by Roy McMillan

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Disc 1

  1. Setting Out  - Roy McMillan
  2. Pirates in the Ancient World  - Roy McMillan
  3. No-one is Certain Who These 'Sea People' Were...  - Roy McMillan
  4. The Barbary Corsairs  - Roy McMillan
  5. The Barbarossa Brothers  - Roy McMillan
  6. The Barbarossas Left an Impressive Legacy...  - Roy McMillan
  7. Jack 'Birdy' Ward  - Roy McMillan
  8. He Had Become Something of a Robin Hood Figure...  - Roy McMillan
  9. Pirates of the Caribbean  - Roy McMillan
  10. Sir Francis Drake  - Roy McMillan
  11. Gruesome Alert!  - Roy McMillan
  12. Sir Henry Morgan  - Roy McMillan
  13. Captain William Kidd  - Roy McMillan
  14. Blackbeard  - Roy McMillan
  15. Generally, Pirates Preferred to Intimidate Their Enemies...  - Roy McMillan
  16. By Hook or By Crook - Howell Davis  - Roy McMillan

Disc 2

  1. Howell Davis Ctd. Recognising His Own Skill at Charm and Deceit...  - Roy McMillan
  2. Bartholomew Roberts  - Roy McMillan
  3. Gruesome Alert! Edward Low and Daniel Montbars  - Roy McMillan
  4. The Articles  - Roy McMillan
  5. Gruesome Alert!  - Roy McMillan
  6. Bang! Bang! You're Dead  - Roy McMillan
  7. Pieces of Eight and X Doesn't Mark the Spot  - Roy McMillan
  8. Gruesome Alert! François l'Olonnais  - Roy McMillan
  9. Stede Bonnet  - Roy McMillan
  10. Not-so-Jolly Roger  - Roy McMillan
  11. John Rackham - Calico Jack  - Roy McMillan
  12. Here Come the Girls...  - Roy McMillan
  13. Anne Bonny  - Roy McMillan
  14. Mary Read  - Roy McMillan
  15. Grace O'Malley  - Roy McMillan
  16. The South China Seas and Lai Choi San  - Roy McMillan
  17. Gruesome Alert!  - Roy McMillan
  18. The Greatest Pirate Ever: Cheng I Sao (1775-1844)  - Roy McMillan
  19. John Boysie Singh  - Roy McMillan
  20. Gruesome Alert!  - Roy McMillan
  21. Piracy Now: Plus Ça Change  - Roy McMillan
  22. The End of the Voyage  - Roy McMillan

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Roy McMillan   Primary Artist
Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
New Zealand Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Catherine King   Mezzo-Soprano (Vocal)
Yoav Talmi   Conductor
Anthony Bramall   Conductor
Jasper Britton   Spoken Word
Alexander Rahbari   Conductor
Oliver von Dohnanyi   Conductor
San Diego Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
BRT Philharmonic Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
James Judd   Conductor
Richard Rosenberg   Conductor
Ensemble Unicorn   Ensemble
Thomas Sanderling   Conductor
Hot Springs Music Festival   Ensemble
Rose Consort of Viols   Ensemble
Estampie   Ensemble
Novosibirsk Academic Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Kevin Mallon   Conductor
Arcadia Ensemble   Ensemble

Technical Credits

Hector Berlioz   Composer
Felix Mendelssohn   Composer
Claude Debussy   Composer
Sarah Butcher   Programming
Graham Derrick   Arranger
Hannah Whale   Cover Design
Roy McMillan   Composer,Producer,Liner Notes

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