Pickup Games: The Rules, the Players, the Equipment

Pickup Games: The Rules, the Players, the Equipment

by Deborah W. Crisfield, Deborah Crisfield

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"Pick-up Games" is a solid addition to the literature of recreation. The author, who has published several other sports books, has created an interesting catalog of more than 250 activities for the playground and backyard. The author defines a pick-up game as "an offshoot of an established sport" that has flexible boundaries and rules, adaptable to the players' needs The book is arranged alphabetically by 15 sports (badminton, baseball, basketball, etc.). The fifteenth category is a general one that lists games that are simply "a lot of fun to play." Here are listed such classics as Capture the Flag, Kick the Can, and Manhunt. Each chapter begins with a description of the base sport, followed by its offshoots. These games are arranged "developmentally" within a sport. That is, games that are derivatives of the original sport are listed first, followed by those that are variations on the derivative, and so on. All of the sports have diagrams of the regulation playing area as well as illustrations of how to play the derivatives. The descriptions of the games are clear and include number of players, equipment, playing area, and minimum age Several of the games are common variations on many of the base sports, and these are cross-referenced to the first alphabetical listing. For instance, Monkey in the Middle can be played in basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, and soccer; the complete description is given in the basketball chapter. Common names are used for the games, although there may be some geographic regions in which the games are known differently (e.g., Smear is known in various areas as Muckleball, Pile-on, Free for All, Pig Pile, Kill the Guy with the Ball, etc.). While these variant names are not referenced in the book, the organization by base sport enables the user to readily find this football derivative. Thus, regional peculiarities should not present a problem. The volume includes a glossary of terms and an index. A useful appendix is the chart that shows the minimum number of players needed for each game Although several good game books are available, few are as clear and concise as "Pick-up Games". Also, this new title does an admirable job of relating the games to popular sports. This book should be popular in school and public libraries as well as in college libraries with sports and recreation studies.

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