Philoctetes (Ussher translation)

Philoctetes (Ussher translation)

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by Sophocles

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(Aris and Phillips 1990)

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(Aris and Phillips 1990)

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Richard Jones
Ussher tends towards post-Christian, post-Romantic interpretations in both translation and commentary: he . . . seems to find Neoptolemus more interesting and indeed more central than the play's title character/protagonist. . . .The bibliography does live up to its intention of being 'full but not exhaustive.' . . . This is a worthwhile volume for that small readership of critics whose Greek is marginal. But the Loeb-style juxtaposition of Greek and English makes it inappropriate for teaching Greek, the prolixity of the English translation makes it a poor choice for theatrical production, and the price takes it out of consideration for literature-in-translation courses. Most readers, then, would be better advised to look elsewhere, either to the R.D. Dawe edition (Leipzig, 1985) on which this book is based, or to the superior and considerably less expensive translations of, say, David Grene.
P. Mason
A sensibly comprehensive bibliography with a list of abbreviations precedes a brief and uncontroversial introduction, backed with some hundred or so references and notes, which is mainly concerned with the action and staging of the play but includes a somewhat perfunctory note on the textual tradition. . .. {Ussher's} edition leaves no doubt of his mastery of the material and of his feeling for Sophoclean drama. The problem, as so often with {the Classical Texts} series, lies in the extent of its potential usefulness alike to the student and the established scholar. . . . Nevertheless, its usefulness is beyond doubt and what further commends both this edition and the publishers of the series to which it belongs is its availability to students of the Classics at aprice they can reasonably afford.

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Aris and Phillips
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Classical Texts Ser.
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5.91(w) x 8.27(h) x (d)

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