Plant Biology / Edition 1

Plant Biology / Edition 1

by Almuth Tschunko

ISBN-10: 0131435086

ISBN-13: 9780131435087

Pub. Date: 03/01/2005

Publisher: Benjamin Cummings

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Benjamin Cummings
Publication date:
Symbiosis: the Pearson Custom Library for the Biological Sciences Series
Edition description:
Lab Manual
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8.40(w) x 10.70(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Lab 1. Design a Research Project

Lab 2. Plant Cell:

Lab 3. Photosynthesis: Pigments and Starch

Lab 4. Enzyme Function and Respiration

Lab 5. DNA

Lab 6. Mitosis Cell Division

Lab 7. Seed Germination

Lab 8. Plant Development

Lab 9. Vegetative Propagation and Plant Care

Lab 10. Tree Investigations

Lab 11. Roots

Lab 12. Leaves

Lab 13. Meiosis Cell Division

Lab 14. Plant Life Cycles

Lab 15. Genetics and Laws of Inheritance

Lab 16. Genetic Engineering

Lab 17. Algal, Fungal and Lichen Diversity

Lab 18. Plant Diversity: Non-Seed Plants

Lab 19. Plant Diversity: Seed Plants

Lab 20. Reproduction of Flowering Plants: Flowers to Fruits and Seeds

Lab 21. Pollen and Pollination

Lab 22. Plant Interactions with the Environment

Appendix 1. The Metric System

Appendix 2. Data Analysis

Appendix 3: Key to Conifers

Appendix 4: Plants for a Teaching Veggie Garden (or Farmer’s Market Trip, or Farm Field Trip)

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