Plants That Eat Animals (Rookie Read-About Science Series)

Plants That Eat Animals (Rookie Read-About Science Series)

by Allan Fowler, Caroline Anderson, Janann V. Jenner

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We know that plenty of animals eat plants, but perhaps not the reverse. Plants that grow where the soil cannot provide sufficient nutrients have found other sources for what they need. Venus flytraps, sundew plants, pitcher plants, and Bladderworts all capture a variety of small animals and insects. They have a variety of techniques. The Venus flytrap has leaves like clamshells and when an insect, attracted by the plant's sweet juice, lands, the leaf snaps shut imprisoning the creature. Sundew plants use a similar technique with hairs that fold over and envelop the insect. Once the nutrients have been extracted the leaves open up awaiting a new victim. Pitcher plants drown their prey and Bladderworts capture them in bladders or packs. Part of the "Rookie Read-About Science" series. 2001, Children's Press/Scholastic,
— Marilyn Courtot

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Scholastic Library Publishing
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Rookie Read-About Science Series
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5.94(w) x 7.02(h) x 0.09(d)
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6 - 7 Years

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