The Physiological Basis for Exercise and Sport / Edition 6

The Physiological Basis for Exercise and Sport / Edition 6

by Ann Fox, Steven Keteyian, Mere L. Foss

ISBN-10: 0697259048

ISBN-13: 9780697259042

Pub. Date: 08/28/1997

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The

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Table of Contents

Ch. 1Introduction to Exercise Physiology, Sports Medicine, and Kinesiology2
Ch. 2Energy Sources16
Ch. 3Recovery from Exercise48
Ch. 4Measurement of Energy, Work, and Power72
Ch. 5Nervous Control of Muscular Movement106
Ch. 6Skeletal Muscle: Structure and Function130
Ch. 7Pulmonary Ventilation and Mechanics170
Ch. 8Gas Exchange and Transport194
Ch. 9Cardiovascular System: Function and Exercise Responses214
Ch. 10Cardiorespiratory Control248
Ch. 11Methods for Anaerobic Training and Physiologic Responses268
Ch. 12Methods for Aerobic Training and Physiologic Responses294
Ch. 13Development of Muscular Strength, Endurance, and Flexibility338
Ch. 14Physical Activity and Health374
Ch. 15Nutrition and Exercise Performance410
Ch. 16Exercise, Body Composition, and Weight Control438
Ch. 17Exercise and the Endrocrine System470
Ch. 18Drugs and Ergogenic Aids492
Ch. 19Temperature Regulation: Exercise in the Heat and Cold510
Ch. 20Performance Underwater, at High Altitude, and during and after Microgravity540
App. ASymbols, Abbreviations, and Norms561
App. BThe Cell565
App. CThe Gas Laws569
App. DCalculation of Oxygen Consumption and Carbon Dioxide Production573
App. ENomogram for Calculating Body Surface Area, Conversion Table for Body Mass in Pounds to Kilograms, and Nomogram for Calculating Body Mass Index from Inches and Pounds577
App. FTests of Anaerobic and Aerobic Power581
App. GMeasuring Efficiency587
App. HSix Key Equations to Remember591

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