Physics of Disordered Materials

Physics of Disordered Materials

by David Adler

ISBN-10: 0306420740

ISBN-13: 9780306420740

Pub. Date: 09/01/1985

Publisher: Basic Books

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Basic Books
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Institute for Amorphous Studies

Table of Contents

One: General Aspects.- The Inextricably Entangled Skein.- Random and Nonrandom Structures in Higher Dimensions.- Predicting The Structure of Solids.- Chemistry and Structure in Amorphous Materials: The Shapes of Things to Come.- Rigidity Percolation.- A New Approach to the Glass Transition.- Two: Elements of Disorder.- “Phase Transitions” in Disordered Solids.- Random Packing of Structural Units and the First Sharp Diffraction Peak in Glasses.- The Application of the Percus-Yevick Approximation to Calculate the Density Profile and Pair Correlation Function of a Fluid with Density Inhomogeneities.- Order, Frustration and Space Curvature.- Computer-Assisted Modelling of Amorphous Solids.- Beyond the Gaussian Approximation in EXAFS.- Synchrotron Radiation and the Determination of Atomic Arrangements in Amorphous Materials.- A Model for Predicting the Occurrence of Regular Rings in AX2 Tetrahedral Glasses.- Raman Scattering and Variable Order of Amorphous and Liquid Semiconductors.- Modelling Fe Impurity Centres in AS2S3 Glass Using X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy.- Disproportionation as a Source of Constitutional Disorder and Rearrangement in Non-Crystalline Condensed Systems.- Giant Thickness Contraction and Related Effects in Amorphous Chalcogenides.- Partial Filling of a Fractal Structure by a Wetting Fluid.- Clustering of Defects: Disorder of Non-Stoichiometric Oxides.- Disorder in Polyacetylene Probed by Resonant Raman Scattering.- Disordered Regions in Crystalline Silicon At High Temperatures.- Changes in Entropy of Semiconductor Electron Subsystem on Fusion.- Three: Electronic Structure and Transport.- Fundamental Problems Relating to the Electronic Structure of Amorphous Semiconductors.- Recent Progress in the Theory of Amorphous Semiconductors.- Optical Absorption in Amorphous Semiconductors: The Independent Band Model and its Experimental Basis.- Optical Absorption in Amorphous Semiconductors.- Electronic Properties of Liquid and Glassy Alloys.- Effective Masses as a Function of Tempera-ture for Polarons which are Composed of a Mixture of Types.- Bipolarons in Transition Metal Oxides.- A Simple Classical Approach to Mobility in Amorphous Materials.- The Sign of the Hall Effect in Disordered Materials.- The Hall Effect in Low Mobility and Amorphous Solids.- Effect of Long Range Potential Fluctuations 011 the Transport Properties of Disordered Semiconductors.- Magnetoresistance in Amorphous Semiconductors.- Comparative Study of AC Losses and Mechanisms in Amorphous Semiconductors.- Multiple Trapping Model For Dispersive Admittance of Amorphous MIS Structures.- The Electrical Conductivity of Transition Metal Oxide-Based Glasses.- Four: The Nature of Defects.- Evidence that Glassy Chalcogenides are Thermodynamic Defect Semi-conductors.- Structural Transformations in Glassy GeSe2 Induced by Laser Irradiation.- Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance in the Chalcogenide and Pnictide Amorphous Semiconductors.- Are We Beginning to Understand the Vibrational Anomalies of Glasses?.- Bipolarons and Tunneling States.- The Study of Disordered Semiconductors by Compensation.- Photoinduced Optical Absorption in Glassy As2Se3.- Validity of the ‘Thermalisation Energy’ Concept in the Determination of Localised State Distributions for Amorphous Semiconductors.- Geminate Recombination in Some Amorphous Materials.- Transient Phoonductivity in Insulators at Very High Phoarrier Concentrations.- Spin Effects in Amorphous Semiconductors.- Electron States, Negative-U Centres, in Mobility Gap and Some Features of Atomic Structure in Glassy Semiconductors.- Shastic Self-Oscillations in Low Mobility Semiconductors.- n-Type Conduction in Noncrystalline Chalcogenides.- Electrical and Photoelectric Properties of Modified Chalcogenide Vitreous Semiconductors.- Reversible Radiation-Induced Changes of Properties of Chalcogenide Vitreous Semiconductors.- Below Gap Excitation Spectrum for Optically Induced Paramagnetic States in AS2S3 Glass.- Evidence for Two Tellurium Sites in Dilute Liquid Te-Tl Alloys.- Five: Magnetism and Disorder.- Magnetic Order in Disordered Media.- Evidence for Strong Itinerant Ferro-magnetism in Some Amorphous Alloys.- Amorphous Ant iferromagnetism.- Amorphous Rare-Earth Transition-Metal Alloys.- Six: Further Challenges.- Conceptual Development and Technology: Glass 1955–1980.- Gel-Route for New Glasses, Ceramics and Composites.- Problems of Ovonic Switching.- Electrical Switching and Memory Effects in Thin Amorphous Chalcogenide Films.- Disordered Cermets in Photothermal Solar Energy Conversion: The Optical Properties of Black Molybdenum.- of Companion Volumes:Localization and Metal-Insulator Transitions.- Tetrahedrally-Bonded Amorphous Semiconductors.- Author Index.

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