Platinum Collection

Platinum Collection

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by Dollar
Though Dollar never had a high profile in the U.S., their importance in the U.K. can't be exaggerated, since the duo's work with Trevor Horn made for his first big successes after the Buggles and his brief stint with Yes, as well as laying the blueprint for his later worldwide smashes. Though


Though Dollar never had a high profile in the U.S., their importance in the U.K. can't be exaggerated, since the duo's work with Trevor Horn made for his first big successes after the Buggles and his brief stint with Yes, as well as laying the blueprint for his later worldwide smashes. Though phrasing it in those terms understates David Van Day and Thereza Bazar's own abilities -- if the songs that were done with Horn's help are truly their high points, their gossamer-like, gentle singing voices were actually perfectly appropriate for their tunes previous and subsequent to those. The Platinum Collection, part of a general series of greatest-hits repackages for Warner in the U.K. covering various bands, is a perfectly fine one-disc overview, starting with their best smashes of the Horn era -- the perky "Mirror Mirror" (also included at the end in demo form), the slow building dramatics of "Give Me Back My Heart" (the cascading conclusion alone is sheer, gorgeous, melodramatic pop genius) and most legendarily "Hand Held in Black and White," which also appears in its original extended remix. Its complex arrangements, heavy on the beat and with a great piano part to boot, caught the ear of Martin Fry of ABC, helping to lead to the peerless Lexicon of Love album, but the song easily stands on its own, a combination of sweetly soaring voices and a technical ability that remains a striking landmark of early-'80s new wave pop. "Videotheque" isn't far behind the rest of them, though it's more of a follow-on (the lyrical reference to "Hand Held in Black and White" is a nice touch). Many of the other songs are more pleasant than deathless, though they slot into their time and place in professional post-Blondie/ABBA fashion -- with crisp rhythms, just enough synths, and radio-friendly hooks all over the place, as "The Second Time Around" and "The Girls Are Out to Get Ya" show.

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Platinum Collection 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Anyone in the U.S. who may be unfamiliar with these tracks from UK pop duo "Dollar" released for the first time on CD, only has to listen to the genius of Trevor Horn's production on the Buggles, ABC, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Seal to know what they've been missing here --- This is Trevor Horn at his best !!! --- Trevor's complex production on the UK top 5 hits "Mirror Mirror (Mon Amour)", "Give Me Back My Heart" and the top 20 "Hand Held In Black And White" & "Videotheque" has stood the test of time so well that you wouldn't have known it had been produced in 1981-1982. --- The production here was way ahead of it's time and it's clear to see why ABC's Martin Fry on hearing "Hand Held In Black And White" asked Trevor to do the same for ABC's "Lexicon Of Love" --- I was pleasantly surprised to find that the remainder of this collection reveals that Dollar were not afraid to experiment as self producers. They succeed in pulling off some pleasing productions from the synth pop of "Give Me Some Kinda Magic" to the darker electronic sounding "The Second Time Around". The haunting, beautiful "Pink And Blue" to the fun pop of "Dangerous Blondes" --- I was all the more pleased when I noted the CD has been remastered. I found it obvious on listening that a lot of time and effort has gone into restoring these UK pop classics to sounding their best, as well as including some well crafted 2006 extended mixes --- and for the price... It's a bargain --- A real treat for all fans of classic 80's synth pop !!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I totally agree with the splendid review of this CD by Ned Raggett of All Music Guide, and totally disagree with that of the unidentified reviewer who focuses on everything but the music, which is what most music selling websites demand the focus be on. Dollar's four Trevor Horn-produced singles are so legendary that it's a wonder fans have waited almost 25 years for those tracks to appear on CD. Indeed, the sheer majesty of those beautifully produced songs often detract from the songwriting and production skills of the couple who comprise Dollar (check out You Take My Breath Away and Takin' A Chance On You, for example, along with those tracks identified by Mr. Garrett). As for the liner notes, those were written by a good friend of mine from Leeds, England who is the absolute authority on Dollar. If he can't make "a reviewer" happy, nobody can. He merely provided the liner notes and likely had no control over the picture cover and bits and bobs, all of which I'm happy with. If you're unfamiliar with Dollar but are a fan of Trevor Horn's later work with ABC, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and the likes, buy this bargain priced CD and expect to be pleasantly surprised - if not thrilled - at the content. Warner Brothers in the UK has released many "Platinum Collection" retrospectives by acts signed to that label in the 80's, and Dollar's has outsold them all. There's a reason for that.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Firstly-the artists, David Van Day and Thereza Bazar WERE consulted on this release, and the booklet design was colaborated by David Van Day and us personally to how he wanted it. Secondly, this album was far from rushed and a great deal of time and effort was placed in the making of this release, from the tape transfers (done at 40 Watt Productions in Manchester) to the remix of 'Give Me Some Kinda Magic 2006' and the full version of 'Dangerous Blondes',which was produced (like the latter) from the original 2 inch multi track tapes, and mixed in South Wales. Then the remastering to make the album sound very new and dynamic. As for the production on 'Hand Held in Black and White' being up and down, this was produced by Trevor Horn! I just wanted to clear up things from one of the reviews here. Thank you. Dean Murphy (Album Producer and Producer of 'Give Me Some Kinda Magic 2006' and ' Dangerous Blondes (Full Version)'.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Dollar had a wonderful output of beautifully crafted pop songs. Both were good singers but, as with all great pairings in any field, were considerably better together than as individuals. In the case of Dollar the match was quite magical - they really did light up the songs, the television screen and the stage when they performed. The easygoing ebullience and good looks of David Van Day combined with the chocolate-box beauty and loving harmonies and nature of Thereza Bazar - in 1981 surely the most gorgeous woman on the planet Earth - made for an extraordinary duo. They were truely special.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Well what can i say true genius!. this is a gem from a georgeous duo, i feel that they are often written out of pop history much of the time. now (i would think) that this shall help to re-educate fans. my only one criticism (and i hope it does'nt hurt feelings here) dangerous blondes is a little weak compared to the Dollar album version in my own opinion. but i guess we all have views. The trevor horn tracks are outstanding as ever!. if you were young now and had never heard of dollar you would be kindly mistaken in to believing that these were recorded with in the last few years possibly. Great work was done to these tracks by the producer. and the paris collection tracks are fabulous and the clarity is exquisite!. i loved this. and i recomended it to all my friends and family and they bought into it and loved it too... I don't find Dollar to be camp, i find them quite glamourous and exciting and shining stars, remember Kate garner (famous photographer and one ex Hayzi fantayzee singer ) once said "we want to be Dollar with dread locks"...and ABC loved the sound too...and the Human League respected Dollar as well. I do hope we are getting more in the future. One slice is never enough!. The dollar site is also brilliant!, a place i used to frequent with some very nice people there too..i am sure this product has got to garner even more fans?. i myself have heard nothing but positives...