Pinned: A Kentucky True Crime

Pinned: A Kentucky True Crime

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by Charles W. Massie

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“I fear the dark and I live all alone...”

Mark Casey, a native New York-er and a gentleman, wants to get out of his home state and live in another part of the world. Over the internet, he meets and is attracted to a small town Kentucky woman named Roxie. This woman seems to be the girl of his dreams - sensual, ambitious, funny and beautiful.…  See more details below


“I fear the dark and I live all alone...”

Mark Casey, a native New York-er and a gentleman, wants to get out of his home state and live in another part of the world. Over the internet, he meets and is attracted to a small town Kentucky woman named Roxie. This woman seems to be the girl of his dreams - sensual, ambitious, funny and beautiful. After a series of email and phone conversations, Roxie invites Mark to visit her in Kentucky. The Meeting is magic. They fall head over heels for each other and decide to live together. But like the flip of a switch, there are immediate problems as soon as he gets in his new abode. He and Roxie fight, where they never did before. She constantly tells him lies. There seems to be a black cloud around Roxie, where someone else always gets hurt. And their once raging sexual relationship has turned sour, causing them to sleep apart. What could have caused this abyss? This is a true story of flagrant injustice in a small country town. It is a page whipping account of sex, drugs, manipulation, false arrest, corrupt public officials and good ‘ol boys who take rather than give. See what it is like to be trapped in the nest of a Black Widow. Read the story and be Pinned.

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Meet the Author

Charles Massie grew up in upstate New York; the oldest of 4 children. After finishing high school, he served a total of six years at various ports around the world for the United States Navy. Upon his return to civilian life, he continued his education at Syracuse University and eventually worked for a number of engineering and sales firms, before finally going off on his own enterprises. He has been instrumental in overseeing such companies as Massie Engineering Associates, InfoTech Consulting, LLC and CaterCats Catering. The call of creative expression has always in the background of his life and over the years, he has submitted articles and stories to publications like Twilight Zone Magazine, Readers Digest, Analog Publications and others.

Pinned! – A Kentucky True Crime is his first novel and is the first book of the ‘BlueGrass’ series. The sequel, Stains on the Gavel, will be published later in 2013; as well a young adult adventure novel entitled The Boy in the Bin.

His hobbies include progressive rock music, computers, animals, humor, exotic cars and practicing random acts of kindness. He lives in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and is the owner of StarShow Publications.

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Pinned: A Kentucky True Crime 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoy true crime books, but this is one of the worst written books I've read (whether true crime or a novel), and at times a tedious read. Not much happens in the first several chapters except graphic sex scenes (which are worse than a good romance novel), going to the store to buy groceries, or fixing a car. Neither character is likeable. It's too expensive for what you get.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Had me hooked from the first chapter. Just the perfect touch of scandal and juciness to grab your attention and keep it throughout the duration. I was able to connect as a reader with the main character, Mark, and feel enough empathy to want justice for him. Can't wait to read more,.
bunny63 More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book very much. It was easy to read and kept my attention. The author does a good job of telling his story and making the reader feel like they are in the same room with the characters. I look forward to reading the sequel and finding out how this story ends. The only reason I didn't give the book five stars is because there are a few typoes that need correction.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Carol Thompson for Readers' Favorite Mark meets Roxie online and they begin to communicate, first by email, and later by phone. They rush into a relationship and Mark moves to Kentucky to live with Roxie. As time passes, he notices her mood swings and stories that don't add up. Roxie is bipolar, but it is something that Mark sees and doesn't want to acknowledge. Mark is arrested because of Roxie (I don't want to reveal the plot), and the story becomes the twisted, bizarre tale of backwoods law enforcement and a woman who is getting away with more than framing her ex-lover. Mark puts the pieces of the puzzle together of Roxie's past: the mysterious alleged suicide of an elderly man who lived with Roxie for a short time, past relationships and the lies. The book is hard to put down once you start to read it. It is a well-written and well-told story. There are some graphic sex scenes that some might find offensive, but they really do add to the story. It becomes clear that Roxie uses her sexual talents to lure men, although she proclaims to be a lousy lover. It is the type of book that makes you cheer for the underdog while at the same time, you scream for him to get away from the villain. There is a dream sequence in the book that you will wish was true. I could only give this book four stars because the story did not conclude. It is a cliff-hanger of sorts, I guess because the author is going to follow up with another book. Still, the story could have had a better ending. It leaves you asking, "What next?"
Kataman1 More than 1 year ago
I was lucky to receive an advance copy of this book with a nice little note from the author. I only say that because otherwise I might have missed out on this powerful and impelling story that took over my life for several days! Based on the part of the title True Crime in Kentucky and the afterword by Mr. Massie as well as his own biographical information, I am assuming that Mr. Massey is telling his own story. However, the main character's name is Mark. Mark narrates the tale in first person beginning with his arrest at his girlfriends house and then backing up and telling the tale how he first met her on the Internet through the aftermath of his arrest. Mr. Massie has such a way of spinning it with so much detail that I actually felt that everything was happening to me. He seems to have met his ultimate soulmate (Roxie) through Craigslist. The two exchange emails at first and seem to have everything in comman. That elevates to phone calls that get expensive for Mark (he keeps talking about using up his minutes and he prefers talking at night where the calling is unlimited). Mark lives in Syracuse, NY and Roxie is in Burkesville, Kentucky. After about a month of constant conversation, Mark decides to meet his "dream" woman in person and makes arrangements to take a 19 hour bus trip to meet her. Mark is not very well off financially and he lives with an obnoxious roomate, Les who gets arrested for DUI just before Mark's trip. When Mark gets to Kentucky all he can see is a beautiful goddess in Roxie who gives him amazing sex right away. He seems to be blind to signs that she is probably bad news (kind of like the Seinfeld episode where Jerry is dating a woman that everyone sees as a loser except Jerry). Roxie is subject to mood swings and seems to leak hints to Mark when she gets drunk that she may have done some really bad things or was involved in some things that had some really bad outcomes. Mark seems to keep saying he will file these tidbits in his mind for later investigation. Then Roxie does some obvious things like forcing Mark to take a daily dose of foul tasting "vitamins" for which she will not reveal the ingredients. No matter what Roxie does Mark thinks with his libido and keeps getting suckered in more by Roxie until she has her claws deeply in him. Again the author does such a good job that the reader feels like they are the ones being victimized by Roxie and being pulled into a position of no escape. I really liked this book and the only complaint I have is that I think that the author should tone down some of the gratuitous sex scenes that are presented in excessive detail. Other than that I still give this book a full five stars.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
About the worst book I have ever read. A 20 page story the author stretches to hundreds. Avoid the rip off.
PatTheTraveller More than 1 year ago
I LOVED THIS BOOK. This is a true story of getting innocently caught up in the gears of life. If you like True Crime and watching someone beat the odds, pick up a copy of Pinned. The sequel will be coming out later this year and I can't wait for that.