Philosophical Issues in Journalism / Edition 1

Philosophical Issues in Journalism / Edition 1

by Elliot D. Cohen

ISBN-10: 019506898X

ISBN-13: 9780195068986

Pub. Date: 03/26/1992

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

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Oxford University Press, USA
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

General Introduction
Chapter 1. What Makes a Story "Newsworthy?"
A Prolegomenon for a Theory of News, Joshua Halberstam
The Significant Facts, Berny Morson
Chapter 2. Morality, Competence, and Journalistic Excellence
The Virtuous Journalist: Morality in Journalism, Stephen Klaidman and Tom L. Beauchamp
Some Conflicting Assumptions of Journalistic Ethics, Stephen H. Daniel
Chapter 3. Publication and Free Speech
Liberty of Thought and Discussion, John Stuart Mill
"Censorship": Some Distinctions, Judith Andre
Chapter 4. Privacy, News Sources, and the Refusal to Testify
Privacy, Morality, and the Law, W. A. Parent
The Reporter's Refusal to Testify, Philip Meyer
Chapter 5. Political Power and the Media
The Role of the Media in Shaping Public Policy: The Myth of Power and the Power of Myth, Charles Green
Network News Coverage of the Presidency: Implications for Democracy, Fred Smoller
Chapter 6. Objectivity and News Reporting
Stereotypes, Public Opinion, and the Press, Walter Lippmann
Objectivity and News Bias, Theodore L. Glasser
Chapter 7. Multiperspectivism and the Problem of News Distortion
Multiperspectival News, Herbert J. Gans
Some Reservations about Multiperspectival News, Jay Newman
Chapter 8. Logical Foundations of News Reporting
Understanding Errors and Biases That Can Affect Journalists, S. Holly Stocking and Paget H. Gross
Devices of News Slanting in the Print Media, Howard Kahane
Organizational Biases of Network News Reporting, Edward Jay Epstein
Chapter 9. Philosophy and Journalistic Education
Applying Philosophy to Journalism, Anthony Serafini
What Can Philosophy Do for a Journalist?, Franklin Donnell
Each chapter ends with Discussion Questions

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