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Pictures Never Taken: A Collection of Poetry and Thought

Pictures Never Taken: A Collection of Poetry and Thought

by Marianne Burrow Gray

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“Pictures Never Taken” is the first book that Gray has decided to share with the public and it is her sincere hope that anyone who can relate to; joy, despair, love or a broken heart, feelings of faith and devotion or a sense of complete abandonment, the frustration of family dysfunction, pride in ones heritage, the love of family or, the love of a pet and


“Pictures Never Taken” is the first book that Gray has decided to share with the public and it is her sincere hope that anyone who can relate to; joy, despair, love or a broken heart, feelings of faith and devotion or a sense of complete abandonment, the frustration of family dysfunction, pride in ones heritage, the love of family or, the love of a pet and of nature can find something inside the pages of her book to which they can relate and from which receive a blessing. The author has been writing since childhood. The collection in this book is a small sampling of works spanning from 1974 to 2012.

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Pictures Never Taken

A Collection of Poetry and Thought

By Marianne Burrow Gray

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2013 Marianne Burrow Gray
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4669-7808-9



    Sea Cliffs for Me and You

    Crystal blue skies,
    Seagulls and butterflies;
    Green-blue foamy waves curled
    We have not one care in this world.
    There by the sea, don't hurry.
    Listen to the sea's thundering furry.
    Crashing time after time,
    Upon rocks across the shoreline
    The fresh salty air clears out our minds.
    Watching a pod of Dolphins, your hand holds mine.
    There by the shore, bound no more
    Nothing to do, no one to answer to
    No hurry, no worry;
    Just me and you!

Just Now, With Me

You have the money, I have the list
Who'd have thought it would come to this?
I'd grown accustomed to my way
It seems that now there is no time for play.
Only bills, to pay, pay, pay!
You know I say this with a grin;
Knowing all is right within.
No worries big, you make them small
That I may not bother much at all.
With any of those things, which before;
Pressed at midnight, knocking down my door
Just to make ends meet, what a chore!
One day soon, or, maybe later;
We will have riches at our table.
Oh, but lest I forget how
To see all the riches that we have now!
No, I cannot go back in time
To place you in that life of mine
I think this was how it was meant to be;
To find you now and here with me.

Sounds Good

Someone to hold my hand and be with me
Someone who wants to talk and tell me important things
Someone who's not afraid to say what's on their mind
And oh, so kind
Not afraid to hold me tight
Or put their arm around me
Someone who treats me like they're happy to know me
Someone I'd like to run to, bury my head in their chest Escape; like a little child to a safe place.
Sounds good!

The Walk

In the cool December morning we walked along the path
Together, talking, sharing bits of our past.
You held my hand in yours. The leaves never looked so red, yellow and gold
Little did my mind imagine what that one walk would hold.
For as you held my hand, I felt a feeling start
And I knew, even if you did not, that then and there you held my heart.
I was a fragile thing then, yes, and I believe the same of you
We were both fragile then, but all of that would change too!
That walk was not here, nor on any place on this earth
That walk was in each other's hearts, and it gave us back our worth.
To be wanted and needed, to be recognized and desired.
Yes, this life had beaten us down and left us so tired.
But, for just once more my love
Let us talk
Hold hands
Live inside each other's hearts, and
Let us take the walk!


    Mudslide and I'm goin' down
    Slippery and wet, I feel I'll drown
    I want to run ... run ... run
    Don't want to hang around
    To see this mudslide comin' down
    I been down this way before
    You got the answer? Please tell me more!
    That strangers a' knockin' at my door
    Tellin' me, to even up the score
    Here I stand; I see no end in sight
    And he's done give in without a fight!
    I know how to love and treat you right
    I feel I'm caving in, I think I might.
    Mudslide, don't you hear that rain?
    Raining so hard it puts my tears to shame.
    All this water's gonna wash away
    Any memories I thought I'd' save.
    Mudslide chasin' me
    Mudslide, I can't get free
    Mudslide and I'm goin' down
    Slippin' and slidin' I think I'll drown.

None but Angels

She brought her basket to him, laying it before his feet, her gifts, such as they
were, for him alone.
And then he saw her, found her, like a child and lightly touched her head.
He accepted her gifts and he understood her intent.
There she rested in his embrace and looked upon him as her only friend. She
wanted to look no further.
She became to him his only happiness and all of his hopes and desires rested
upon her alone.
In all the wide world, their vision became narrow, until they only saw each other.
For them, nothing and no one else existed. And she wondered, was this wrong?
And he did not wonder at all but was content to leave it alone, just as it was.
They spent their days floating down the river of his veins and swimming in the
pool of her heart.
They chased each other, both wanting to be caught, being voluntary prisoners
unto each other.
There were no secrets between them and they cared not for this world.
He held her heart inside his eyes. She held his eyes inside her heart.
They wander together, forever now, and none can see them, save angels.

If I Were There

If I were there with you,
We'd talk the whole day through,
Or maybe we would choose
To let silence be our muse.
If I were there you'd see
The bright red side of me,
And with no words at all
I'd be there ere you called.
I would listen at your side
And in your arms I'd hide.
If I were there, not knowing
Down which path we would end up going;
Still, if I were there I would show
All those things you need to know.
All the things you'd ask of me
Would be yours to touch and see.
If I were there right now,
We'd make it through somehow,
And celebrate the day
That I was there to stay.

Borrowed Wings

If I were a bird with wings, this is what I'd do;
I'd fly across the ocean wide, just to be with you.
Landing at your doorstep, the magic would begin.
I'd turn right back into myself to meet with you my friend.
Knocking on your door my heart begins to pound.
There's city noise around me, but I don't hear a sound.
Then your door would open and I would see your face.
All the riches of the world, this moment can't erase.
Just to hear your voice, to see your pirate smile
Just to hold you in my arms would make it all worthwhile,
And so my friend, I say again, if only had I wings,
I'd gladly cross the miles, rather than only see you in my dreams.
For dreams can be sweet, it's true
But to hold, to touch, to taste they cannot do.
And so a bird I'd like to be,
Only a short while, to cross the sea-
All these things said half in jest, yet my heart it knows the test.
Borrowed wings take me to your door,
To be by your side forever more!
Yes, a bird I'd like to be, so I may cross the sea
That lies so wide from you to me.
Borrowed wings take me to your door
Borrowed wings take me to your door
Borrowed wings take me to your door
To be by your side, forever more

A Present

What a present you are;
Glory gold streaming from your heart!
All the things I never knew
All holed up inside of you ...
Like a walk in the soft rain,
Like laying in the tall grass.
Looking up at the springtime,
Like opening a secret gift
That can only be seen with the hearts eye.
What a present you are to me.


As the falling leaves,
As the thin chill breeze.
As a morning walk,
As the way we talk,

No explanation or expectation,
Here's where we are.
Here's how we came to be,

To be there again
And just be your friend,
Would be ... easy.

First of a New Year

On the morning of the first ... I woke up.
The party was over and the sky was gray.
The morning of the first was beautiful, it rained!
I saw and I knew and I took it as a sign--
Strong medicine water from the skies ...

The night of the first we were tired,
Tired like a blaze fading from the fire--
Into a tiny flame then into a smoldering ember

Still it rained on ... run for cover?
We should but did not.
No, we remained instead.
You covered my head.
And there on Timber Lane
You rocked me in the rain.


    Time will come

    There'll come a time, yes, I am sure
    When I won't see you anymore
    Or hear your knock upon my door
    Or beg for you back and ask for more.
    There'll come a time, when I will rest-
    When I'll be free of you at last.
    When peace will replace the loss I feel
    Where all my dreams will soon be real.
    That time has yet to come
    For I still fight to forget your love.
    You have been gone for what seem years-
    But time has yet to end my tears!
    I still see you in the sun
    See you in my work un-done
    See you in the raindrops too
    Yes, everything I see is you.
    And I still see you in my chair,
    And at my door and by the stair ...
    I feel you in my bed at night-
    And in the switch that turns the light.
    I feel your touch though you're not there
    I see your face and feel your stare.
    I know I've gazed into your eyes-
    Though in the dark, a bad disguise ...
    I hear your breath
    I hear your sigh
    I hear your words
    They make me cry.
    I see you, feel you, and hear you still
    Though you are not here and this is not real.
    I've yet to see the day
    When you'll be gone ... for now you stay.
    If only in my memory-
    For my memory is all that's left to me!
    There will come a time, yes, I am sure,
    When I won't see you anymore ...
    Or hear your knock upon my door
    Or beg God to have you back for one day more.

All There Is

People everywhere
Who can see their faces?
I can't see their faces.
Only you
Laughter everywhere
Who can hear the laughter?
I can't hear the laughter.
Only you
Rain everywhere
Who is keeping dry?
I'm not keeping dry.
Thoughts everywhere
Who is really thinking?
I'm not really thinking.
Only you
You ...
I can't feel the sunshine.
I don't need a new rhyme.
I can't make it this time.
All there is ...
Is you!

    Casting shadows

    I can't find a reason why it had to be this way
    Why it couldn't last just one more day.
    But you're not to blame, nor am I.
    I've lost everything and my mind!
    Lost it all, what is there to gain?
    I'm laughing all the time to hide my pain,
    Laughing so obviously, everyone's seeing straight through me.
    I can't hide what this has done. It casts the biggest shadow on everyone.
    Where do I go from here?
    You can't give me any answers, you don't even offer.
    And so I sit alone and wonder, the music pouring in and out.
    I hear the song, I sing the words, and I'm left without a doubt.
    But still it's there, when the music stops, when the song is done.
    It shadows me again and I am the only one.... so
    To hide the tears, I smile.
    To hide the pain, I laugh.
    I can't find the reason why it had to be this way.
    Why it couldn't last just one more day.
    It's all the same, you're not to blame, I think ... we're changing.

I'm Leaving

You know I'm leaving and when I go
I'm gonna miss you so much and don't you know
That I'll think about you and as I do
I'll remember all the good times I had with you.
Saying goodbye is not an easy thing to say
But soon I hope to say hello again.
I don't know, my feelings are everywhere
Tell me, do they show that I hate to go?
Any day now I'll leave this town behind me
I'll leave my number if you want to find me-
But you won't.
You know I'm leaving and when I go
I'll miss you so much, and don't you know
That I still love you and I hate to go.
I hate to go.


Walking alone I wonder if I'll ever be happy again
And when the summer night comes, I cannot face the moon.
It makes me sad and lonely, because I want to share it with you,
Then all the days are colorless, the nights are empty,
One after the other they fade, with unimportance.
Still I stand alone.

It Was You

I see the summer slipping away, shadows came to hide the sun.
My life so far could have brought anyone ... It was you.
I'm here with fading time; you're there with fading dreams.
Time would see us together again it seems.
Maybe what we say, maybe what we are
The dreams we dream, our time so far ... It was you.
Now a new season has begun,
I'll be waiting; knowing what will come ... It won't be you.
You say we will always be;
But, I'm afraid to tell you what I can see.
It's not you, it's not you.
Tomorrow I'll see your face in the sound of this song.
Today I'll hear your voice and sing when it's gone.
We see all of their demands,
But we don't see the game in our plans.
We can't say
We won't live this way ...
I know you.
I saw the summer slipping away, shadows came to hide the sun
My life so far could have brought anyone,
It was you.

They are for You

Can you see me, by my window
Watching the moonlight chase the stars?
Can you hear me, my voice a whisper
That tears won't let me talk above?
They stream silver rivers down my face.
No, my tears are not out of place.
I know that words will never do.
Please see my tears;
They are for you

Different Sky

I wake up every morning since I've been away.
I look out my window and see a different day.
Every evening I feel that something's just not right,
Then I step outside and see new stars in a different night.
Nothing is the same since I've been away--
Only my name- and a name is just a name.
I go out and try to have a good time;
But in the back of my mind, I think of what I've left behind.
I meet up with old friends who are different people now.
When they see me, they know that I too have changed somehow.
So, what can I say?
All I know is that I miss you so
And I want to go back to stay.
Daytime or night time, I don't feel right,
Then I finally see the reason why.
I am in a place that I don't belong ...
Different style
Different love
Different sky

    Because of You

    Now the winds are up, just like the season we once knew.
    They wisp through my mind to remind me of you.
    The stars are out, but the moon is nowhere to be seen.
    I know my tears will fall when he returns, from the sorrows he will bring.
    Because I remember happier days and brightly colored memories,
    But I'm faced with this shaking wind and not just an autumn breeze.
    It whips me into reality ...
    Where the answer is so very plain to see!
    I feel the way I do
    Just because of you
    Only because of you


Excerpted from Pictures Never Taken by Marianne Burrow Gray. Copyright © 2013 by Marianne Burrow Gray. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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