Planning a Wedding to Remember: Special Touches and Unique Ideas

Planning a Wedding to Remember: Special Touches and Unique Ideas

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by Beverly Clark

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This essential wedding planner offers hundreds of original ideas, special touches, and lots of practical advice. From creating personalized ceremonies to business and legal issues, Beverly Clark covers all aspects of planning a wedding: invitations, budgeting, flowers, etiquette, music, photographers, and apparel. Designed to inspire, this edition features more


This essential wedding planner offers hundreds of original ideas, special touches, and lots of practical advice. From creating personalized ceremonies to business and legal issues, Beverly Clark covers all aspects of planning a wedding: invitations, budgeting, flowers, etiquette, music, photographers, and apparel. Designed to inspire, this edition features more wedding traditions and historical information, along with extensive worksheets, checklists, and pockets for notes and receipts as well as new and expanded sections covering second marriages, online planning, and including children in the ceremony. "A definite must for anyone planning a wedding." — NBC's Today

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The Barnes & Noble Review
Lists, lists, and more lists. Every how-to-plan-your-wedding book tells you to make lists: lists of who gave you what present, lists of what you have to do the day you get married, lists of legal documents you need changed to reflect your new name, lists of what to tell the photographer. It's overwhelming. It's confusing. It's aggravating. At some point, you just want to scream, "No more lists!"

Unless, that is, someone is willing to make the lists for you. Planning a Wedding to Remember by Beverly Clark does just that. If you are a superorganized person (or even a wannabe superorganized person), then this wedding planner is your dream come true. Forget about separate wedding organizers and wedding advice books; the spiral binding and pockets in Planning a Wedding to Remember for estimates and contracts help you stay in control, while the tips provide you with everything you will ever need to know about getting married. From wording on the invitations to charts on wedding attire, from checklists of questions to ask the photographer and the florist to guest-list organizational sheets for the bridal luncheon and shower, from what to bring when you apply for your marriage license to the breakdown of what the bride and groom's families traditionally pay for, Planning a Wedding to Remember leaves no stone unturned.

The book begins with your engagement, encouraging you to tell your family first, plan a party, and put the big news in the newspaper. And of course, at the end of the chapter, you are given a comparison ring-shopping list so you can fillininformation such as what store you visited, the size of the diamond, the setting, and the price. The only weird part of having that particular list in this book is that it assumes that you've purchased Clark's book before you received the ring.

Nonetheless, you're on your way to staying organized through this entire process called wedding planning.

My favorite part of the book is the super-duper count-down checklist. Six to 12 months before the wedding, as Planning a Wedding to Remember reminds, brides need to select a florist, make transportation arrangements, and select a caterer. Four months before, you need to register and get blood tests (if needed), and two months before, you have to make hair appointments and order a wedding cake. During the one-month countdown, you need to get your teeth cleaned (would you have thought of that on your own?), purchase a going-away outfit, and have a formal bridal portrait done. On your wedding day, this book instructs, eat something in the morning and take a relaxing bath at some point. Wow, you say? Don't feel overwhelmed; obviously these are just some of Clark's suggestions, and she expands on every item listed in the extensive bride's countdown checklist (and the not-so-long groom's checklist) throughout the book.

Planning a Wedding to Remember also includes information on planning a ceremony, selecting music for a reception, finding flattering bridal gowns, and much more. For instance, if you want to save some money on your invitations, consider ordering thermography rather than engraved invitations, and stick to standard-size invitations to avoid additional postage. When looking for a creative reception location, consider some of Clark's inventive ideas: the racetrack, a movie studio lot, or a barge. There are also suggestions about characteristics to look for in the service people you will be working with, and must-ask questions to ensure that you are getting the best deals for your dollar (a good caterer will be flexible with the menu and still stay within your budget; discuss whether the photographer holds on to your negatives and if they are kept in a fireproof safe).

For really in-depth information on planning, and for supercreative ideas and money-saving tips, you will need to refer to other guidebooks, which cover those topics more thoroughly. But the foremost responsibility of Planning a Wedding to Remember is keeping its readers organized. With lists abounding in this spiral book, brides can't go wrong.

Soozan Baxter

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Beverly Clark is a distinguished authority on weddings, showers, and bridal etiquette. The author of America’s #1 selling wedding guidebook, Planning a Wedding to Remember (with over 2 million copies sold) and many other wedding related publications, Clark also designs an award winning line of elegant bridal gifts and accessories known as the Beverly Clark Collection. Clark is a charter member of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons Councils of Advisors. She has also appeared on several network and cable television shows including TODAY, LEEZA, CNN’s Showbiz Today, Turner Entertainment Network, and HGTV’s top-rated "Carol Duvall Show," and new "Party at Home" lifestyle series. Most recently Beverly Clark was the recipient of Bridal Guide’s Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award. She has been the spokesperson for Korbel Champagne and Bermuda Department of Tourism. She also has on-going featured columns in Islands Wedding and Honeymoons and Home and Garden Weddings.

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Guest More than 1 year ago
When I got married I purchased a previous addition of this book. I carried it with me everywhere I went. Now my sister's getting married & I must get this for her! After reading the contents, I wish that some of the new chapters had been in when I got married. My sister will be able to appreciate the book even more than I did. A fantastic guide to anyone getting married!
Guest More than 1 year ago
There are so many books to choose from when planning a wedding! I saw this book in several magazines and in a lot of the bridal shops so I figured it was a good one! The checklists were so helpful because there are so many little things that you could easily overlook! It was a down-to-earth book without all of the snobby rules & etiquette that most wedding books have. She gave lots of suggestions & ideas on how to have a beautiful wedding, but she didn't tell you that you 'absolutely had' to do certain things. It was definitely a helpful tool and made the planning a lot less stressful!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This wedding planner helped me think of and keep track of all the little details that can easily be forgotten! It has a timeline, calendar pages, questions to ask when choosing different professionals (photographer, etc.), and pockets to keep track of your bills/deposits paid!!! I don't know what I would have done without this wedding planner!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I found this book to be supper helpful! It had everything! It made it really easy to plan a very unique wedding!! I totally recommend it to anyone who's planning a wedding!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was given this book by two of my bridesmaids and it has been so helpful. The book guides you through what you need to do to plan your wedding. It contains helpful checklists so you can see what you have done and what you still need to do. There are suggestions on where to have unique weddings or receptions, and it gives suggestions on how to word your invitations. There are places to write down your own personal information as you go along. I have carried this book to the florist and reception sites because it gives you excellent questions you need to ask when planning your special day. I suggest that every bride purchase this book, it will save you alot of headaches and will be a great keepsake afterwards.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is everything the Bride-to-be will need. I've looked at other books that said they offered the same things, and this book was much better by far. It has checklists and schedules, offers suggestions, and points out many things that you may not have caught while planning. If you are looking for a planner in addition to a suggestion book, than this one is for you.