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Pink Cupcake Magic

Pink Cupcake Magic

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by Katherine Tegen, Kristin Varner

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Zoe loves cupcakes, especially pink ones, and princesses, especially magic ones. Unfortunately her greedy brother Ralph loves cupcakes too—he spoils everything! One day Zoe bakes a wish into her cupcakes. Suddenly she is a real princess! But Ralph is still up to his old tricks. Will Princess Zoe finally find a way to give Ralph what he deserves?



Zoe loves cupcakes, especially pink ones, and princesses, especially magic ones. Unfortunately her greedy brother Ralph loves cupcakes too—he spoils everything! One day Zoe bakes a wish into her cupcakes. Suddenly she is a real princess! But Ralph is still up to his old tricks. Will Princess Zoe finally find a way to give Ralph what he deserves?

Katherine Tegen's humorous text and Kristin Varner's magical artwork will satisfy every sister who has ever been plagued by a brother, and every child who believes in the power of magic!

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Zoe loves cupcakes and princesses with equal passion, but lately neither is very satisfying. Her older brother and his buddies are constantly eating her cupcakes, and Zoe’s pretend tea parties with her stuffed animals are unfulfilling. “Shall we walk around our kingdom today?” she asks her fuzzy bunny, who “looked at her blankly. Zoe sighed. Maybe pretending to be a princess wasn’t such a great thing after all.” Luckily for Zoe, simply making a wish while she bakes a new batch of cupcakes is enough to transform her into an actual princess, turn her “plastic playhouse” into a castle, and give her truly interactive animal friends/subjects. There are many books available that celebrate the power of a child’s imagination; this isn’t one of them. Instead, author/publisher Tegen (Snowman Magic) uses magic to instantly solve every problem that comes Zoe’s way, from the tedium of pretending to be a princess to her royal subjects’ need for new outfits and her brother’s cupcake thievery. Varner’s dynamic acrylics are a bright spot in an otherwise uninspiring tale. Ages 4–8. Illustrator’s agent: Maggie Byers-Sprinzeles, Byers-Sprinzeles Agency. (Jan.)
From the Publisher

“Fans of Pinkalicious, by Victoria Kann (2006), and the Fancy Nancy books, by Jane O'Connor, will take to Zoe and her magic cupcakes.” —Booklist
Children's Literature - Carrie Hane Hung
Two things that Zoe loves best are cupcakes and playing a princess. She bakes her own cupcakes and decorates them. In her playhouse, she pretends to be a princess and hosts a tea party for her stuffed animals. One day, Zoe makes a special wish when she makes her extraordinary, pink, sparkly cupcakes. She wants to be a princess. For one magical day, Zoe transforms into a princess and she helps the subjects of the kingdom. However, later in the day, the pink cupcakes disappear. Zoe suspects Ralph and his friends are involved. Ralph is Zoe’s older brother who loves eating cupcakes and consumes them without asking. She comes up with a plan. She bakes special, green cupcakes for Ralph and his friends. The colorful illustrations include pink cupcakes and Princess Zoe in a pink dress. There is a recipe for pink cupcakes and frosting for readers who may want to make their own pink, princess dessert. Reviewer: Carrie Hane Hung; Ages 4 to 7.
Kirkus Reviews
Princess Zoe gets sweet revenge on her thieving brother with a special batch of magical cupcakes. Zoe loves to make cupcakes, but whenever she whips up a batch, her pesky brother, Ralph, and his friends eat them all up. Zoe also loves princesses, but pretending to be one just isn't satisfying enough, so she decides to bake a wish right into her next batch of pink cupcakes. Her wish—to be a princess—is granted, and she spends a lovely day in her magical kingdom, granting, in turn, the wishes of her furry subjects for shoes and coats. This meandering and disjointed storyline is only partly rescued by the funny exercise of harmless sibling revenge that draws the tale to a close: When Zoe discovers that Ralph has once again stolen her precious pink cupcakes, she hatches a plan to bake some magical green ones for him and his friends that will turn the lot of them into frogs for a day. The illustrations, in acrylic on watercolor paper, lend a feistiness to redheaded Zoe and a sparkly sheen to her fluffy, pink confections. The right ingredients—cute cupcakes, a dash of magic, one determined princess and plenty of pink—are all accounted for, but this recipe still falls flat. (cupcake recipe) (Picture book. 3-6)

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Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)
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First Edition
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8.20(w) x 10.10(h) x 0.50(d)
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4 - 8 Years

Meet the Author

Katherine Tegen is the author of the New York Times-bestselling picture book The Story of the Easter Bunny and several other books for children. As well as being an author, Katherine is an editor and a publisher of children's and teen books. She lives in New York City with her family.

Kristin Varner was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has lived (and eaten cupcakes) in several cities across the globe. She holds a BFA in illustration from Rhode Island School of Design. She lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband and daughter.

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Pink Cupcake Magic 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Amabe421 More than 1 year ago
I think I am a little too critical of children's books. Being a mom, I really try to think of what is a good lesson for children and what isn't. I did think this book was cute and fun, but there were a few little things that bothered me. With that said, my daughter loves it, and that's what really matters I guess. I loved how creative Zoe was. She really loved her cupcakes and love playing make believe. And it's amazing how well a little girl can bake!! Like a lot of little girls, she also loves princess's and she makes a wish as an ingredient to her cupcakes to become one. She is helpful and nice to the "kingdom" of animals, but she isn't very nice to her brother. Here's where things bother me. Well, for one, what is a little girl doing using the oven without a parent around? And also, she calls her brother and his friends names. I get that she's mad that they keep taking her cupcakes, but it doesn't seem like a good lesson to teach kids. Then she gets revenge on her brother and his buddies. Revenge isn't something that should be taught to kids, even if it is just temporary. This was magical and fun for my daughter, but I did need to remind her while reading that it's not nice to call people names or try to get revenge on them. Otherwise it's a great story. When I asked my daughter what she thought of the book she said "I really love it!". It's an entertaining book for kids and as long as they know correct behavior and to not follow what books might tell you to do, it's all good. This book also includes a recipe in the back to make Pink Cupcakes!! (Magic not included) *An advanced copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any compensation.