Photoshop 6 Photo-Retouching Secrets

Photoshop 6 Photo-Retouching Secrets

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by Scott Kelby

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Photo Retouching Secrets is not another color correction book, or scanning manual. It covers only one topic: retouching images to make them look better. What type of retouching are we talking about? Thing like:

• tricks for removing red eye and then recoloring the eye to its natural color • tricks for removing the signs of aging •

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Photo Retouching Secrets is not another color correction book, or scanning manual. It covers only one topic: retouching images to make them look better. What type of retouching are we talking about? Thing like:

• tricks for removing red eye and then recoloring the eye to its natural color • tricks for removing the signs of aging • how to fix underexposed or overexposed images • how to remove spots, rips, and tears

In Photo Retouching Secrets you will also learn:

• how to seamlessly splice images together • repair damaged body parts • remove unslightly shadows • fix some of the other problems that digital cameras can often introduce to photos

Photo Retouching Secrets shows you feathering tricks, cropping and straightening tricks to save you time and frustration. If you want nothing but the tips, the tricks, and the secret inside shortcuts to make retouching images easy and fun, this book is the right one.

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Kelby (editor of magazine) explains how to use features of the photo manipulation software to cause various effects. Topics include cloning tips and techniques, retouching, digital plastic surgery, repairing damaged images, adjusting color, cropping and straightening images, getting better grayscale images, cleaning up line art, photo-collaging, and studio and advertising techniques. Step-by-step illustration instructions accompany the text throughout. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

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Meet the Author

Scott Kelby is president of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), the trade organization for Adobe Photoshop users. NAPP has thousands of members in the US and 63 countries around the world. Additionally, Scott is editor-in-chief of both Photoshop User magazine, the "how-to magazine for Adobe Photoshop Users," and Mac Design magazine.

Throughout the year, Scott serves as training director for the Adobe Photoshop Seminar Tour and is the technical chair of the largest Photoshop gathering, PhotshopWorld. Scott is one of the leading Photoshop trainers in the country today and trains thousands of Photoshop users across the country each year, and is featured in a series of Photoshop training videos.

In addition to Photo Retouching Secrets, Scott is the author of Down & Dirty Tricks (New Riders). He has also contributed to a number of books including:

• Photoshop 6 Effects Magic (New Riders) • Adobe Web Publishing and Design Unleashed (Sams) • Maclopedia (Hayden)

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PhotoShop 6 Retouching Secrets 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is a clean, concise and meaty work of art. How¿s that for an opener? By clean, I mean that the presentation is not cluttered with too many words or unnecessary asides. Graphics are only what¿s necessary, large and clear. The process flow is exact and each tutorial is full of the type information I look for. Needless to say, I like this book very much. As a proud owner of Scott Kelby¿s ¿Photoshop Down and Dirty & Tricks¿, I was anticipating another gem coming from Scott¿s laptop. I was not disappointed. ¿Photo Retouching Secrets¿ covers material that can also be used in non-photo related graphics. If you have a damaged photograph this is the place to come for assistance. As the back cover says, ¿¿No boring chapters¿just how to repair, enhance, and retouch photos like a pro!¿ I think if I read enough of Scott¿s books I¿ll become a Photoshop pro. From Cloning Tips to Digital Plastic Surgery, from Getting Your Color on Track to Photo-Collaging Techniques you will find what you need. Add to this dozens of good down and dirty tricks along the way and you¿ll have a Photoshop adventure. Folks, Photoshop is truly amazing and in the hands of a guru it becomes a magic show. Scott may not like the title of guru, but I thought that ¿The Grand Potentate of Photoshop¿ was a bit much. Scott is so good with Photoshop that I wonder sometimes are those real pictures of him on the book covers. Regardless of whose picture that it is, I recommend you buy his newest book and have some learning fun. Once again, thank you Scott Kelby for your time and efforts in producing another permanent tool in my Photoshop toolbox.
Guest More than 1 year ago
As a member of the NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals), I was already familiar with the great work of Scott Kelby. I eagerly looked forward to the release of this book and I must say I was not disappointed. True to Scott's style of teaching, this book is easy to follow, contains skills you want to learn and has very appropriate artwork throughout. Several of the reviewers have mentioned the quality of the images contained in the book. I have to admit that when I first looked at the book, I thought 'What? These are old photos in bad condition. Why don't these look like stock photography images?' Then I thought about it and realized - that's the point. I know from experience that the most challenging and frequently occurring photo-retouching projects are usually bad images that contain many problems like color fading, scratches, tears, etc. I think Scott knew this was the case and used images that are worse case scenario so you could see the difference his techniques make even on really bad photos! That to me was important because it made me realize how really good his techniques are since they even made some bad images look a lot better! Some of the flesh tones in the book are a bit on the orange side. I think it was the printing process. Regardless, the layout of the book and the lessons contained within it are top notch and well worth purchasing! This book is meant for people with an intermediate to advanced knowledge of Photoshop 6. If you are a beginner, this doesn¿t mean you cannot buy the book, but I warn you that you might want to get a grip of the basic functions of Photoshop before you tackle this subject matter. It is easy to get overwhelmed when you use this program because it does SO many things. The book contains the following techniques (in parenthesis is the number of lessons in each category): CLONING (4), INCORRECT EXPOSURE (2), DETAILING (1), SHADOW CORRECTION (4), SHARPENING (1), DIGITAL PLASTIC SURGERY (9), REPAIRING DAMAGED IMAGES (7), COLOR ADJUSTMENT (6), CROPPING & STRAIGHTENING (6), WORKING WITH GRAYSCALE (6), CLEANING UP LINEART (5), SPECIAL EFFECTS (6), COLLAGING (5) and STUDIO & ADVERTISING TECHNIQUES (5).