Philadelphia Folk Festival: 40th Anniversary

Philadelphia Folk Festival: 40th Anniversary


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Disc 1

  1. Scots Piping
  2. Walk Awhile
  3. Green, Green, Rocky Road
  4. If I Had My Way
  5. Open Up Them Pearly Gates
  6. Kokomo Blues
  7. Talkin' Fishin' Blues
  8. Did You Hear John Hurt?
  9. Ain't No Tellin'
  10. Irish Dance Medley: Boys of Ballisodaire/Longford Collector
  11. Here's to Cheshire, Here's to Cheese (Froggy)
  12. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
  13. Panama Limited
  14. City of New Orleans
  15. Sharon
  16. Farewell Toast/Boatman

Disc 2

  1. These Are the Days
  2. Hoedown
  3. No Love Today
  4. Watchin' the River Go By
  5. Sensitive New Age Guys
  6. Wild Goose Chase
  7. Hit or Miss
  8. Society's Child (Baby I've Been Thinking)
  9. Hello in There
  10. From a Distance
  11. Georgia State Patrol/Deep Gap Salute
  12. I'm Alright
  13. When I'm Gone
  14. Ciorcirlia
  15. People My Age
  16. Le Jig Francais

Disc 3

  1. Going Up
  2. My Father's House
  3. Tanglewood Tree
  4. My Heart in Rio
  5. Old Dominion
  6. Ode to a Butterfly
  7. Cakewalk into Town
  8. Simple Gearle
  9. Rawhide
  10. This Town Is Wrong
  11. Minnie the Moocher
  12. Olympic Reel
  13. The Golden Apples of the Sun
  14. Beeswing
  15. St. Mary of Regrets
  16. Alturas
  17. You Jacobites by Name

Disc 4

  1. Beg to Differ
  2. Ring-Around-A-Rosie-Rag
  3. Darcy Farrow
  4. I Ain't Marching Anymore
  5. Devil's Dream/Sailor Hornpipe
  6. I Blinked Once
  7. El Pajarillo
  8. Drag Queens in Limousines
  9. Goodnight Irene

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mississippi John Hurt   Guitar,Vocals
Odetta   Guitar,Vocals
Chris Smither   Guitar,Vocals
Taj Mahal   Guitar,Vocals
Ricky Skaggs   Track Performer
Beausoleil   Track Performer
Michael Doucet   Fiddle,Vocals
Jackie Daly   Accordion
Jethro Burns   Mandolin
Nanci Griffith   Vocals
John Hartford   Fiddle,Vocals
Bill Keith   Track Performer
Doc Watson   Guitar,Vocals
Saul Broudy   Harmonica
Judy Collins   Guitar,Vocals
Mike Cross   Guitar,Vocals
Steve Goodman   Guitar,Vocals
John Gorka   Guitar,Vocals
Arlo Guthrie   Guitar,Vocals
Patty Larkin   Guitar,Vocals
Christine Lavin   Guitar,Vocals
Cindy Mangsen   Vocals
Phil Ochs   Guitar,Vocals
Tom Paxton   Guitar,Vocals
Gamble Rogers   Guitar,Vocals
Tom Rush   Guitar,Vocals
Pete Seeger   Guitar,Vocals
Loudon Wainwright   Guitar,Vocals
Inti-Illimani   Track Performer
David Bromberg   Guitar,Vocals
Fairport Convention   Track Performer
Steve Forbert   Guitar,Vocals
Janis Ian   Guitar,Vocals
John Prine   Guitar,Vocals
Bonnie Raitt   Guitar,Vocals
John Sebastian   Harp
Richard Thompson   Guitar,Vocals
David Amram   Penny Whistle
Howard Armstrong   Fiddle
Simon Nicol   Guitar,Vocals
Dave Pegg   Bass,Vocals
Bob Carlin   Banjo
Jim Rooney   Guitar
Danann   Track Performer
Frankie Gavin   Fiddle,Flute
Jimmy Breaux   Accordion
Roger Sprung   Banjo
Andy Statman   Saxophone
Dave Van Ronk   Guitar,Vocals
Carl Martin   Mandolin
Lief Sorbye   Mandolin,Vocals
Bonnie Dobson   Guitar,Vocals
Irene Farrera   Vocals,quatro
Great Big Sea   Track Performer
Tommy Alesi   Drums
Dave Bronze   Bass
Steve Burgh   Guitar
Dave Carter   Guitar,Vocals
Michael Cooney   Guitar,Vocals
Kenny Kosek   Fiddle
David Doucet   Guitar,Vocals
Rev. Gary Davis   Guitar,Vocals
John Dymond   Bass
Peter Ecklund   Cornet
Ramblin' Jack Elliott   Guitar,Vocals
Alec Finn   Bouzouki,Guitar
Nina Gerber   Guitar
Steve Gillette   Guitar,Vocals
James Hooker   Piano,Vocals
Byron House   Bass
Adolfo Lazo   Drums
Dave Mattacks   Drums
Johnny McDonagh   Bodhran
Pat McInerney   Drums
Michael Mullen   Vocals,Electric Violin
Mollie O'Brien   Guitar,Vocals
Larry Packer   Fiddle
Larry Perkins   Bass
Jerry Ricks   Guitar
Merle Watson   Guitar
Winnie Winston   Steel Guitar
Moxy Früvous   Track Performer
Susan Werner   Guitar,Vocals
Natalie MacMaster   Fiddle
Bruce Martin   Pipe
Eddie Hartness   Percussion,Vocals
Oscar Lopez   Track Performer
Roger Sprung & The Progressive Blue Grassers   Track Performer
Jorge Coulon   Guitar,Vocals,tiple
Chris Thile   Mandolin
Eric Bibb   Guitar,Vocals
Eddie from Ohio   Track Performer
Jose Seves   Guitar,Percussion,Cajon
Ken Ulansey   Soprano Saxophone
Thom Roach   Drums
Marcelo Coulon   Flute,Guitar,Quena
Jason Wilber   Guitar
Tom Sheehan   Bass
Horacio Salinas   Guitar,tiple
Paula Ballan   Vocals
Brent Gubbels   Bass
David Jacques   Bass
Katryna Nields   Guitar,Vocals
Ron de la Vega   Bass,Vocals
Mad Pudding   Track Performer
Stacey Earle   Guitar,Vocals
Sean McCann   Guitar,Vocals
Nerissa Nields   Guitar,Vocals
Tharpe   Bass
Mary Gauthier   Guitar,Vocals
Julie Murphy   Vocals
Robbie Schaefer   Guitar,Vocals
Amy Stephens   Accordion
Chas Williams   Guitar
Mike Clem   Bass,Vocals
Nickel Creek   Track Performer
David Raitt   Bass
Daniel Cantillana   Percussion,Violin
Tracy Grammer   Fiddle,Vocals
Sara Watkins   Fiddle
Sean Watkins   Guitar
Alan Doyle   Bouzouki,Vocals
Bob Hallett   Fiddle,Vocals,Whistle (Instrument)
Darrell Power   Bass,Vocals
Shannon Johnson   Fiddle
Andy Hillhouse   Guitar
Hal Wylie   Guitar,Vocals
Steve O'Connor   Accordion,Hammond Organ
Mark Stewart   Guitar

Technical Credits

Mississippi John Hurt   Composer
Lead Belly   Composer
Taj Mahal   Composer
Ewan MacColl   Composer
Judy Collins   Arranger
Steve Goodman   Composer
Tom Rush   Arranger
Tempest   Arranger
Roger Sprung   Arranger
Dave Van Ronk   Arranger
Larry Cohen   Musical Director
Rev. Gary Davis   Composer
John A. Lomax   Composer
Odetta Felious Gordon   Composer
Gene Shay   Producer
Jonathan Takiff   Liner Notes
Traditional   Composer

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