Pirates of the Caribbean: Axis of Hope

Pirates of the Caribbean: Axis of Hope

by Tariq Ali

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A revolution is moving across Latin America.See more details below


A revolution is moving across Latin America.

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“Tariq Ali, the Johnny Depp of international comment, sails out in this little barque ... to assault the top-heavy galleon Washington Consensus, as she labours leaking through the South Seas and the Spanish Main ...”—Spectator

“Exuberant and good to read.”—London Review of Books

Foreign Affairs
Ali, the Pakistani British essayist and editor of London's NewLeft Review, briefly visits Caracas, La Paz, and Havana and returns with a message of hope. Few individuals or political movements meet the stern Trotskyite's superhigh standards (his writings on the Arab world make for depressing reading), but Ali revels in the new stirrings among the urban and rural poor in Latin America. He blames much of the region's problems on U.S. imperialism and the "fundamentalist" Washington consensus but directs his strongest polemics against social democratic renegades, lamenting the Venezuelan intellectual Teodoro Petkoff's personal journey from communism to anti-Chávez activism and labeling Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva a "tropical Tony Blair." Ali disparages the "human rights industry" and nonprofit organization bureaucrats "who desire to change very little, excepting their apartments." This short, hurried work, much of it recycled journalism, is full of factual errors and oversimplifications (for example, that Foreign Affairs is the "State Department's house journal"). Nevertheless, Ali's vitriolic volleys do occasionally hit their mark, and the old-school theoretician recognizes the organizational and intellectual weaknesses of his "pirates" and the long, difficult roads they face.

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