Plan B: A Liaden Adventure

Plan B: A Liaden Adventure

by Sharon Lee, Steve Miller

Pursued across space by the ultra-secret Department of the Interior, hunted by the galaxy-wide Juntavas syndicate, former Agent of Change Val Con yos' Phelium and his ex-soldier lifemate Miri Robertson have commandeered the only spaceship on Vandar and fled, seeking help from Miri's newly discovered kin on Lytaxin. Elsewhere, Clan Korval is in action. Scattered across…  See more details below


Pursued across space by the ultra-secret Department of the Interior, hunted by the galaxy-wide Juntavas syndicate, former Agent of Change Val Con yos' Phelium and his ex-soldier lifemate Miri Robertson have commandeered the only spaceship on Vandar and fled, seeking help from Miri's newly discovered kin on Lytaxin. Elsewhere, Clan Korval is in action. Scattered across space by the newly invoked Plan B, certain clan members pursue the search for the long-missing Val Con. First Speaker Nova yos'Galan returns to Lufkit, seeking clues, as Dutiful Passage, Korval's premier tradeship, arms itself for war - and discovers treachery. Back on Lytaxin, Miri's homecoming is interrupted by a full-scale Yxtrang planetary invasion. Then things start to get really interesting...

Editorial Reviews

Sharon and Steve used their time between publishers to good advantage, honing this one into an exciting romp that promises their fans a great deal of fun with future volumes.
This latest novel is a rousing military space adventure with larger-than-life characters, and packs more action into its pages than many trilogies -- and best of all, it can be read by those unfamiliar with the series, though the intriguing bits of back story may send impatient readers searching used bookstores for the previous novels. It's great adventure, hard to beat for fans of fast-paced space opera.
Plan B is the long awaited sequel to Miller and Lees’s 80’s Trilogy. The series was incomplete and at long last in their inimitable style the authors have provided rip roaring answers to many of the questions about events in the wonderful Liaden Universe of Conflict of Honors, Agent of Change, and Carpe Diem.

The authors have maintained the combination of dramatic action and humor in the original tales and have preserved their original flavor.

A Really Good read.

Twink 14
Okay, if you were desperate for a label you could call this 'space opera'. You could say the same about Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan stories. In neither case would that label begin to convey the intrinsic charm of these character-intensive stories. You should all run out and order Plan B...

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Meisha Merlin Publishing, Inc.
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Liaden Universe Series
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5.98(w) x 8.02(h) x 0.75(d)

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Liad Department of Interior Command Headquarters There was time, but neither night nor day. Time. Current time on twenty planets was counted along the digital displays in the long left wall. The light was impartial, unchanging.

Shadowless. In addition to the silent, steady chronometers, the room contained a desk upon which sat two screens-one large, one smaller-a keypad, some few files of hard copy, a stylus; behind the desk was a chair; in the chair was a man. Those who owed allegiance to the Department, to the Plan, addressed him as “Commander” or, formally, “Commander of Agents”. That was enough. Commander of Agents touched his keypad, advancing the file displayed upon the larger screen. Blindfolded and questioned-if any would dare it-he could easily have recited the entire contents of the file. He perused it without reading it, as another might shuffle and deal hand after hand of Patience, mind wrestling a problem light years beyond his busy fingers.

The immediate problem was threefold, the sections named thus: Clan Korval, Val Con yos’Phelium, Tyl Von sig’Alda. Clan Korval. The Department of Interior had long been aware of the danger presented by Clan Korval, that maverick and most oddly successful of Clans. The Department of Interior had taken measures-bold measures-in the past, with an eye toward nullifying Korval’s menace. The culmination of these measures was the recruitment of Korval’s young nadelm into the Department and the subsequent redesign of that same Val Con yos’Phelium into an Agent of Change. That stroke, brilliant and necessary, had produced uncalculated results. Korval became aware of the Department. And, being Korval, measures-bold measures-had been taken. The Department found its name spoken in public places; long-stable funding sources came under scrutiny, several dummy accounts were unmasked and summarily closed by the Masters of the Accountant’s Guild, the funds returned to the Council of Clans.

Not satisfied with such unseemly commotion, Korval moved again-and more boldly yet. The Clan vanished-ships, children, servants, pets-all, all gone from Liad.

Not quite all. Commander of Agents touched his keypad. One of the Line Direct remained upon Liad: Anthora, youngest of the adult yos’Galans, who had prudently removed to the ancient and formidable Jelaza Kazone, Korval’s first base of planetary operation, and was living there retired. For now. Commander of Agents advanced the file, eyes looking beyond screen and data. Korval was out there somewhere. Who knew what they might do? Or when? The Commander considered the probability that they had gone entirely, leaving behind one too odd to understand her peril. Were Korval to abandon Liad and accept sanctuary from Terra the balance long in favor of Liaden trade missions and Liaden expansion would be at risk. The children of yos’Galan were half-Terran. Mongrels. They might well go to kin. The Commander was not one to feel qualms. The various actions against Korval, including fomenting revolution on the world of Korval’s oldest trade partner, were necessary to reduce Korval’s influence and bring about the true ascendancy of Liad. The recent revolt had not been an entire success, for Korval’s old ally and sometime bedmates had prevailed. Still, it would be a generation before the economy of the planet healed, and the political conflicts would take a dozen dozen relumma to settle. More, there was rumor that one string not yet strung to the bow of the alliance was now gone. The Commander allowed himself a faint smile: fight them over and over, covertly, and even Korval must fall. They had almost been eliminated twice now.

The Commander blinked. This time, perhaps. On his watch. This nearly open flight was unfortunate, and unexpected. That Korval searched for their missing delm-to-be was certain. To allow them to locate and reclaim Val Con yos’Phelium would be an error. A very serious error. A most successful Agent, Val Con yos’Phelium. There was that in the madcap Korval genes that inspired its members to excellence, whatever course they might chart. Before the adjustment of his loyalties, Val Con yos’Phelium had ridden the mandate of his genes to a certain pinnacle of achievement: Scout Commander, First-In. A man of infinite resource, a pilot from a Clan that bred for pilots; intelligent, flexible and-after suitable training-exquisitely deadly, he had among his armament the greatest of all an Agent’s weapons, the Probability Loop. The Loop allowed an Agent to calculate odds of mission success and personal survival. To some extent, it served as a predictor of coming action, and as a strategy program. There were, of course, certain other mandates implanted, as well as a self-destruct subroutine. These mandates and subroutines were provided to ensure that an Agent remained loyal to his mission, to the Department and to the Plan. It should not be possible for an Agent of Change to break training. And, yet, there was evidence-disturbingly strong evidence-that Val Con yos’Phelium, delm genetic of a Clan that seemingly valued random action just slightly less than piloting skill, had broken training. So. Agent of Change Tyl Von sig’Alda had been dispatched on the trail of a rumor, to seek Val Con yos’Phelium along the ways of an Interdicted World, to offer transport to the home world, to debriefing and recalibration. Had the Agent merely come against mischance, these things would be accepted. Had he suffered severe mischance, Agent sig’Alda was to bring his Commander a body, a skull, sections of vertebrae-proof. An Agent was no such thing to be carelessly left lying about the galaxy, after all. Especially no such Agent as Val Con yos’Phelium. Commander of Agents came to the end of the file, closed it with a flick at the keypad. He leaned back in the chair which conformed to his body’s shape and briefly closed his eyes. Agent sig’Alda had been gone some time. It was understood that ransacking a low tech world for one man-or one corpse-might consume time.

The Commander was prepared to wait some small time longer, before loosing another Agent to the search. Commander of Agents opened his eyes, seeking the smaller second screen.. This screen showed a sector map. Marked plainly on the map was Interdicted World I-2796-893-44, where Tyl Von sig’Alda sought Val Con yos’Phelium. An amber light near the world marked the location of sig’Alda’s ship, as reported by the concealed pin-beam locator beacon. Some time ago, the beacon had reported that it was on-world and Commander of Agents had allowed himself hope. Alas, the ship lifted very soon, thence to dawdle in orbit now several more days, so the scent which had enticed Agent sig’Alda to the planet’s surface must have proved false. Commander of Agents moved his eyes to the chronometered wall. He was due in conference very shortly, where another portion of the Department’s Plan would be reviewed. Korval’s links with outside interests were being attended to, carefully. It was the Commander’s thought that Korval had dwindled to the point of being too few to attend to their own security. Thus a test case. It would do Korval no good, should Dutiful Passage fall.

Hands on the armrests, the Commander pushed his chair back, glancing to the beacon screen-and freezing. For the beacon’s light was no longer the placid amber indicative of a stable position. It blazed green on the star map, its glow eclipsing the world called “Vandar” by its natives, the pre-Jump coil-charge smearing the telltale into a blur. Coordinates appeared at the bottom of the screen, the beacon phased from green to turquoise, then flared into nothing as it and the ship around it entered Jump. Commander of Agents reached forth a hand, tapped a command into his keypad. The home system of the Interdicted World melted from the screen, replaced by another map, this with a ship route limned in red. Commander of Agents leaned back in his chair, and allowed himself to believe that all was well.

Tyl Von sig’Alda was Jumping for Waymart. From Waymart it was but two Jumps to Headquarters.

Copyright © 1999 by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

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Barry B. Longyear
A genuine treat for Liaden fans. Rich with detail -- the best yet. (Barry B. Longyear, author ofThe Enemy Papers and Yesterday's Tomorrow)
Susan Krinard
When I'm looking for an intelligent, thought-provoking, and fast-paced science fiction story that is also blessed with complex, fascinating, and frankly loveable characters, I turn to Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. They put human -- and non-human -- relationships center-stage and have created aunique universe in which the reader becomes deeply involved. Once I've read a Lee and Miller novel, I never forget it. (Susan Krinard, author of Once a Wolf, Touch of the Wolf, and Prince of Wolves)
A.C. Crispin
I'm thrilled to see the return of the Liaden Universe™, it's long overdue. Sharon Lee and Steve Miller are a great writing team. Plan B is compelling space adventure with a capital A! (A.C. Crispin, author of the StarBridge series and The Han Solo Trilogy)
Sherwood Smith
Action, nifty tech, larger-than-life characters, romance, humor, mind-expanding talents. Plan B is space opera at its best. (Sherwood Smith, author of the Wren series and the Crown and Court Duel series)
Anne McCaffrey
That was one marvelous read...all my old Liaden friends...I'm greedy, I want another rightnow. A real page-turner, and that's even with me going back and reading the nice juicy bits twice...I do not often RAVE, but consider me RAVING with delight to have one more of my favorite comfort books available. Boy, _Plan B_ is spot on for me and SUCH a grand read. Miri and Val Con, Shan and Priscilla, Edger and Sheather...even the Juntavas gal -- it's SO good to read them again....Think I'll just go back and start the re-read tonight....You've got a beaut here.
eluki bes shahar
Plan B is so wonderful, so special, so absolutely incomparable to anything else. (eluki bes shahar, author of Smoke and Mirrors)
Robin Wayne Bailey
A richly imagined space opera saga, full of wonderful characters, strange races, big inventions, and adventure galore! _Plan B_ should win Lee and Miller armies of new readers. (Robin Wayne Bailey, author of Swords Against the Shadowland)
Gerry Boyle
Sharon Lee and Steve Miller have imaginations matched only by the precision of their writing. Enter the world of Plan B and be transported. (Gerry Boyle, author of Cover Story)
Andre Norton
A book such as this, which melds a far future background, excellent action, believable characters, but does not turn too technical for the average reader, should be hailed with satisfaction. It comes to life when one turns the pages and is a fine buy for those hoping to assemble an outstanding personal library.

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