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Phantom Eyes

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by Scott Tracey

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The bells sing with dark energy as Grace emerges from the shadows. The end is about to begin. After Grace Lansing ripped out the power of his witch eyes, Braden is left broken. His beloved Uncle John is dead, his body is being hijacked like a puppet, and everyone—from ghosts to demons to warlocks—seems to have Braden's death on their to-do lists. Torn


The bells sing with dark energy as Grace emerges from the shadows. The end is about to begin. After Grace Lansing ripped out the power of his witch eyes, Braden is left broken. His beloved Uncle John is dead, his body is being hijacked like a puppet, and everyone—from ghosts to demons to warlocks—seems to have Braden's death on their to-do lists. Torn between fleeing to safety and making a stand to regain his power, Braden searches for answers about the witch feud's origins. But when Grace sets her ancient plan in motion, Braden is determined to reclaim his birthright. As key players converge on the deep wellsprings of magical energy hidden in town, one thing becomes clear: whoever controls the magic will control Belle Dam. Braden's only hope is to become the weapon he never wanted to be, but could unleash the monster that lurks inside him. Praise:"A bewitching blend of paranormal romance and intrigue."—Kirkus Reviews "Snappy dialogue, a supernatural tone, and hip teen characters . . . make Tracey's sequel to Witch Eyes [Demon Eyes] yet another splendid literary feast."—VOYA

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VOYA - Sarah Cofer
The third and final installment in the Witch Eyes trilogy starts up three days after the last book ends, when Grace, a magic revenant, ripped out Braden Thorpe's Witch Eyes stripping him of his power. Braden feels broken and lost. His uncle is dead, his friend Riley is incapacitated, and he is not sure who he can trust. The longstanding feud between his witch family and the Lansing family, also witches, is more volatile than ever, and now Braden finds himself caught in the middle of the vengeful feud between Grace and Lucien, a demon. He knows everyone wants him dead, but since no one has killed him yet, he figures he must be more useful alive. He plans to figure out what they want from him and to find a way to come back stronger than ever. His strategy is to play everyone against each other and take everyone down at once, even if the stakes are dangerously high. On the surface this books has great paranormal elements, like feuding witch families, demons, ghosts, and shape shifters, but the execution falls flat. The over-emphasis on character conflict makes this book read like a soap opera. There is almost no description of setting, other than stating that the characters are stuck in the cursed town of Belle Dam. It is awesome to see diversity in teen fiction—the main protagonist is gay—but Braden's sexual orientation has little to do with the story other than the understated romance he has with one of the peripheral characters. It would have been a welcome addition to see that relationship fleshed out. The character history and complicated backstories make this third title a confusing read for those who have not been reading the trilogy from the beginning. Purchase this only where the first two books are popular. Reviewer: Sarah Cofer
School Library Journal
Gr 9 Up—This last installment of the Witch Eyes paranormal trilogy, follows an embattled teen warlock as he attempts to learn more about his life and his history. Braden, stripped of all powers by an enemy in the previous book, is caught in the middle of a longstanding feud between warring witch families, and he must fight for his life, as well as for the lives of his friends and family. The teen struggles with his obligations and his love for Trey, the scion of a rival family. Along the way, Braden learns more about himself and his deceased mother by connecting with his estranged father and his extended family, all while trying to navigate the dangerous hellscape of his supernatural hometown, Belle Dam. Tracey aims for a quippy and casual tone but often slips into other styles, resulting in a confused narrative voice. The book is complicated, with many plotlines and characters, and too little explanation-a new reader would have difficulty following along without first reading the previous books. The internal logic of the world is inconsistent and often vague, leaving the reader with too many questions. Despite these faults, there is much for readers to appreciate in Phantom Eyes, especially in its tender and realistic portrayal of gay teens. Braden and Trey love each other and are also nervous about moving into the adult world of love and sex. Fortunately, Tracey only takes the Romeo and Romeo trope so far and allows his star-crossed lovers to conquer evil and get their happily ever after ending. Additionally, teens will sympathize with Braden's struggle to build a relationship with his father, by letting go of past hurts and working as a team.—Susannah Goldstein, Convent of the Sacred Heart, New York City
Kirkus Reviews
Although he was stripped of his magic in Demon Eyes (2012), Braden is still enmeshed in the power players' various plots--and he's sick of being a puppet. The small town of Belle Dam is overflowing with magical heavy hitters such as feuding warlocks Jason Thorpe and Catherine Lansing, demons Lucian and Matthias, and the newly returned town founder (who stole Braden's powers), Grace Lansing. Colorful supporting characters don't allow Braden to slip into self-pity over his victimhood, instead pushing him to fight for his life. What they don't know is that Braden is also fighting a prophecy predicting that he will become a terrible force of destruction and evil. Even without powers, Braden doesn't lack agency; to evade those who would control him, he digs further into the history of the town and its ruling families. His own family's history informs his evolving relationship with his father. Multiple desires--revenge against Catherine and Lucian, safety for Trey, the town's liberation from the feud and Riley's healing (she's a casualty of his previous battle with Lucian)--converge in a desperate, dangerous plan that leads Braden down a dark path. Tracey nimbly weaves plot threads and character agendas to create intrigue, double crosses and demonic pacts in a race to a conclusion that will change Belle Dam forever. A clever and thoroughly satisfying end to a strong trilogy. (Paranormal romance. 14 & up)

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Scott Tracey aspired to be a writer from a young age. His debut novel, Witch Eyes, was named to the 2012 Popular Paperbacks for Young Readers list in the forbidden romance category and ranked among the top ten gay and lesbian Kindle books of 2011 at Tracey lives near Cleveland, Ohio.

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