Pipeline: Live Boston Rock

Pipeline: Live Boston Rock


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Kimchee Records


Disc 1

  1. Digitized
  2. Hang It Up  -  360's
  3. Star 69
  4. Leash  -  Milkmoney
  5. Scratch  -  Morphine
  6. Best of Enemies
  7. Smith and Wesson  -  Otis
  8. Leave Me Alone
  9. Kuchkah Tay Zod  - Roger Miller
  10. Marquee Moon
  11. Breed  -  Twig
  12. Dope  -  Mung
  13. Two Folds
  14. Countrified/C'mon  -  King Moon's Razor
  15. Inside Out  -  Tree
  16. Cry Me a River  -  Scarce
  17. Sposeta Be a Funeral
  18. Til Then  -  6L6
  19. Two Seconds Hate
  20. Skull  - Lou Barlow

Disc 2

  1. A Dong Market  -  Bulkhead
  2. Brother Judson  -  Cordelia's Dad
  3. I Met Her at the Rat
  4. Wail  -  Bags
  5. Rosy, Why?  -  Syrup
  6. High Tide  -  Zulus
  7. Poor
  8. Brand New Vein  -  Come
  9. Extraordinary Worm
  10. Larry
  11. Lucy  -  Helium
  12. Summer
  13. Mothers Day/Bloodstains
  14. Faith
  15. Raymond
  16. W  -  Dirt Merchants
  17. Sink This Ship!  -  Pie
  18. Scissors Paper Stone  -  Christmas
  19. Ne'er Do Well  -  Upper Crust
  20. Miss the Mark  -  Fuzzy

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Big Dipper   Track Performer
Buffalo Tom   Track Performer
Cavedogs   Track Performer
Anastasia Screamed   Track Performer
Green Magnet School   Track Performer
Moving Targets   Track Performer
Pat Lynch & Airchords   Guitar,Vocals
Bullet Lavolta   Track Performer
John Grady   Drums
Orangutang   Track Performer
Queers   Track Performer
Dambuilders   Track Performer
Larry Bangor   Vocals
Lou Barlow   Guitar,Vocals
Chris Brokaw   Guitar,Vocals
Seana Carmody   Guitar,Vocals
Kenny Chambers   Vocals
Dana Colley   Baritone Saxophone
Billy Conway   Drums
Rich Cortese   Bass
Elizabeth Ann Margaret Cox   Drums,Vocals
Michael Cudahy   Guitar,Vocals
Nicholas Cudahy   Sampling
Shawn Devlin   Drums
Christian Dyas   Guitar,Vocals
Rich Gilbert   Guitar
Rob Hamilton   Drums
Jon Hardy   Bass
Michael Hill   Guitar
Phil Hurley   Guitar,Vocals
Bill Janovitz   Guitar,Vocals
Can Keskin   Guitar
Joe Klompus   Bass
Tom Maginnis   Drums
Todd Perlmutter   Drums
Steve Rzucidlo   Bass
Mark Sandman   Bass,Vocals
Josh Scott   Bass
Tim Shea   Guitar,Vocals
Todd Spahr   Guitar,Vocals
John Stephens   Bass
Brian Stevens   Bass,Vocals
Clay Tarver   Guitar,Vocals
Malcolm Travis   Drums
Bill Whelan   Guitar,Vocals
Brian Wright   Bass
Roger Miller   Guitar,Vocals
Gigolo Aunts   Track Performer
B-Face   Bass,Vocals
Chris Colbourn   Bass,Vocals
Ramona   Drums
Kevin Sweeney   Bass,Vocals
Upper Crust   Track Performer
Bill Goffrier   Guitar,Vocals
Mark Rivers   Drums
Dirt Merchants   Track Performer
Kevin March   Drums,Vocals
River   Vocals
Joan Wasser   Violin,Vocals
Pat Brady   Drums
Woody Giessmann   Drums,Vocals
Mike Malone   Guitar
Mary Timony   Guitar,Vocals
Flying Nuns   Track Performer
Smackmelon   Track Performer
Slughog   Track Performer
Eric Masunaga   Guitar
Ash Bowie   Bass
Chuck Freeman   Bass,Vocals
Chick Graning   Guitar,Vocals
Arthur Johnston   Drums,Vocals
Dave Steel   Guitar,Vocals
Thalia Zedek   Guitar,Vocals
Winston Braman   Bass
Judson Ehrbar   Drums,Vocals
Fred Eltringham   Drums
Billy Fever   Drums
Yukki Gipe   Vocals
Julie Kantner   Guitar,Vocals
Alex Kisch   Bass
James McNew   Bass
Brian Strawn   Drums
John Styklunas   Bass
Chris Toppin   Guitar,Vocals
Joyce Raskin   Bass,Vocals
Tim Eriksen   Guitar,Vocals
Peter Irvine   Drums
John Malone   Drums
Vehicle Birth   Track Performer
Eric Russell   Guitar
Chris Foley   Drums
Dave Gibbs   Guitar,Vocals
Audrey Clark   Guitar,Vocals
Paul Delano   Guitar,Vocals
Dave Derby   Bass,Vocals
Tony Velez   Drums
Crispin Wood   Guitar,Vocals
Steve Hurley   Bass
Collin   Guitar,Vocals
Jake Westwood   Bass
Cath Oss   Bass
Eric Jarmon   Bass,Vocals
Nills La White   Bass
Duke Roth   Guitar,Vocals
Pat McDonald   Lap Steel Guitar
Duc d'Istortion   Guitar
Jackie Kickassis   Drums
Marquis de Roque   Bass
Rockingham   Guitar,Vocals
Jim Janota   Drums
Hugh O'Neil   Drums,Vocals
Orrin Anderson   Drums
Peter "Gus" Ryan   Vocals
Jon Skibic   Guitar
Prickly   Track Performer
Leigh Thompson   Guitar
Jeffrey Galusha   Drums
Robert Brazier   Drums
Skyla   Guitar,Vocals
Tom Carnali   Bass
Matt Fine   Organ
Kelly Chambers   Guitar
Chris Cugini   Guitar
Tom Neely   Guitar,Vocals
Charlie Boch   Bass
Chris Burdett   Drums
"Bob" Andy Burstein   Drums
Rick DeSantis   Bass,Vocals
Tom Devaney   Guitar
Robbie Edens   Drums
Brian Evans   Bass
Firestone   Electric Guitar
Hilken Hancini   Guitar,Vocals
Chris Jackson   Guitar
Ooze E. One Kenobi   Guitar
Kev O-Matic   Vocals
Sam Mallery   Bass
Tricia Mathews   Guitar,Vocals
Sean McCarthy   Guitar
Denise Monahan   Bass,Vocals
Vinnie Natele   Guitar,Vocals
Chris Pearson   Guitar
George Perez   Drums
Paul Rechsteiner   Bass
Tim Schmeider   Vocals
Andrew Scneider   Bass,Vocals
Vinnie Scorziello   Drums
Dean Styers   Drums
Gary Waliek   Guitar,Vocals
Stuart Wamsley   Bass,Vocals
Todd Philips   Drums
Joe King   Guitar,Vocals

Technical Credits

Nick Cave   Composer
Lou Reed   Composer
War   Composer
Russ Freeman   Composer
Richard Lloyd   Composer
Blixa Bargeld   Composer
Steve Barry   Engineer
Simon Gallup   Composer
Arthur Hamilton   Composer
Carl Plaster   Engineer
Robert Smith   Composer
Laurence Tolhurst   Composer
Norman Orenstein   Composer
Kevin March   Composer
Joan Wasser   Composer
Eric Masunaga   Composer
Roland Wolf   Composer
Paul Janovitz   Engineer
Jim Sorensen   Mastering
Sol Marcus   Composer
Guy Wood   Composer
John Magee   Engineer
Eddie Seiler   Composer
Dave Derby   Composer
Andy Hong   Engineer,Mastering
Craig Wisneski   Engineer
Jamie Rubin   Engineer
Christina Files   Engineer
Ted Young   Engineer
Kev O-Matic   Sound Effects

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