The Placenta and Human Developmental Programming

The Placenta and Human Developmental Programming

by Graham J. Burton

This unique text integrates contributions from world experts in placentology into the scientific discipline of developmental programming.See more details below


This unique text integrates contributions from world experts in placentology into the scientific discipline of developmental programming.

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Preface; 1. Introduction Graham J. Burton, David J. P. Barker, Ashley Moffett and Kent Thornburg; 2. The maternal and placental origins of chronic disease David J. P. Barker, Johan G. Eriksson, Eero Kajantie, Saleh H. Alwasel, Caroline H. D. Fall, Tessa J. Roseboom and Clive Osmond; 3. Pre and periconceptual health and the HPA Axis: nutrition and stress Alan A. Jackson, Graham Burdge and Karen Lillycrop; 4. Nutrition and preimplantation development Tom P. Fleming; 5. Materno-fetal transport pathways during embryogenesis and organogenesis Eric Jauniaux and Graham J. Burton; 6. Imprinted genes and placental growth: implications for the developmental origins of health and disease Benjamin Tycko and Rosalind John; 7. Genomic imprinting: epigenetic control and potential roles in the developmental origins of postnatal health and disease Elizabeth J. Radford and Anne C. Ferguson-Smith; 8. Trophoblast invasion and uterine artery remodelling in primates Robert Pijnenborg, Lisbeth Vercruysse and Anthony M. Carter; 9. The role of the maternal immune response in fetal programming Ashley Moffett; 10. Clinical causes and aspects of placental insufficiency Irene Cetin and Emanuela Taricco; 11. Uterine blood flow as a determinant of feto-placental development Lorna G. Moore; 12. Placental amino acid transporters: the critical link between maternal nutrition and fetal programming? Thomas Jansson and Theresa L. Powell; 13. The maternal circulation and placental shape: villus remodelling induced through haemodynamics and oxidative and endoplasmic reticulum stress Graham J. Burton and Eric Jauniaux; 14. Glucocorticoids and placental programming Owen R. Vaughan, Alison J. Forhead and Abigail L. Fowden; 15. Clinical biomarkers of placental development Gordon C. S. Smith; 16. The placental roots of cardiovascular disease Kent L. Thornburg, Perry F. O'Tierney, Terry Morgan and Samantha Louey; 17. Placental function and later risk of osteoporosis Cyrus Cooper, Laura Goodfellow, Nicholas Harvey, Susie Earl, Christopher Holroyd, Zoe Cole and Elaine Dennison; 18. The placenta and developmental programming: some reflections Robert Boyd and Richard Boyd; Index.

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