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by Vicki Grant

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A boring field trip turns dangerous.See more details below

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A boring field trip turns dangerous.

Editorial Reviews

CM Magazine
“Grant hits the nail on the head when she brings both mucous and underwear into the story line…Grant writes a compelling story with lots of suspense, but it's the journey to Dan’s personal redemption that is most enjoyable to read…Highly recommended.”
Puget Sound Council for the Review of Children's Books
"It would suit high interest low vocabulary readers with its brevity and reading level, but the high action and excellent writing, not to mention the likable main character, would make it a good choice for any reader."
Canadian Book Review Annual
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KLIATT - Holley Wiseman
Fourteen-year-old Dan Hogg, aka Pigboy, must prepare for a school field trip to a working farm—with hogs. To say that Dan is not looking forward to an entire day of hog jokes at his expense would be an understatement. With buckteeth, coke bottle glasses, and a genuine interest in school, Dan sticks out like a sore thumb among his classmates. Shortly after arriving at the farm, Dan realizes something is weird about Mr. van Wart, the farm's owner. Realizing an escaped convict is posing as Mr. van Wart, and this convict has dark plans for everyone, Dan takes matters into his own hands. Dan's quick thinking to distract the convict turns the teenager into a local hero. As a bonus, the school bully has a newfound respect for Dan, and Dan for himself. Told from Dan's perspective, this quick read is perfect for reluctant readers, especially boys. In a story of bravery and redemption, Grant moves quickly to first establish Dan's post on the lowest rung of the social ladder, and then chronicles his eventual rise to the top.
VOYA - Teri S. Lesesne
When one's last name is Hogg and the class field trip involves a trip to a pig farm, there is a good chance there will be some tough times ahead. But Dan Hogg does not bargain for the fact that the pig farmer has been tied up by a would-be burglar who now is planning a tragic accident to do away with all the witnesses, including Dan. Not the ordinary hero type, Dan manages to escape from the rest of the class, call for help, and even subdue the convict with pig manure. Maybe life will improve for Dan after all. The books in the Currents series are powerful tools for motivating reluctant readers with their quickly paced plots, short chapters, low readability levels, and short length. Middle school readers will appreciate this adventure that also presents an atypical hero in the form of gawky, awkward Dan Hogg.
School Library Journal
Gr 5-9-Dan Hogg is the class brain who wears glasses and has weird hair. But his biggest problem is his name: it just begs for insults. And the kids in his class are glad to oblige. When they go on a field trip to a heritage farm specializing in raising pigs, Dan knows that it will be the worst day of his life, but he never imagined just how bad it would get. An escaped criminal has made his way to the farm and locked up the owner. The convict is not sure what to do with the bus full of eighth graders, but soon figures out that he needs to get rid of them all. Surprising even himself, Dan, in a bumbling, self-effacing way, becomes a hero by saving his classmates and teacher. He is still the class nerd, but he has earned the respect of the biggest bully, and that helps. Grant has done a fantastic job of developing the voice of an adolescent who is the class bully's whipping boy. Dan's wry sense of humor catches readers' attention and has them rooting for him practically from the first page. Pigboy is a great quick read for boys who may be reluctant readers, but others will enjoy it as well.-Wendy Smith-D'Arezzo, Loyola College, Baltimore, MD Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.

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Orca Book Publishers
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Orca Currents Series
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4.25(w) x 7.00(h) x 0.20(d)
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10 - 14 Years

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Clearly, any field trip involving maure is not right for a bunch of fourteen-year-olds.

But manure wasn't even the worst part of the stupid field trip.

The worst aprt was that the farmer grows pigs. And pigs are also called hogs. And there's this poor guy in our class called Dan Hogg who everybody hated.

I don't know why exactly. Maybe it was his hair. Or his teeth. Or his glasses. Or the fact that he answered Mr. Benvie's questions as if he might actually have a brain. Usually he just tried to sort of disappear, but it never worked. Idiots like Shane Coolen or Tyler March wouldn't take their eyes off him. They wouldn't shut up about him. They wouldn't quit laughing at him.

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