PHP Functions Essential Reference


PHP Functions Essential Reference is a detailed and practical funtion reference for the PHP programming language. Concise and authoritative, this working programmer's guide covers the core function groups plus 300 additional commonly used PHP functions, and details 800 more functions on the book's web site,

Written by working developers and PHP community leaders, this book is full of working code that utilizes the rich variety of functions available with PHP. Every ...

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PHP Functions Essential Reference is a detailed and practical funtion reference for the PHP programming language. Concise and authoritative, this working programmer's guide covers the core function groups plus 300 additional commonly used PHP functions, and details 800 more functions on the book's web site,

Written by working developers and PHP community leaders, this book is full of working code that utilizes the rich variety of functions available with PHP. Every function is supported by one or more examples that illustrate the function in action. This definitive guide to PHP is a must-have for any serious PHP programmer.

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9780735709706
  • Publisher: Sams
  • Publication date: 8/9/2001
  • Series: Essential Reference Series
  • Pages: 731
  • Product dimensions: 6.00 (w) x 9.00 (h) x 1.60 (d)

Meet the Author

Zak Greant is lead developer for 51 Degrees North and is the founder of the Foo & Associates programmer's cooperative. He leads the PHP Quality Assurance Team and (when not writing) is an active contributor to the PHP documentation, mailing lists, and source code.

Graeme Merrall graduated from university in 1993 with a degree in biochemistry. While at university, he discovered the Internet while it was still very much in its infancy. This led him away from biochemistry into employment with an ISP and later with a leading web design firm in New Zealand, where he developed his skills in PHP and ASP. As well as his programming, Graeme has written for the local newspaper in his former home town in New Zealand, and has written several tutorials and articles on PHP for Wired Digital's Web Monkey. Born and raised in New Zealand, Graeme currently resides in Sydney, where he runs his own consultancy, specializing in e-commerce and business integration with the Internet. In his spare time, he enjoys modern literature, music, and crocodile wrestling.

Torben Wilson is a freelance developer, technical writer, and member of the Foo & Associates programmer's cooperative. He has been programming in PHP since 1996 and has been a contributing author to the official PHP manual since 1997.

Brett Michlitsch is a producer/senior developer at a leading multimedia training development company based in Minneapolis, MN. As a leader in software design and development, Brett has mentored aspiring developers, led in-services on database design and software architecture, and been recognized by colleagues for his outstanding technical feats. In addition, he has led the design of several web sites and web applications, overseeing the database, business logic, and interface design, and using scripting languages such as PHP, ASP, and Perl to carry out his designs.

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Table of Contents


Purposes and Organization of This Book. PHP Version Information. Structure of the Book. This Book's Web Site. Conventions.

1. Apache-Specific Functions.

apache_lookup_uri. apache_note. ascii2ebcdic. ebcdic2ascii. Getallheaders. Virtual.

2. Arbitrary-Precision Mathematics (BC) Functions.

bcad. Bccomp. Bcdiv. Bcmod. bcmul. bcpow. bcscale. bcsqrt. Bcsub.

3. Array-Related Functions.

Overview. Array SpecificS. Array. array_count_values. array_flip. array_intersect. array_keys. array_merge. array_merge_recursive. array_multisort. array_pad. array_pop. array_push. array_rand. array_reverse. array_shift. array_slice. array_splice. array_sum. array_unique. array_unshift. array_values. array_walk. arsort. asort. compact. count. current. each. end. extract. in_array. key. krsort. ksort. list. natcasesort. natsort. next. pos. prev. range. reset. rsort. shuffle. sizeof. sort. uasort. uksort. Usort.

4. Calendar Functions.

easter_date. easter_days. frenchtojd. gregoriantojd. jddayofweek. jdmonthname. jdtofrench. jdtogregorian. jdtojewish. jdtojulian. jdtounix. jewishtojd. juliantojd. Unixtojd.

5. CCVS Functions.

CCVS Error Strings. CCVS Status Strings. ccvs_add. ccvs_auth. ccvs_command. ccvs_count. ccvs_delete. ccvs_done. ccvs_init. ccvs_lookup. ccvs_new. ccvs_report. ccvs_return. ccvs_reverse. ccvs_sale. ccvs_status. ccvs_textvalue. ccvs_void.

6. Class and Object Functions.

call_user_method. class_exists. get_class. get_class_methods. get_class_vars. get_declared_classes. get_object_vars. get_parent_class. is_subclass_of. method_exists.

7. COM Functions.

com_get. com_invoke. com_load. com_propget. com_propput. com_propset. com_set. new COM.

8. Connection-Handling Functions.

Overview. Connection-Handling Constants. php.ini Directives Related to the Connection-Handling Functions. Installing Connection-Handling Support. connection_aborted. connection_status. connection_timeout. ignore_user_abort.

9. cURL Library Function.

curl_close. curl_errno. curl_error. curl_exec. curl_getinfo. curl_init. curl_setopt. curl_version.

10. Date and Time Functions.

checkdate. date. getdate. gettimeofday. gmdate. gmmktime. gmstrftime. localtime. microtime. mktime. strftime. strtotime. Time.

11. Directory Functions.

chdir. closedir. dir. getcwd. opendir. readdir. Rewinddir.

12. Error-Handling Functions.

Good Error-Handling Practices. error_log. error_reporting. restore_error_handler. set_error_handler. trigger_error. user_error.

13. Filesystem Functions.

Overview. Configuring the Filesystem Functions. Installing Filesystem Support. Additional Information. chgrp. chmod. chown. clearstatcache. copy. diskfreespace. fclose. feof. fgetc. fgetcsv. fgets. fgetss. file. fileatime. filectime. filegroup. fileinode. filemtime. fileowner. fileperms. filesize. filetype. file_exists. flock. fopen. fpassthru. fputs. fread. fseek. ftell. fwrite. getlastmod. getmyinode. is_dir. is_executable. is_file. is_link. is_readable. is_writeable. link. linkinfo. lstat. mkdir. pclose. popen. readfile. readlink. rename. rewind. rmdir. set_file_buffer. stat. symlink. tempnam. touch. umask. uniqid. Unlink.

14. Function-Handling Functions.

call_user_func_array. call_user_func. create_function. func_get_arg. func_get_args. func_num_args. function_exists. get_defined_functions. register_shutdown_function.

15. HTTP-Related Functions.

header. headers_sent. Setcookie.

16. Java Functions.

New Java. java_last_exception_get. java_last_exception_clear.

17. LDAP Functions.

Overview. ldap_8859_to_t61. ldap_add. ldap_bind. ldap_close. ldap_connect. ldap_compare. ldap_count_entries. ldap_delete. ldap_dn2ufn. ldap_err2str. ldap_errno. ldap_error. ldap_explode_dn. ldap_first_attribute. ldap_first_entry. ldap_free_entry. ldap_free_result. ldap_get_attributes. ldap_get_dn. ldap_get_entries. ldap_get_values. ldap_get_values_len. ldap_list. ldap_modify. ldap_mod_add. ldap_mod_del. ldap_mod_replace. ldap_next_attribute. ldap_next_entry. ldap_read. ldap_t61_to_8859. ldap_search. ldap_unbind.

18. Mail Functions.

ezmlm_hash. Mail.

19. Mathematical Functions.

Overview. Named Constants. abs. acos. asin. atan. atan2. base_convert. bindec. ceil. cos. decbin. dechex. decoct. deg2rad. exp. floor. getrandmax. hexdec. log. log10. max. min. mt_getrandmax. mt_rand. mt_srand. number_format. octdec. pi. pow. rad2deg. rand. round. sin. sqrt. srand. Tan.

20. mhash Functions.

mhash. mhash_count. mhash_get_block_size. mhash_get_hash_name. mhash_keygen_s2k.

21. Miscellaneous Functions.

Overview. Configuring the Miscellaneous Functions. Installing Miscellaneous Function Support. define. defined. die. eval. exit. get_browser. highlight_file. highlight_string. iptcparse. leak. show_source. sleep. Usleep.

22. MySQL Functions.

Overview. How the MySQL Functions Work. Notes on the Examples. Configuring MySQL. Installing MySQL Support. Additional Information. mysql. mysql_affected_rows. mysql_change_user. mysql_close. mysql_connect. mysql_create_db. mysql_createdb. mysql_data_seek. mysql_db_name. mysql_db_query. mysql_dbname. mysql_drop_db. mysql_dropdb. mysql_errno. mysql_error. mysql_escape_string. mysql_fetch_array. mysql_fetch_assoc. mysql_fetch_field. mysql_fetch_lengths. mysql_fetch_object. mysql_fetch_row. mysql_field_flags. mysql_field_len. mysql_field_name. mysql_field_seek. mysql_field_table. mysql_field_type. mysql_fieldname. mysql_fieldtable. mysql_fieldlen. mysql_fieldtype. mysql_fieldflags. mysql_free_result. mysql_freeresult. mysql_insert_id. mysql_list_dbs. mysql_list_fields. mysql_list_tables. mysql_listdbs. mysql_listfields. mysql_listtables. mysql_num_fields. mysql_num_rows. mysql_numfields. mysql_numrows. mysql_pconnect. mysql_query. mysql_result. mysql_select_db. mysql_selectdb. mysql_tablename.

23. Networking Functions.

checkdnsrr. debugger_off. debugger_on. fsockopen. gethostbyaddr. gethostbyname. gethostbynamel. getmxrr. getprotobyname. getprotobynumber. getservbyname. getservbyport. ip2long. long2ip. pfsockopen. socket_get_status. socket_set_blocking. socket_set_timeout.

24. ODBC Functions.

odbc_autocommit. odbc_binmode. odbc_close. odbc_close_all. odbc_columnprivileges. odbc_columns. odbc_commit. odbc_connect. odbc_cursor. odbc_do. odbc_error. odbc_errormsg. odbc_exec. odbc_execute. odbc_fetch_array. odbc_fetch_into. odbc_fetch_object. odbc_fetch_row. odbc_field_len. odbc_field_name. odbc_field_num. odbc_field_precision. odbc_field_scale. odbc_field_type. odbc_foreignkeys. odbc_free_result. odbc_gettypeinfo. odbc_longreadlen. odbc_num_fields. odbc_num_rows. odbc_pconnect. odbc_prepare. odbc_primarykeys. odbc_procedurecolumns. odbc_procedures. odbc_result. odbc_result_all. odbc_rollback. odbc_setoption. odbc_specialcolumns. odbc_statistics. odbc_tableprivileges. odbc_tables.

25. Pack and Unpack Functions.

Pack. Unpack.

26. PHP Options and Information Functions.

Assert. assert_options. dl. extension_loaded. getenv. get_cfg_var. get_current_user. get_extension_funcs. get_included_files. get_loaded_extensions. get_magic_quotes_gpc. get_magic_quotes_runtime. get_required_files. getlastmod. getmyinode. getmypid. getmyuid. getrusage. ini_alter. ini_get. ini_restore. ini_set. parse_ini_file. phpcredits. phpinfo. phpversion. php_logo_guid. php_sapi_name. php_uname. putenv. set_magic_quotes_runtime. set_time_limit. zend_logo_guid. zend_version.

27. Program Execution Functions.

Overview. How the Program Execution Functions Work. escapeshellarg. escapeshellcmd. exec. passthru. System.

28. Pspell Functions.

pspell_add_to_personal. pspell_add_to_session. pspell_check. pspell_clear_session. pspell_config_create. pspell_config_ignore. pspell_config_mode. pspell_config_personal. pspell_config_repl. pspell_config_runtogether. pspell_config_save_repl. pspell_new. pspell_new_config. pspell_new_personal. pspell_save_wordlist. pspell_store_replacement. pspell_suggest.

29. Regular Expression Functions.

POSIX Extended Regular Expression Functions. ereg. eregi. ereg_replace. eregi_replace. split. spliti. Perl-Compatible Regular Expression Functions. Pattern Modifiers. preg_grep. preg_match. preg_match_all. preg_quote. preg_replace. preg_split.

30. Semaphore and Shared Memory Functions.

Overview. sem_acquire. sem_get. sem_release. shm_attach. shm_detach. shm_get_var. shm_put_var. shm_remove. shm_remove_var. shmop_close. shmop_delete. shmop_open. shmop_read. shmop_size. shmop_write.

31. Session-Management Functions.

session_cache_limiter. session_decode. session_destroy. session_encode. session_get_cookie_params. session_id. session_is_registered. session_module_name. session_name. session_register. session_save_path. session_set_cookie_params. session_set_save_handler. session_start. session_unregister. session_unset.

32. String Functions.

Overview. Using the String Functions. Configuring the String Functions. Installing String Function Support. addcslashes. addslashes. bin2hex. chop. chr. chunk_split. convert_cyr_string. count_chars. crc32. crypt. echo. explode. get_meta_tags. hebrev. hebrevc. implode. join. levenshtein. ltrim. md5. metaphone. nl2br. ord. parse_str. print. printf. quoted_printable_decode. quotemeta. rtrim. sscanf. setlocale. similar_text. soundex. sprintf. strchr. strcspn. strip_tags. stripcslashes. stripslashes. stristr. strnatcmp. strnatcasecmp. str_pad. strpos. strrchr. str_repeat. strrev. strrpos. strspn. strstr. strtok. strtolower. strtoupper. str_replace. strtr. substr. substr_count. substr_replace. trim. ucfirst. ucwords. Wordwrap.

33. Syslog Functions.

closelog. define_syslog_variables. openlog. Syslog.

34. Tick Functions.

Overview. How Ticks Work. Tick Functions. register_tick_function. unregister_tick_function.

35. URL Functions.

base64_decode. base64_encode. parse_url. rawurldecode. rawurlencode. urldecode. Urlencode.

36. Variable-Related Functions.

Overview. Configuring Variable-Related Functions. Installing Variable-Related Functions Support. Additional Information. doubleval. empty. get_defined_vars. get_resource_type. gettype. intval. is_array. is_bool. is_double. is_float. is_int. is_integer. is_long. is_null. is_numeric. is_object. is_real. is_resource. is_scalar. is_string. isset. print_r. serialize. settype. strval. unserialize. unset. var_dump.

37. WDDX Functions.

wddx_add_vars. wddx_deserialize. wddx_packet_end. wddx_packet_start. wddx_serialize_value. wddx_serialize_vars. wddx_unserialize.

38. XML Functions.

Overview. xml_error_string. xml_get_current_byte_index. xml_get_current_column_number. xml_get_current_line_number. xml_get_error_code. xml_parse. xml_parser_create. xml_parser_free. xml_parser_get_option. xml_parser_set_option. xml_parse_into_struct. xml_set_character_data_handler. xml_set_default_handler. xml_set_element_handler. xml_set_external_entity_ref_handler. xml_set_notation_decl_handler. xml_set_processing_instruction_handler. xml_set_unparsed_entity_decl_handler. xml_set_object.


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  • Anonymous

    Posted November 19, 2001

    just what i'm looking for

    i know php but still learning and sometimes i can't find what i'm look for. this book goes down to the point which is what i like. i don't want to waste time finding a script and then it doesn't work out. this also shows examples and tell you which version of php it works with. great resource. something that comes in handy. a must buy. check out other books this publisher makes. they have great ones.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted November 3, 2001

    Terrific time-saver

    I found this book surprisingly useful as an ordinary PHP user. I thought it might be only for gurus, but when I picked up the book it fell open to a function that could have saved me hours of programming on a previous project. I didn't know the function already existed. That's what's great about this book. There are hundreds of PHP functions, the vast majority of which are unknown to the casual user. If you're on deadline there isn't time to learn them all, or to wander the PHP sites until you hit paydirt. This book simply lays them out, with a clear description and example attached to each. It's a huge time-saver.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
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