Play New Rose for Me

Play New Rose for Me


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Last Call Records


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jello Biafra   Vocals
Alex Chilton   Multi Instruments
Michael Monroe   Bass
Rudolf Rock & Die Schocker   Drums,Vocals
Erik Lindgren   Vox Organ
Sid Selvidge   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Lee Baker   Guitar,Vocals
Boby Bear   Drums
Kenny Bugg   Bass,Vocals
Julie Christensen   Vocals
Roger Clay   Guitar
Tony Collins   Vocals
Jim Crosthwait   Percussion,Drums
Chris D.   Vocals
James Luther Dickinson   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Joe Dolan   Guitar,Vocals
John Easdale   Vocals
Tav Falco   Acoustic Guitar,Voices,Bells
Aram Heller   Bass
Wayne James   Guitar,wah wah guitar
Robin Jameson   Bass
Cam King   Guitar
Klaus   Bass,Vocals
Britt Malmgren   Drums,Vocals
Eddie Muñoz   Guitar
Joe Petruzelli   Bass,Drums
David Provost   Bass
Rex Roberts   Percussion,Drums
Michael Rushton   Drums
Gary Stern   Guitar
Peter Wood   Guitar
Roger Miller   Guitar
Charles de Goal   Multi Instruments
Theothorous Athanasious Ellenis   Keyboards
Lorette Velvette   Tambourine
John Chumbris   Background Vocals,keyboard bass
Don Bonebrake   Marimbas
Annette Zilinskas   Vocals
John Stone   Guitar,Vocals
Alan Berman   Vocals,Wood Block
Zeus Simmons   Guitar
Chris Carter   Bass
Michael Rooney   Harmonica,Vocals
Joe Viglione   Vocals
Mark Noone   Guitar,Vocals
Willie Alexander   Vocals
Ron Botelho   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Bass
Kim Kane   Rhythm Guitar,Background Vocals
Marshall Keith   Guitar,Keyboards,Background Vocals
Manuel   Keyboards,Theremin
Hermann Senac   Drums
Greg Davis   Banjo,Guitar,Vocals
Sky Saxon's U.S.A.   Vocals
Brian Bradley   Guitar
Bob Fordyce   Cymbals,Tom-Tom
Michael Austin   Drums
Stinky Sono Buoni   Vocals
Rhod "Lefty" Burnett   Drums
Rod Chitwood   Drums
Victor Goetz   Bass
Mister E. Boy   Guitar
Daniac   Animal Sounds
Gal   Guitar
Frak "The Concept" Hughes   Saxophone
Andrew Hume   Background Vocals
Jessie   Drums
Basile Kolliopoulos   Guitar,Vocals
Miho Kolliopoulos   Guitar
Laurent   Synthesizer
Malcom Mac Donald   Guitar,Background Vocals
U.B. Moore   Bass,Vocals
Gianni Murucci   Electric Bass
Durand Mysterion   Flute,Acoustic Bass
Mike Newberry   Drums,Background Vocals
Anthony Norman   Guitar,Background Vocals
Don Palenski   Percussion,Drums,Background Vocals
Pascal   Vocals
Peligro   Drums,Vocals
Pierre   Guitar
Fletcher Sirs   Drums
Swasse   Guitar,Vocals

Technical Credits

Alex Chilton   Producer
Roky Erickson   Composer
Richard Hell   Composer
Dramarama   Producer
Sky Saxon   Composer
Willie "Loco" Alexander   Composer
Sonny Curtis   Composer
John Phillips   Composer
R. Stevie Moore   Composer
Dino Lee   Producer
Mad Daddys   Producer
Paul Westerberg   Composer
Chris D.   Producer
James Luther Dickinson   Producer
John Easdale   Producer
Lux Interior   Composer
Ellas McDaniel   Composer
Jerry Nolan   Composer
Park Peters   Engineer
Joe Petruzelli   Producer
Jeffrey Lee Pierce   Composer
Reg Presley   Composer
Joey Ramone   Composer
Stuart Sullivan   Engineer
Johnny Thunders   Composer
Ned Washington   Composer
Ivy Rorschach   Composer
Alan Berman   Contributor
Joe Viglione   Producer
Traditional   Composer
Manuel   Producer
Don Hull   Engineer
Frank Beeson   Producer
Dominique Ledudal   Engineer
Patrick Woindrich   Producer
Sky Saxon's U.S.A.   Producer
Bangsters   Producer
Jesse Farbman   Engineer
C. Carter   Producer
Warum Joe   Producer
Florent Mazzoleni   Liner Notes
Mugumbo   Producer
Jimmy Niller   Producer
Fortune Tellers   Producer
Scott "Skyntyte" Free   Composer

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