Picture Yourself Learning Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac

Picture Yourself Learning Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac

by David Boles

ISBN-10: 1598635158

ISBN-13: 9781598635157

Pub. Date: 05/28/2008

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Get ready to maximize all the dynamic features of Microsoft Office on your Mac with Picture Yourself Learning Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac! Whether you are new to using the Microsoft Office suite on your Mac or just want to get up-to-speed quickly with this latest version, this book is packed with clear, step-by-step instructions and full-color images that will


Get ready to maximize all the dynamic features of Microsoft Office on your Mac with Picture Yourself Learning Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac! Whether you are new to using the Microsoft Office suite on your Mac or just want to get up-to-speed quickly with this latest version, this book is packed with clear, step-by-step instructions and full-color images that will walk you through the basics of each application. You'll learn how to install the software and explore the basic keystrokes and techniques that work across all of the applications to help you get familiar with Office 2008. Once you're comfortable, you'll dive right in, customizing the Toolbar, working within Word for all your document and publishing needs, utilizing Excel for spreadsheets and charting, creating attention-grabbing presentations with PowerPoint, and organizing your email communications and schedule with Entourage. You'll even learn how to set up Messenger for Mac for live chat communication and how to use the Microsoft Project Gallery to start and then manage all your projects. Picture Yourself Learning Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac will help you get the most out of your Office for Mac experience.

Product Details

Cengage Learning
Publication date:
Picture Yourself Series
Edition description:
New Edition
Product dimensions:
7.20(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction     xi
Why Did I Buy This Book?     1
What's in This Book?     2
How Should I Use This Book?     2
Now What?     3
Ending Version Confusion and Installation     5
Getting It Right     6
Office 2008 for Mac     6
Office 2008 for Mac Special Media Edition     7
Office for Mac Home and Student Edition     8
Avoiding the Installation Blues     9
The Setup Assistant     16
Opening Rescued Items     18
Total Satisfaction     20
Learn Once, Use Everywhere     23
Mastering Suite-Wide Features     23
The Foundations: Universal Binary and Open XML     24
The Elements Gallery Is Elementary and Elemental     26
Setting Quick Tables     27
Charts in Dimensions     28
SmartArt Graphics Add Shadow and Texture     28
WordArt Sculpts Your Text     29
Where Did My Gallery Go?     29
Making Your Toolbox a Part of Every Job     30
Picking a Document Theme     31
Tooling Around with the Object Palette     32
Shapes Shading and Gradient Curves     32
Making Clip Art Magic     33
Playing with Symbols     34
Photos     35
Secret Toolbox Settings     36
Help, I'm Stuck! I Need Un-Sticking!     38
Save as .PDF     41
Working It in Word 2008     43
Your World Is Ruled by Word 2008     43
Choosing .DOC or .DOCX as Your Default File Format     44
Return of the Object Palette     46
Formatting a Shape with AutoShape     47
Image Formatting     49
Word 2008 Goes Crash-Boom-Bang!     52
Symbols Must Maintain Meaning in Editorial Essence and Design     54
Quicker Photo Formatting     54
Stop and Save Your Day     57
A Closer Look at the Elements Bar     58
Opening a New Notebook     60
The Beauty in Appearance     61
Customizing Your Workspace     63
Create Entourage Tasks Inside Your Notebook     64
Audio Recording     65
Quick Searching     66
The Publishing Layout Crown Jewel     67
Newsletters     68
Brochures     69
Flyers     69
Invitations     70
Programs      70
Postcards     70
Catalogs     71
Awards     71
Menus     72
Posters     72
Signs     73
CD Labels     73
Designing a Sign     74
Going Big and Getting Small with the Zoom Loupe     74
Shape Shifting     75
Drawing the Line     75
Automator Workflows     76
Creating Citations and Bibliographies     77
Scraping Your Scrapbook     81
Looking Up Reference Tools     83
Are We Compatible?     85
Enjoying OpenType Ligature Support     86
Merge That Mail!     87
Figuring It with Excel 2008     89
Crunching Numbers with Excel 2008     90
No Macros for You!     90
Setting the Default File Format from .XLSX to .XLS     91
Picking Apart Ledger Sheets     92
Unexpected Quitting in Excel 2008     95
The Gory Details of Crash Number One!     95
The Gory Details of Smash Number Two!     96
Navigating Your Charts     98
Brewing Your Formula Builder     100
Start Typing for Formula AutoComplete      102
Getting Out of Excel Without Leaving Excel     103
Powering Up PowerPoint 2008     105
Making PowerPoint 2008 Work as You Wish     106
Setting the Default File Format from .PPTX to .PPT     106
Open a File: SAVE THAT FILE!     107
The PowerPoint 2008 Workspace     108
Push Me, Pull Me, View Me, Love Me     108
The PowerPoint 2008 Elements Gallery     110
Trying on Slide Themes     110
Dictating Slide Layouts     112
Editing Slides     113
Inserting and Editing a Photo     116
Crop That Photo!     116
Dynamic Guides     117
Shadowing Janna     118
Trying Transitions     119
Setting Table Styles     122
Skipping Charts and WordArt     124
Going into SmartArt Graphics     124
Sending to Apple iPhoto and Using Remote Control     125
Presenter Tools Make Perfect Practice     126
Saving a Custom Layout     127
Accessing Automator Workflows     129
Entering Entourage 2008     131
The Big View of Entourage 2008     132
Flags as To Dos     132
Calendaring Reminders      133
Getting Along with My Day     134
Making My Day Work Your Way     134
Adding a New Task via My Day     135
Strolling Through the My Day Days     136
Adding a Mail Account     137
Auto-Sensing Your Settings     137
Trust Entourage 2008, but Always Verify     139
Branding Your Account     140
Managing Your Mail     141
Flags of Specificity     141
Mnemonic Mail Category Colorization     142
Dragging the Favorites Bar     143
Do You to Do or Do You Task To?     144
Cranking Up the Toolbar     145
Setting Entourage 2008 Preferences     146
To Sync or Not to Sync?     146
Sync Conflict Resolution     147
Making Your Searches Shine     149
Finding Janna     149
Saving Janna     150
Junking Spam and Finishing Phishing     151
Determining Level Protection     151
Approving Safe Domains     152
Blocking Senders     152
Automator Workflows for Entourage 2008     153
Communicating with Messenger for Mac     155
Setting Up Messenger     156
Creating Contacts     159
Gotcha: Almost!     160
Accepting and Declining Invitations     160
Live Chat for Chits!     162
Starting a Chat     162
The Back and Forth of Being     163
Personalizing Chat Preferences     164
Catching Spalling Errirs     165
Creating Custom Emoticons     166
Upload Your Image     166
Emoticon: Activate!     168
Quitting and Saving Messenger for Mac     170
Gotcha: Again!     172
The Project Gallery and Refreshing Live Resources     175
The Project Gallery     176
Viewing New     176
Finding Files without Searching     178
Checking Settings     179
Refreshing Live Resources     180
Mactopia     180
Art of Office     181
Is It Microsoft or Mactopia?     181
Boles Books: Raw and Alive     182
The Microsoft Mac Chapter     185
Asking the Hard Questions     186
General Questions     186
Word 2008     192
Excel 2008 Qs     192
Entourage 2008     192
Index     198

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