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by Robert Munsch

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Megan is told to feed the pigs, but not to open the gate. She does of course, and the results are hilarious as the pigs help themselves to coffee and the newspaper at the breakfast table, follow Megan to school, and ride home by way of the school bus. Full-color illustrations.


Megan is told to feed the pigs, but not to open the gate. She does of course, and the results are hilarious as the pigs help themselves to coffee and the newspaper at the breakfast table, follow Megan to school, and ride home by way of the school bus. Full-color illustrations.

Editorial Reviews

Ottawa Citizen
Funny, lighthearted and action-packed.
Hamilton Spectator
Michael Martchenko's renderings of the rampaging pigs add additional energy to the joyous frenzy of the proceedings.
Children's Literature - Sheilah Egan
This abridged board book edition of the 1989 Pigs has the requisite sturdy pages, rounded corners, and large type-face (early letter recognition can be stimulated) to appeal to those buying for the toddler set. Megan fails to heed her father’s reminder not to open the gate. “Pigs are smarter than you think.” he says calmly. Deciding that the pigs were actually “dumb,” she opens the gate a little. Only a careful observer will notice the wicked glee on the snout of one of the pigs as she does this. When she yells, “Hey, you dumb pigs!” the pigs charge out of the gate, heading to the kitchen, her school, and finally her school bus. After a raucous ride home that ends in the pig’s pen, Megan decides “Pigs are smarter than you think.” The last scene shows Megan visiting a zoo and examining the lock on the elephant’s cage. The storyline may not be as accessible as the art for the youngest listeners; .older ones will wonder what adventures might be in store. The zany illustrations will appeal to adults and little one’s alike. Early readers will enjoy reading this one aloud. Some adults may object to the “dumb” word. Reviewer: Sheilah Egan; Ages 2 to 5.

Product Details

Demco Media
Publication date:
Edition description:
Library Edition
Product dimensions:
8.03(w) x 8.01(h) x 0.24(d)
Age Range:
3 - 6 Years

Meet the Author

Robert Munsch has written almost 60 books for children, including The Paper Bag Princess and Love You Forever. He lives in Guelph, Ontario.

Michael Martchenko is best known as the illustrator of such classic children's books as Robert Munsch's Mortimer and Angela's Airplane. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.

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Pigs 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
InspirationalAngel531 More than 1 year ago
Title: Pig Board Book Author: Robert Munsch Illustrator: Michael Martchenko Publisher: Annick Press Ltd Published: 2-18-2014 ISBN: 9781554516285 E-Book ASIN: B00B7C5B04 Pages: 32 Genre: Children's Fiction Overall Rating: Great Reviewed For: NetGalley Reviewer: DelAnne This book is designed towards younger readers between ages 4 and 7. The colorful illustrations by Michael Martchenko will delight the reader and humorous story by Robert Munsch is set in easy to read text and will have the readers laughing from beginning to end. When I read this with the readers in my own home they were quick to point out the different ways the pigs out smarted the little girl and suggest a few other things that could have happened as well. Although they thought the idea of having a pig for a pet might be "neat" I believe I have convinced them that having them live with the other pigs in the pen and enclosure might make them happier. I really do hope so for my sanity's sake.
Storywraps More than 1 year ago
This hilarious book will have your kids rolling on the floor with laughter.   It is now being released in board book form so little hands can experience the happiness of handling and cuddling their own-sized book.  The text and illustrations are modified from the original but will not be missed by a brand new gang of potential Munsch lovers.  Megan's dad asks her to feed the pigs but to be careful not to open the gate because pigs are smarter than you think.  Megan promises she will not allow that to happen and heads off outside to the pigpen.  Her observation after leaning over the gate and giving the piggies a going over with her eyeballs concludes that pigs are the dumbed looking animals that she has ever seen.  Little by little her nose gets closer to the specimens and the gate creeps open a little more each time she leans in.  The pigs watch her, wait patiently and at the precise perfect time they all stampede out of the gate.  Oh oh!  They make a beeline or should I say piggyline to the house and cause havoc and chaos inside.  "Get these pigs out of here! yelled her father. Megan yelled, "HEY YOU DUMB PIGS!" The pigs jumped up-wap, wap, wap! - and ran out the door."  Then they zoom off to Megan's school to cause mayhem and disturbances there.  When it's time to head for home and the bus pulls up for pick up, guess whose driving the bus?  You guessed it...all aboard the piggy bus....and the pigs squeal and chew (the bus seats) and party ..... all the way home.  Could Megan restrain herself from ever repeating that faux pas again?  You will laugh at loud at the last page where that question just may be answered for you.  Oh oh! The illustrations are magnificent!  Spot on!  Amazing!  Colourful, full of  expression and emotion, action-packed and cartoonish.  There is so much going on in each picture that it is worthwhile visiting the book again and again just to explore the illustrations and appreciate all of Martchenko's work.  The teamwork of the best text-writer and the best creative artist makes this book a must have and I am so glad they downsized it so little pint-sized humans can start early on becoming a Robert Munsch/Michael Martchenko fan.  Yea and they are both Canadian!  Hurray for Canada!
MarkeyMark69 More than 1 year ago
Robert Munsch, has outdone himself with this HILARIOUS story about a girl and pigs. Being a teacher, I read this book to my kids each year and I always get something new out of it. The pictures are so well done and the story is one of so many lessons. Perhaps there will be a sequel to this because it ends just the way a good season finale on tv ends...
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was very funny and even though it is mostly for younger kids, anyone will enjoy it. Incredible.