Planet Earth Attack

Planet Earth Attack

by Blackburner

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  1. Planet Earth Attack  -  Blackburner
  2. Burn Burn Burn!  -  Blackburner
  3. I Got the Key  -  Blackburner
  4. Play This World  - FC Stokes
  5. In Love With The City  -  Geri
  6. Night Air  - Lady Starlite
  7. Time Travel  -  Blackburner
  8. Too Close  -  Blackburner
  9. Electric Flesh  -  Blackburner
  10. Apocalypse  -  Blackburner
  11. 50 Grades Of Space  -  Blackburner
  12. Comfortably Numb  -  Blackburner
  13. Alien Death Bunny  -  Blackburner
  14. Another Dimension  -  Blackburner
  15. The World Is Ours  -  Blackburner
  16. Pills  -  Blackburner
  17. Set This Fire (Burn Burn Burn!, Pt. 2)  -  Blackburner

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Blackburner   Primary Artist
Chris Squire   Vocals
Billy Sherwood   Guitar,Vocals

Technical Credits

Roger Waters   Composer
David Gilmour   Composer
Huw Lloyd-Langton   Composer
Marion Lloyd-Langton   Composer
Brian Perera   Executive Producer
Lászlo Szabó   Photo Courtesy
Alex Clare   Composer
Skyla Talon   Composer,Mastering
Jason Splat   Graphic Design
Jessica Jean   Composer
Theflame12   Composer
Blackburner   Composer
Geri   Composer
FC Stokes   Composer
Amy J. Hutcheson   Photo Courtesy
Thomas Ferrell   Additional Production
Javier Carmona Esteban   Cover Art
Jesus Esteban   Cover Art
Greg Cristman   Photo Courtesy
Dean Keim   Photo Courtesy

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