Pickwick, The Musical [Original Cast Recording]

Pickwick, The Musical [Original Cast Recording]


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  1. Act One. Prologue  - Peter Land
  2. Act One. Business Is Booming  - Katy Secombe
  3. Act One. Debtor's Lament
  4. Act One. Talk  - David Cardy
  5. Act One. That's What I'd Like For Christmas  - Harry Secombe
  6. Act One. The Pickwickians  - Louise Tomkins
  7. Act One. A Bit Of A Character  - Louise Tomkins
  8. Act One. Quadrille
  9. Act One. There's Something About You  - Alexandra Bastedo
  10. Act One. Learn A Little Something  - David Cardy
  11. Act One. You've Never Met A Feller Like Me  - David Cardy
  12. Act One. Look Into Your Heart  - Harry Secombe
  13. Act One. March
  14. Act One. The Duel  - John Berlyne
  15. Act One. Winter Waltz
  16. Act Two. A Hell Of An Election
  17. Act Two. Very  - Michael Howe
  18. Act Two. If I Ruled The World  - Harry Secombe
  19. Act Two. The Trouble With Women  - Roy Castle
  20. Act Two. The Letter Of The Law  - Louise Tomkins
  21. Act Two. British Justice  - Harry Secombe
  22. Act Two. Do As You Would Be Done By  - David Cardy
  23. Act Two. The Pickwickians (Reprise)  - Louise Tomkins
  24. Act Two. If I Ruled The World (Reprise)  - Harry Secombe

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Benjamin Thompson   cast
Kevin A.J. Ranson   Vocals,cast
Peter Land   Vocals,cast
Ted Brennan   Musical Direction
Peter Ledbury   Vocals,cast
Fraser Skeoch   Conductor
Michael Howe   Vocals,cast
Sarah Baker   cast
Alexandra Bastedo   Vocals,cast
Anthony Clegg   cast
Adrian Edmeades   Vocals,cast
Alexandra Worrall   Vocals,cast
Nicola Williams   cast
Ruth Madoc   Vocals,cast
Harry Secombe   Vocals,cast
Matthew Andrews   cast
Warren Carlyle   cast
Robert Meadmore   Vocals,cast
Michael George Jones   cast
John Berlyne   Vocals,cast
David Cardy   Vocals,cast
Roy Castle   Vocals,cast
Clementine Chamberlain   cast
Glyn Houston   cast
Catharine Duncan   cast
Shelley Fairplay   cast
Harriet Freshwater   cast
Crispin Harris   Vocals,cast
James Harvell   cast
Justin Harvey   cast
Jacqui Jameson   Vocals,cast
Reginald Jessup   cast
Daniel Proctor   cast
Helen Jane Ridgeway   cast
Andrew Rusinek   cast
Katy Secombe   Vocals,cast
Louise Tomkins   Vocals,cast
Marsha Ward   cast
Tim Wright   cast
A.J. Ranson   Vocals
Michael G. Jones   Vocals
Pickwick, The Musical Cast Ensemble   cast

Technical Credits

Leslie Bricusse   Composer,Lyricist,Liner Notes
John Kurlander   Engineer
Ted Brennan   Production Director
John Yap   Producer,Executive Producer
Gillian Lynne   Choreographer
Kevin Swain   Engineer
Patricia Garland   Director
Ian MacPherson   Orchestration
Tom Lishman   Engineer
Wolf Mankowitz   Book
Peter Benda   Orchestral Manager
John A. Yap   Executive Producer
Cyril Ornadel   Composer

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