Platinum Collection

Platinum Collection


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Water Music Records

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Disc 1

  1. We Are All Made of Stars  -  Moby
  2. Born Slippy  -  Underworld
  3. Oh My Goth!  -  Razed in Black
  4. Saltwater  -  Chicane
  5. Tears from the Moon  -  Conjure One
  6. The Sun Always Shines on TV  -  Milk Inc.
  7. Miss a Day  -  ATN
  8. Mind of the Wonderful  -  Blank & Jones
  9. Here with Me  -  ATB
  10. Man in the Moon  -  Fragma
  11. Secrets (Broke My Heart)  - Michael Splint
  12. Not with You  -  Kyau & Albert
  13. Out There (5th Dimension)  -  Masters & Nickson
  14. Mellodrama  -  Truth
  15. Hurricanes in Miami  -  Oliva

Disc 2

  1. Sunrise  -  Angel City
  2. Gypsy Woman  - Yasmine G.
  3. I Touch Myself  -  Stacie D
  4. Everywhere  -  LnM Projekt
  5. The Promise You Made  - Kate Ryan
  6. It's My Life  -  Freeze Factory
  7. I've Been Thinking About You  -  Damae
  8. Tomorrow  -  Dyce
  9. Show Me (U Love Me)  -  Soda Club
  10. Fly So High  -  B.M.C.
  11. A Day in the Sun  -  Rimini Project
  12. Dreamboy  -  Lauren
  13. Finally  -  Love to Infinity
  14. On the Run  - Ashley Jade
  15. In & Out  - Eric Prydz

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Lauren   Vocals
Gina G.   Vocals
Bonnie Bailey   Vocals
Marie Brennan   Vocals
Justine Suissa   Vocals
Tiff Lacey   Vocals
Charlotte Day   Vocals
Elles de Graaf   Vocals
Damae   Vocals
Ashley Jade   Vocals
Ruth Ellen "Truth" Rose   Vocals
Karen Danzig   Vocals
Stacie D   Vocals
Sofia Lovgren   Vocals
Julia "Julie" Lutat   Vocals

Technical Credits

Fleetwood Mac   Composer
Deodato   Composer
Moby   Composer,Producer
Underworld   Composer,Producer
Ian Green   Additional Production
Paul Oakenfold   Remixing
Cosmic Baby   Composer
Christina Amphlett   Composer
Jimmy Chambers   Composer
George Chandler   Composer
Crystal Waters   Composer
Tim Friese-Greene   Composer
Rhys Fulber   Producer
Jimmy Helms   Composer
Liam Henshall   Composer
Mark Hollis   Composer
Mark McEntee   Composer
Robert Nickson   Composer,Producer
Rick Nowels   Producer
Pål Waaktaar   Composer
Phil Wilde   Producer
Ramon Zenker   Producer
Love to Infinity   Producer
David Masters   Composer,Producer
George Acosta   Composer,Producer
Darwin Foye   Art Direction
Tiësto   Remixing,Additional Production
Tomski   Remixing,Additional Production
Jaspa Jones   Composer
Sharp Boys   Remixing,Additional Production
André Tanneberger   Composer,Producer
Ray Hedges   Producer
Piet Blank   Composer
Nick Bracegirdle   Producer
Andy Kaufhold   Composer
Ralph Kyau   Composer
Brad Pressman   Executive Producer
Lee Hallett   Producer
Phil Larsen   Composer
Regi Penxten   Producer
Søren Weile   Composer,Producer
Soda Club   Producer
Guido Gronwald   Producer
Rough Mullar   Remixing,Additional Production
Justine Suissa   Composer
Adrian Broekhuyse   Composer
Ronski Speed   Remixing,Additional Production
AJ Duncan   Producer
Michael Splint   Producer
Frank Knebel   Producer
Pete Lee   Programming,Instrumentation
Airbase   Remixing,Additional Production
Ensaime   Remixing,Additional Production
Jose Antonio Oliva   Composer
M*A*S*H   Producer
Cascada   Remixing,Additional Production
Ashley Jade   Composer
Scott Simons   Composer,Producer
Gareth Emery   Remixing,Additional Production
DJ Joe Bermudez   Composer,Remixing,Additional Production
Stephen Singer   Composer,Producer
Ruth Ellen "Truth" Rose   Composer
Josh Harris   Composer,Remixing,Additional Production
Axel Jäger   Composer,Producer
Raz Nitzan   Composer
Andy Lee   Programming,Instrumentation
Sebastian Simmich   Producer
Tokyo Speed   Producer
Marcus Gauntlett   Producer
Neal Brian Conway   Composer
Nowels   Composer
Fredrich Wallin   Composer
Steven Moebius Albert   Composer
Marcus Ljunggren   Composer
Tom Kent   Composer
Linnear   Composer
EE24   Composer
Richard Burton   Composer,Producer
Sarah Shawcross   Composer
Tom Kelly   Composer
Bruce Elliott-Smith   Composer
Rob Wainwright   Composer,Producer
PG-Music   Remixing,Additional Production
Lars Frederiksen   Composer,Producer
Joern Friese Ramon Zenker   Composer
James Theochart   Composer
Filip Vaudueren   Producer

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