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Play it Again, SAHM

Play it Again, SAHM

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by Meredith Efken

After years of friendship, the women of the SAHM I Am e-mail loop are finally meeting in person. But with two new moms trying to blend in with Dulcie and the gang, there's bound to be trouble!

Earth-mother Iona and young mom Hannah are thrilled to join the weekend getaway sans hubbies and kids. But sparks fly when Hannah's know-it-all attitude clashes with


After years of friendship, the women of the SAHM I Am e-mail loop are finally meeting in person. But with two new moms trying to blend in with Dulcie and the gang, there's bound to be trouble!

Earth-mother Iona and young mom Hannah are thrilled to join the weekend getaway sans hubbies and kids. But sparks fly when Hannah's know-it-all attitude clashes with the Queen of Ego, Rosalyn. When things go from bad to worse, one mom must step in to save the weekend from total disaster!

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From: Connie Lawson To: SAHM I Am

Subject: [SAHM I AM] Welcome back, Rosalyn (and an Important Announcement)

Beloved Moms,

I am SO pleased to have the honor of welcoming back our dear Rosalyn Ebberly to our SAHM I Am loop. As many of you know, Rosalyn made the wise decision about a year ago to take some time away from our loop family so that she could focus on some intensive therapy and counseling with her own family Praise God, He blessed them with much healing. Today, they are stronger and healthier than ever. And Rosalyn feels at peace with returning to the loop.

She will return to her moderator duties immediately, and none too soon. The other half of my news isn't nearly as wonderful. My mom, who is in her seventies and lives all by herself in Santa Fe, is going in for double hip replacement surgery next week. We've been discussing it for several months, and it only made sense that she come live with us for the surgery and through the rehabilitation period. This is going to be a HUGE upheaval in my family's routine, since James (who's thirteen now!) is going to have to either move in with little brothers John and Josiah or let them move in with him. Rachel and Rebecca were already sharing, and we didn't have a guest room.

And Mom is going to need so much help with everything for a long time. So just as Rosalyn is returning, I'm afraid I'm going to have to say goodbye for a while. I'll miss you all terribly, but I know I'm leaving the loop in the best hands possible. Rosalyn will take care of everything. Please give her the same cooperation and respect you've always given me. If you want to e-mail me privately, youcan. May Jesus bless all of you. With all the mother-love in my heart, Your loop mom, Connie Lawson SAHM I Am Loop Mom

From: Rosalyn Ebberly To: SAHM I Am

Subject: [SAHM I AM]

TOTW June 1: Total Honesty

Sweetest Sisters,

It is SUCH a joy to be back among you! I feel like I've been sojourning in a strange land and have finally returned home. It's been a bit more than a year since I took my sabbatical, and yet you girls have made me feel like I never left.

This past seventeen months has been a time of growth and healing for me and my family I'm looking forward to sharing what I've learned with all of you. I think the best way to do that will be through my resumed duty of moderating the Topic of the Week. My sister, Veronica, has, from what I've heard, been doing a great job in my absence, but when she heard how eager I was to take my old place again as TOTW facilitator, she graciously agreed to step aside.

Most of you know I've been involved in intensive therapy and counseling along with my family. One of the most important things I've learned is that I must be COMPLETELY HONEST with those around me. So this is our TOTW— Total Honesty.

It's difficult to be honest and vulnerable with other people, even the ones we love. But I've learned that this is the ONLY way to truly break the cycle of dysfunction and strife.

So let's practice this week, shall we? I'd like each of you to share with us one deeply personal thing that you've never shared before. As we bare our hearts to each other, grace and friendship will be released, and we'll be closer than ever. With that in mind, here is my confession. I give it to you with trembling fingers and a full heart:

I HATE to cook. In fact, sometimes when it's been a really bad day, I call my husband and ask him to stop at McDonald's on the way home from work. I can down a Big Mac in under two minutes, and we have a bin of Happy Meal toys that we stash in the basement when company comes over.

Whew! It's great to have that out in the open at last! See, honesty isn't so hard. What about you? Get that secret off your chest. And remember, this is for posterity, so…be honest. Peace to you all, Rosalyn Ebberly SAHM I Am Loop Moderator

"The "wise woman builds her house, but the foolish tears it down with her own hands." Proverbs 14:1 (NASB)

From: Zelia Muzuwa To: "Green Eggs and Ham"

Subject: She hates to cook????

THAT'S her big confession? After all the pomposity, after all the "I'm so much better than you, you poor things, why can't you be more like me… ah, but you can't and never will, you LOSERS"… after waging a war on Christmas because retailers weren't saying the greeting SHE thought was most correct… after being so paranoid about her husband that she hired a detective to spy on him… after her kids were freaking out and drawing pictures of themselves in COFFINS…

She expects us to be impressed that she's confessed to a lack of interest in the culinary arts???

Air. I need air. I'm hyperventilating. Her first day back, and I'm already developing a nervous tic. At this rate, we'll ALL need intensive therapy. Z

From: Dulcie Huckleberry

To: "Green Eggs and Ham"

Subject: Re: She hates to cook????

How do you really feel, Ham? Honestly. Share it on the loop, dear one. You know it's for posterity. The emotional health of your children hangs in the balance. Dulcie

From: Zelia Muzuwa To: "Green Eggs and Ham"

Subject: Re: She hates to cook????

Don't tempt me. Z

From: P. Lorimer To: "Green Eggs and Ham"

Subject: Re: She hates to cook????

Poor Zelia, it sounds as if you may have some unforgiveness toward her. Are you certain you don't need to confess it on the loop? It will do you much good.



From: Zelia Muzuwa To: "Green Eggs and Ham"

Subject: Re: She hates to cook????

Phyllis, darling, don't you have a graduate class to study for? Something along the lines of "Dripping Faucets: A Survey of the Most Irritating Women of Western Civilization"? You could write a paper on our loop moderator.

Besides, the TOTW was about honesty, not forgiveness. I've never struggled with being honest. Z

From: Dulcie Huckleberry

To: "Green Eggs and Ham"

Subject: Re: She hates to cook????

Betcha five bucks that forgiveness is next week's topic. Dulcie

From: P. Lorimer To: "Green Eggs and Ham"

Subject: Re: She hates to cook????


I'll see your five and raise you one. ©


From: Zelia Muzuwa To: "Green Eggs and Ham"

Subject: Re: She hates to cook????

Aaaarrrgghhh!!! You're a PASTOR'S WIFE! You don't make bets! And besides, you did it wrong. If you think Dulcie's bet is right, why would you raise it? Oh, never mind… I have to go pick up my children from school. Why they have to schedule school all the way into June boggles the mind. Z

From: P. Lorimer To: Dulcie Huckleberry_________ __________

Subject: Zelia?

Oops. Do you think I made her angry? I was only trying to joke around with her. All of you know I think betting is stupid. I was truly just kidding. Phyllis

From: Dulcie Huckleberry

To: P. Lorimer

Subject: Re: Zelia?

LOL! I think you're okay, Phyllis. You know she's been really touchy about Rosalyn ever since The-Incident-That-Must-Not-Be-Mentioned last year. But Z's been a bit stressed out lately. No wonder—things haven't been going too well with Lishan and Duri. I think she's really worried about them. It's been eighteen months since they brought those two home from Ethiopia, and they're still having a lot of language problems. She told me Duri has been wetting the bed almost every night, and Lishan has terrible nightmares. I feel bad for her—wish there was something I could do to help. Dulcie

From: Hannah Farrell

To: "SAHM I Am ~ Subject: [SAHM I AM]

Re: TOTW June 1: Total Honesty

Hi! I'm new—so I guess anything I share will fit the topic of the week because I've never told it to any of you! LOL!

I'm Hannah, and I'm nineteen years old. I have a two-month-old baby named Boaz, and in two weeks I will celebrate my FIRST year of being married to my totally awesome husband, Bradley. We live in South Carolina, and I always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom with lots of kids. My best friend, Krissy went off to college in Florida to be a marine biologist. I guess I'm majoring in the Domestic Arts here at home. I joined up with this group because our moms' group at church doesn't meet during the summer, and Krissy decided to spend the whole summer in Hawaii. I'm hoping to make lots of good friends here!

And Rosalyn, I'm like totally impressed that u can talk so easily about being in family counseling! I read through the archives and found out what happened to u—thinking your husband was having an affair and then the woman turned out to be a Lesbian! And all the problems with your kids! That's so humiliating! You're really brave to come back to a big loop like this where everyone knows all that bad stuff about you.

I'm just trying to say don't feel bad about not liking to cook. Compared to all that other stuff, it's no big deal. But if you want, I'll be glad to share some recipes with you that I like. I've been getting more into organic cooking, so anytime you want some help, just let me know. Okay?

Oh, I'm so happy to be here. You're all going to be my best friends forever (BFF). I can just FEEL it! In the love of Jesus, Hannah Farrell

From: Brenna L __________

To: "Green Eggs and Ham"

Subject: Hmm…

Is it my imagination, or did that new chick just like totally dog Rosalyn?


From: Dulcie Huckleberry

To: "Green Eggs and Ham"

Subject: Re: Hmm…

Like, she so totally did, Brenna! I like, LIKE her, you know?

Like, how cool is that? She's so like going to be my new


Like totally Dulcie

From: The Millards

To: "Green Eggs and Ham"

Subject: Re: Hmm…

Come on, guys! She's only nineteen. Yikes! That's only seven years older than Tyler! Anyway, I think she was rude. Rosalyn's been through a lot. We shouldn't mock her. Jocelyn

From: Zelia Muzuwa To: "Green Eggs and Ham"

Subject: Re: Hmm…

Jocelyn wrote:

< Rosalyn's been through a lot. We shouldn't mock her.> WHAT? Are my eyes seeing correctly? Jocelyn, babe, come back from the Dark Side. Did she slip you some Kool-Aid while we weren't looking? Did you DRINK IT? Z

Meet the Author

Meredith has written three previous novels, SAHM I Am, Play it Again SAHM, and @Home for the Holidays. A stay-at-home mom with jobs including homeschooling her two daughters, writing, speaking, and freelance editing, Meredith has a background in adult education and has given workshops on writing, adoption, and church leadership topics. She is a member of several Chinese adoption communities, both online and in person, and speaks to women's groups like MOPS. She is a graduate of the Vineyard Leadership Institute. She is active at her church and enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters, the oldest being adopted from China.

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Play it Again, SAHM 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Deborah_K More than 1 year ago
I was so excited when I heard there was going to be a third book in the series. This is probably my absolute favorite set of books to read. I read this book during the 24 Hour Readathon during the 3-5am hour. I knew that this was going to be toughest stretch of the Read-a-thon so I went with something I knew was going to keep me awake due to laughing. Did I make the best choice ever. I nearly died with laughter throughout this book. The women in here are so realistic. It's amazing how we can know their personalities just through their forum post, chats, emails and IMs. This book introduces two new characters to the mix: Hannah, a 19 year conservative mom and Iona, a creative poetry loving mom. They both add their unique personalities to the group. Iona, while initially coming off as a bit eccentric, finds that she fits easily into the group while Hannah, seems to keep putting up walls that drive the other women away from her. Throughout the book, I found myself totally siding with the women and the decisions they made. There are plenty of serious issues discusses in the book but they are handled in a light hearted way and that email format is just so easy to read. There are no chapter breaks so it's incredibly hard to put the book down. As I said, this is one of the funniest series of books I have ever read. The scene where I just died laughing was the chatroom scene where someone forgets to private chat one of their messages. Just the way it was all handled, I had to literally put the book down, laugh for about 5 minutes before I could resume reading. It was like that throughout the book. This is one of the few series where I have found absolutely nothing wrong with the book. I'm sad that with this book, the series comes to a close but everything is tied up very nicely. It's great to see how all of the characters have grown and changed since the first book. I really feel like I'm a part of their SAHM group and I would love to find a group of women like this next time. This series is one of my absolute favorites and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Whether you are a mom or not, chick lit fan or reader of emails, you will enjoy this book. VERY HIGHLY recommended.
MsKiwiHarris More than 1 year ago
I really like this book. It's almost like spying in on other peoples conversations. I like it so much, I didn't want it to end. I would love to read another story by Meredith Efken. I also read SAHM I Am life, faith & getting it right. I encourage anyone who is looking for a good read to pick it up and start now.