Plants in Spring

Plants in Spring

by Martha E. H. Rustad

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In spring, seeds are planted. Sprouts pop up through the soil. Colorful flowers bloom. See how plants come to life in spring.


In spring, seeds are planted. Sprouts pop up through the soil. Colorful flowers bloom. See how plants come to life in spring.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Jennifer Greene
From the “All About Spring” series, this book supports science and social studies education while helping children learn through the use of repetition, subject-specific vocabulary, and large, photographic images that support the text. This volume describes and illustrates plants in spring. The photographs span over a page each and magnify a single subject; each provides a clear, simplified illustration of the text topic. One highlight includes a cross-section picture of growing seedlings in which the roots are visible under the dirt. In addition, the volume contains a table of contents, a glossary, a list of books and Internet sites for interested readers, and an index. The vocabulary is well chosen, though it would be nice if words from the glossary were highlighted in context throughout the text. Rustad’s narrative follows plants from seed to growth, pollination, fruit, and back to seed. This implies a cycle, yet the message is muddled by the fact that different plant varieties are shown at each step. Furthermore, it is unclear how this fits within season cycles. The text implies that all growth takes place in spring, without delineating how some of the steps of plant development (e.g., ripe apple) are found in summer or fall. The book ends with a question, engaging readers to apply what they have learned and reinforcing the concepts. This volume also ties in nicely with the other volumes of the series, repeating concepts and expanding them to concentrate specifically on plants. For example, other volumes mention how days lengthen, but this volume describes how this promotes plant growth. Altogether, this book is part of a simple yet thoughtful science series for young readers. Reviewer: Jennifer Greene AGERANGE: Ages 4 to 7.

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Capstone Press
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All about Spring Series
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10.18(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.10(d)
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4 - 8 Years

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Martha E. H. Rustad is the author of more than one hundred nonfiction children's books, on topics ranging from baby ducks to black holes to ancient Babylon. She lives with her family in Brainerd, Minnesota.

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