, and relentlessly se<_>du<_>cted females, guess what you get? The full package. Shock treatment. Every bone shattering in your body. Feeling like your lungs are collapsing in on you. You can't breathe. You fight for it. It's as if cold hands are holding your neck, as if they are cutting your windpipe open, cutting your jugular. It feels as if all your skin is being ripped off.<p>It's all in your head, though. After those dreaded 20 hours, you look fine, feel fine, but are, of course, shaken up. If you look on the bright side, it IS only once a month. That's your decision, though. <p> lf you choose to be a werewolf, keep in mind that yo might want to get over shyness. Unless you want to buy new clothes every time to turn into a wolf, str<_>ip off yorur clothes, then change. Why? Because the complex shape of the wolf will tear your clothing into pieces. Get used to seeing others naked, too.