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Pirate Chase

Pirate Chase

by Earl Schenck Miers

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Judy Silverman
When we think about pirates during Colonial times, the name Blackbeard comes to mind. Most of Blackbeard's crew were as foul as he, but what of children who happened to be on the ships the pirates boarded? Timothy Baillie, of Williamsburg, Virginia, was fifteen and bound for England and school when Blackbeard's crew boarded the boat in the middle of the night. It was pure chance that one of the pirates "needed" a boy. Forced to choose between villainy and death, Timothy wisely chooses villainy, praying and hoping that he would be able to escape. Although most all of the characters are fictional, the reality of the situations in which Timothy finds himself seems very real. Notes at the end of the book hint at the tremendous amount of research Miers undertook to write this little gem.

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