Photorealistic Rendering in Computer Science: Proceedings of the 2nd Eurographics Workshop on Rendering

Photorealistic Rendering in Computer Science: Proceedings of the 2nd Eurographics Workshop on Rendering

by P. Brunet

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Focus on Computer Graphics Series
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Table of Contents

The State of the Art in Physically-based Rendering and its Impact on Future Applications1
Adaptive Shadow Testing for Ray Tracing11
An Adaptive Sampling Technique for Multidimensional Integration by Ray-Tracing21
The Simulation of Radiant Light Transfer with Stochastic Ray-Tracing30
Unbiased Variance Reduction for Global Illumination45
Direct Lighting Calculation by Monte Carlo Integration54
Structure-Directed Sampling, Reconstruction and Data Representation for Global Illumination60
Source Selection for the Direct Lighting Computation in Global Illumination75
The Constant Radiosity Assumption Syndrome83
Some Experiments on Adaptive Subdivision in Progressive Radiosity93
Radiosity in Computer Graphics: A Proposed Alternative to the Hemi-cube Algorithm104
Physics-Based Lighting Models: Implementation Issues112
Shaft Culling for Efficient Ray-Cast Radiosity122
Progressive Refinement Radiosity on a Transputer Network139
Parallel Processing of Progressive Refinement Radiosity Methods149
Two Parallel Approaches for a Progressive Radiosity160
An Extended Radiosity Using Parallel Ray-Traced Specular Transfers171
Subdivision of 3D Space Based on the Graph Partitioning for Parallel Ray Tracing182
Divide and Conquer Radiosity191
On the Division of Environments by Virtual Walls for Radiosity Computation198
Texture Shaping: A Method for Modeling Arbitrarily Shaped Volume Objects in Texture Space206
Color Spaces and Human Color Perception219
Visulux: A Radiosity Based Lighting Design Tool227
Synthesis of Multispectral Images of Natural Landscape240
A Rendering Pipeline for Street Lighting Simulation251
Color Plates263
List of Contributors275
Authors' Index279

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