Philadelphia International Records: The 40th Anniversary Box Set

Philadelphia International Records: The 40th Anniversary Box Set

Love Train: The Sound of Philadelphia, released by Sony Legacy in 2008, provided an excellent and deep overview of the Philadelphia International catalog, as well as Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff's outside work as songwriters and producers. The 40th Anniversary Box Set, released in


Love Train: The Sound of Philadelphia, released by Sony Legacy in 2008, provided an excellent and deep overview of the Philadelphia International catalog, as well as Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff's outside work as songwriters and producers. The 40th Anniversary Box Set, released in 2012 by the U.K. label Harmless, sticks to PIR but goes ten discs deep. Naturally, there is a significant amount of overlap; 29 of the 71 songs featured on Love Train, including every big PIR single, appear here. In addition to featuring all the popular classics -- "Me and Mrs. Jones," "Wake Up Everybody," "T.S.O.P.," "Love Is the Message," "Love Train," "Back Stabbers," "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine," "Only You," and on and on -- the box showcases the label's stylistic breadth. There was neither one Philly sound nor one PIR sound. Picking five songs at random from five different artists will likely demonstrate the label's range from perfectly shaped soul-pop to progressive and experimental rhythm & blues, as well as its relevance beyond the '70s. Billy Paul's rollicking and explosive take on "Compared to What" (1971), Yellow Sunshine's eponymous Santana/War-like funk-rock hybrid "Yellow Sunshine" (1973), Dexter Wansel's jazz-funk floor burner "Life on Mars" (1976), the Jones Girls' transportive "Nights Over Egypt" (1981), and Phyllis Hyman's plush "Ain't You Had Enough Love" (1986) have their own placement as significant events in the PIR time line. (One minor quibble, possibly explained by a licensing issue: Edwin Birdsong's "Cola Bottle Baby" or "Phiss-Phizz" should be here.) This is a slick black box, albeit one prone to dulled and whitened corners, with a thick booklet stuffed with photos, liner notes, and detailed track information. There are meticulous singles and albums discographies, too. It's a lavish treat for anyone with serious interest in the label, and it should manage to stun hardcore PIR fans as well. No one has done such a loving job with the entirety of the label's catalog.

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Disc 1

  1. Zach's Fanfare
  2. K-Jee
  3. T.S.O.P. (The Sound of Philadelphia)
  4. Message In the Music
  5. Sexy
  6. Let's Groove, Pt. 1
  7. Back Stabbers
  8. The Love I Lost
  9. When Will I See You Again
  10. I Love Music
  11. I'll Always Love My Mama
  12. Year of Decision
  13. The Soul City Walk
  14. Bad Luck
  15. Do It Any Way You Wanna
  16. Philly Jump
  17. Take Good Care of Yourself
  18. Love is the Message
  19. Show You the Way To Go
  20. Darlin' Darlin' Baby

Disc 2

  1. Win Place or Show (She's a Winner)
  2. 992 Arguments
  3. Dirty Ol' Man
  4. Satisfaction Guaranteed (or Take Your Love Back)
  5. Love Train
  6. Get Down With the Philly Sound
  7. Jam Jam Jam (All Night Long)
  8. A Nice Girl Like You
  9. If You Don't Know Me By Now
  10. Me & Mrs. Jones
  11. Wake Up Everybody
  12. For the Love of Money
  13. Don't Leave Me This Way
  14. Livin' For the Weekend
  15. You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine
  16. Free Love
  17. People Power
  18. Nobody Could Take Your Place

Disc 3

  1. You're the Reason Why
  2. Days Go By
  3. New York City’S a Lonely Town
  4. Stop and Think
  5. One Day of Peace
  6. The Devil Made Me Do It
  7. Who In the World
  8. Do You Like the Way I Love
  9. Never Let You Get Away From Me
  10. I'm a Changed Person
  11. If You Move, You Lose
  12. I'm So Glad I'm Me
  13. Can't Believe That You Love Me
  14. You Bring Out the Best In Me
  15. Hey Baby
  16. Where Do We Go From Here
  17. Good & Plenty
  18. Yellow Sunshine
  19. To Be Happy is the Real Thing
  20. It's Forever

Disc 4

  1. Where Are All My Friends
  2. Summertime and I’M Feeling Mellow
  3. Let Life Flow
  4. If You Wanna Go Back
  5. It's Hard Not To Like You
  6. Party Time Man
  7. Everyone's a Star
  8. Your Love is Good
  9. The Whole Town's Talking
  10. So Glad I’M the One
  11. Keep On Lovin' You
  12. Yes You Need Love
  13. It Ain't Reggae (But It’S Funky)
  14. (You're the One) Someone Special
  15. Keep Smilin'
  16. I'm In Love Once Again
  17. The Whole Town's Laughing At Me
  18. Sooner or Later

Disc 5

  1. Let’S Make a Baby
  2. Now That We Found Love
  3. Blues Away
  4. I Believe In Love
  5. Easy, Easy, Got To Take It Easy
  6. I Bet She Won't Love You Like I Do
  7. Used Ta Be My Girl
  8. Strength of One Man
  9. See You When I Git There
  10. Only You
  11. Intro/My Love Don't Come Easy
  12. Come On and Dance Dance Dance
  13. This Feeling is Killing Me
  14. Let 'Em In
  15. Picture Us
  16. Life Goes On
  17. Lady Love
  18. Where Will You Go When the Party's Over?

Disc 6

  1. The More I Get, the More I Want
  2. Stop and Think It Over
  3. Living Together
  4. (No, No) You Can't Come Back Now
  5. You Can't Hide From Yourself
  6. (I'm Just Thinking About) Cooling Out
  7. Only the Strong Survive
  8. Used Ta Be My Guy
  9. I Don't Love You Anymore
  10. To Prove I Love You
  11. Things Are Gonna Get Better
  12. Not the Staying Kind
  13. Holdin' On
  14. Don't Let Love Get You Down
  15. Let's Clean Up the Ghetto
  16. You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else
  17. What’S the Matter With the World?
  18. When Somebody Loves You Back

Disc 7

  1. Life On Mars
  2. Sonceré (the Infinite Hour Glass)
  3. Tight Money
  4. Compared To What
  5. For the Love of Money
  6. Something For Nothing
  7. Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be)
  8. Manhattan Skyline
  9. In Good Faith
  10. Reality
  11. Forever With You
  12. My Favorite Person
  13. I Ain't Jivin’, I'm Jammin’
  14. Mysteries of the World
  15. Theme From the Planets
  16. Malorie

Disc 8

  1. Come Go With Me
  2. Don't Let It Go To Your Head
  3. Mine All Mine
  4. I'm In Love Again
  5. Brandy
  6. The Sweetest Pain
  7. Ain't No Time Fa Nothing
  8. When I’M Gone
  9. Turn Off the Lights
  10. I Can't Stop (Turning You On)
  11. I've Been Pushed Aside
  12. We Got Some Catchin' Up To Do
  13. Maybe It's Love This Time
  14. Who Can I Run To
  15. Close the Door
  16. Children of the Night

Disc 9

  1. Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now
  2. Was That All It Was
  3. Bring the Family Back
  4. Nights Over Egypt
  5. Put Our Heads Together
  6. Keep It Comin'
  7. I Heard It In a Love Song
  8. The Spirit's In It
  9. Strut Your Funky Stuff
  10. What's Your Name
  11. Dance Turned Into Romance
  12. Strategy
  13. I Love You Anyway
  14. Bet Your Lucky Star
  15. Let Me Be Good To You

Disc 10

  1. Love You Direct
  2. Ain't You Had Enough Love
  3. Somebody's Gotta Move
  4. Do You Get Enough Love
  5. First Time Together
  6. I Can't Forget You
  7. Hurry Up This Way Again
  8. Easy Money
  9. Summer Fling
  10. This Too Shall Pass
  11. Baby Don't Go Away Mad
  12. She Knew About Me
  13. If Only You Knew
  14. Extraordinary Girl
  15. Heaven Only Knows
  16. Baby Don't Go Yet

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