Photography and Art: Interactions Since 1946

Photography and Art: Interactions Since 1946

by Andy Grundberg, Kathleen M. Gauss, Kathleen McCarthy Gauss

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YA Students of art and art history will be fascinated by this survey of photogra phy, the debts it owes to some 20th- Century movements (surrealism, ex pressionism, etc.), and the contributions it has made to others (pop art, etc.). While the text is a bit dense for YAs, the book's more than 100 plates provide in sight into the authors' thesis and into the 20th-Century history of photography. The biographical chronologies of the photographers help to place them more precisely in the context of their times. Students who never read a word of the text will still develop a clearer under standing of art and photography, and the plates may well lead them to dig a little deeper and read. This is a must for schools with strong art programs. Dor cas Hand , Episcopal H. S., Bellaire

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