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Play With Me

Play With Me

4.7 9
by Janice Maynard

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PLAY WITH ME - An irresistible proposition... Three friends on the eve of their thirtieth birthdays challenge each other to make one naughty fantasy come true. All it will take is the right guy, the right moment, and a very special invitation...

STILL WATERS: Quiet, shy Catherine is a true southern belle who always puts business before pleasure. But though her


PLAY WITH ME - An irresistible proposition... Three friends on the eve of their thirtieth birthdays challenge each other to make one naughty fantasy come true. All it will take is the right guy, the right moment, and a very special invitation...

STILL WATERS: Quiet, shy Catherine is a true southern belle who always puts business before pleasure. But though her friends think she will never go through with it, Catherine is determined to let Phillip Trent know exactly what she wants from him.

SKIN DEEP - Kallie is a gifted artist and a tomboy. Now that she's set her sights on seducing her good friend Beau, she's decided to make the transformation from girl-next-door to potential lover. But what if Beau only sees her as a best bud?

PARTY GIRL - Gina had a reputation for being wild in her early twenties, but she's learned some life lessons the hard way. When she bumps into the one man she never wants to see again, she is stunned to realize that no matter what happened in their past, she still wants him.

"Passion + Fun = PLAY WITH ME. Janice Maynard delivers!" -- USA TODAY Bestselling author Erin McCarthy

"For the reader looking for hot, explicit sensuality, with tons of happy endings and good character development, PLAY WITH ME delivers." -- Two Lips Reviews

Editorial Reviews

USA Today - Erin McCarthy
“Passion + Fun = PLAY WITH ME. Janice Maynard delivers!” -- USA TODAY Bestselling author Erin McCarthy
Review - Two Lips
“For the reader looking for hot, explicit sensuality, with tons of happy endings and good character development, PLAY WITH ME delivers.” –- Two Lips Reviews

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Cool Gus Publishing
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6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.43(d)
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18 Years

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Meet the Author

Janice Maynard knew she loved books and writing by the time she was eight years old. But it took multiple rejections and many years of trying before she sold her first three novels in 1996 and 1997. After teaching kindergarten and second grade for sixteen years, Janice turned to writing full-time in the fall of 2002. Since then she has written and sold over twenty-five books and novellas. Her publishers include Kensington, Penguin/NAL, Berkley, and Harlequin. Janice lives in east Tennessee with her husband, Charles. They love hiking, traveling, and spending time with their daughters, Caroline and Anna, sons-in-law, Jamie and Chris, three granddaughters, Anastasia, Ainsley, and Allie, and the newest addition to the family, Levi.

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4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
loved the descriptives of historic charleston. the three stories tied together very well and touched on different fantasies. great read especially if you love the cultured south.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Three amazingly sexy stories tempered with so much sensuality that I really hated for the anthology to end. In all three stories the heroes and heroines displayed such real quirks that I easily related to them and it made the romance so real for me. I highly recommend this book for readers that enjoy their romance hot and steamy with an underlying sweetness that doesn't fail to satisfy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
STILL WATERS -Catherine Maderis, sedate museum archivist, finds herself in a sticky situation after making a pact with her two best friends Kallie and Gina, to meet again in one year, after they¿ve each made their wildest, naughtiest fantasies come true. Catherine has set her sights on Phillip Trent, a long-time friend who has been asking her out for some time. Phillip intimidates Catherine with sheer potent maleness he is an alpha male to the core and quiet, reserved Catherine has been just too shy to go out with him. Catherine proves to be a provocatively sensual woman underneath the delicately cool facade and Phillip finds himself struggling for gentlemanly restrain whenever he is around her.****** SKIN DEEP - Kallie Bradshaw sets out to seduce her best friend, Beau Donovan, in keeping with the pact she made with Catherine and Gina. Kallie has wanted Beau for more than just a friend for a very long time. This seduction could prove difficult seeing how Beau treats her like a sister. Little does Kallie know that Beau is equally interested in her. He had just decided to do something about it when Kallie shockingly makes the first move. The odds seem to be against the young lovers and both begin to question their relationship, and whether they can successfully take it to the next level.***** PARTY GIRL - Gina McCutchen reluctantly agrees to go on a cruise in an attempt to keep her end of the three-way pact made with her best friends Catherine and Kallie. They both took their chances at love and came out on top. Gina doesn¿t have high hopes for this cruise to be the shoehorn for her glass slipper, but she¿s determined to give it her best shot. When Trey Lipman ends up on the same cruise, Gina is briefly convinced that her trip is destined for certain ruin. An encounter with Trey a few years earlier left Gina shamed and humiliated. It turns out that Trey¿s rejection of Gina before was simply an effort to protect himself because he cared for her. He still cares for her but isn¿t sure that there will be time on this cruise to get through the barriers that Gina has put up around her heart.***** Janice Maynard has put together an excellent collection of stories that mesh well together. Her characters are always extremely likeable and so well-suited that you can¿t help but give them a mental push towards each other.***** I give the highest of recommendations for this book ¿ anyone who enjoys incredible sensuality, sexy fun and romantic settings will adore this book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Janice Maynard has done it again!! If you haven¿t purchased this book you have to run to your nearest store and get it!! Three women friends all different, physically and personality wise, they decide to make a pact on their 29th birthday. All three put their plans in motion but fate steps in to give them something more. This book has all the ingredients I enjoy in a romance, heat, heart and humor, I just love the way she tastefully put the sex scenes together and the way she made all three stories sound so different to match the characters and at the same time made them follow the theme on the book. This is another keeper for me, like all her books. There is also an excerpt of her next book (Improper Etiquette) that I cant wait to read!! Way to go Janice!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Play With Me has three delightful and sexy stories by Janice Maynard. __________ Three friends are celebrating their 29th birthday and make a pact to fulfill their wildest fantasies by their big 30 birthday. ______________ Catherine Maderis is the cool reserves on in Still Waters. She has had her eye on Phillip Trent for some time. This pact has her going outside her comfort zone to pursue Phillip. What she doesn¿t know is Phillip is just as attracted to her. What follows is a sensual awakening for Catherine and a deep abiding love for them both. _____________ Skin Deep has artist Kallie Bradshaw setting her sites on her best buddy Beau Donovan. Can she get him to see her as a woman? Beau does see her as more then just a friend and when he read Kallie signals he makes her wildest dreams come true. These two friends stumble into love with funny and sexy results. ____________ Gina McCutcheon in Party Girl has tried to put her wild youth behind her. She takes a cruise hoping to meet her fantasy man. She meets a man all right, the one man that rejecter her and broke her heart, Trey Lipman. Trey couldn¿t believe his luck in getting a second chance with Gina. He decides to right a wrong. Will he be able to make Gina see he loved the girl she was but loves the woman even more? ------------- Play With Me is a romance lovers dream book. Three hot and sassy stories that are funny as well as sweet. Janice Maynard is a must buy for me.
harstan More than 1 year ago
¿Prologue¿. In Charleston best friends Catherine Maderis, Kallie Bradshaw, and Gina McCutheon are all twenty-nine and single so they vow to make love with their fantasy lover before their next birthday.------------ ¿Still Waters¿. Museum archivist Catherine has never tasted love. Extremely shy she goes after her secret fantasy, business mogul Phillip Trent, who makes her dreams sexual thoughts. Catherine invites him to be her escort to the museum¿s Midsummer Night¿s Masked Ball.---------------- ¿Skin Deep¿. Artist Kallie feels good that Catherine is engaged, but five months have passed since the pact and she still has not told Beau Donovan how she feels about him. She knows he thinks of her as his best buddy. Beau must let Kallie know he finds her very attractive. He pays their friends to not join them as they usually do when they go to watch the Savannah Sand Gnats play baseball.---------------- ¿Party Girl¿. It has been nine months since the pact has been made and Gina has no one so she agrees to go on a cruise and find someone to have sex with. Also on board is family friend banker Thomas ¿Trey¿ Lipman III who six years ago rejected her advances when he ripped her for being a party girl. He tells her he is proud of her charity work that he has followed she in turn thanks him for showing his contempt six years ago making her wanting to change. He apologizes as he says he wanted her then and wants her now. ----------------- ¿Epilogue¿. The three friends thank one another for pushing them to go after their fantasy man.--------------- The three tales are fun as each of the couples is likable and the interactivity of the three novellas through the female friends adds to the understanding of their personalities. Though there is limited conflict, readers will enjoy these women pursuing their fantasy.----------------- Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
A champagne toast between three beautiful best friends¿and a pact to make their fantasies come true before their thirtieth birthdays. Catherine, Kellie, and Gina, three very different women, but with one goal and the race is on.____________________As I read these three stories my initial reaction is that Ms. Maynard has a created a very nice mix. She didn¿t go into the more wicked world of erotic romance but it¿s still not your granny¿s romance either!____________________The first story in this trio¿mmm, very hot. I know these stories don¿t have the Scimitar flavor behind them, but they aren¿t tame either. In Still Waters, Catherine is a painfully shy Archivist in a local Charleston museum and completely fascinated by the hard working, wealthy Phillip Trent. Feeling a moment of brevity, Catherine decides to stop by Phillip¿s office, only his secretary lets her know in no uncertain terms that he¿s busy and has no time in his schedule to fit her in. She leaves feeling downhearted and uncertain she¿ll ever work up the nerve to talk to Phillip. Just then, Phillip comes running down the street after Catherine. He asks her out. She accepts and this story gets emotional and steamy from there. A masked ball. A promise of passion. Glorious! Catherine pulled at me the most, because I know how it feels to be so painfully shy, esp. around men. It reminded me of a modern day version of Prince Charming.____________________My favorite story is the second, however. This one is about Kallie and Beau. Big huge sigh here, ladies. I do so love the friendship type romances. In Skin Deep, artist Kallie Bradshaw has had a thing for restaurant owner Beau Donovan for a very long time, but she¿s been too afraid to act on her feelings. Fear of ruining a great friendship while getting her heart crushed has kept her from making a fool of herself. Fortunately, Beau isn¿t so immune to her as she thinks he is and he¿s not plenty ready to change their friendship to something much deeper.___________________The last story, Party Girl, was a perfect way to wrap up this anthology. Gina is very hardened, but with such a sensitive core. Trey is the perfect man for her. He¿s so kind and yet so anxious to make her his and his alone. To make up for the past. To let her know just how stupid and wrong he was about her. I love a hero like that! And when he keeps getting jealous over the two guys staring at her chest when they go parasailing, he¿s also very much the typical guy--possessive and predatory. I love it when an author throws those types of feelings in there. Vulnerability, protectiveness, and a need to forget the past and start fresh. Do you see now, why this is a great way to conclude these three stories?___________________~It¿s a truly excellent trilogy. Gentle and romantic. It¿s a fairy tale/prince charming tale--only with HOT love scenes! Oh, and I loved the epilogue! What a great surprise for Gina! You¿ll have to read it to know what I mean!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Play with me is the most recent anthology by Janice Maynard who pens entertaining, romantic, sexy, hot, sensual stories. Three long time friends make a pact that in the year before they turn 30, they each must make one of their deepest, secret fantasies come true. How these three friends go about fulfilling this pact is a fun read..........STILL WATERS the first story is about Catherine Maderis who is inhibited, reserved by nature, self-contained, and not accustomed to throwing caution to the wind. Catherine must over come her shy and introverted ways to approach Phillip Trent, who has tried repeatedly to take her out, but has always struck out. Phillip is astonished that now Catherine is coming to him, but he certainly is not going to turn his back on her, although he wonders about this turn of events. But he feels that if he treads gently, now that he has the window of opportunity, they can finally see where this powerful, sexual chemistry between them will take them. The road is not a smooth one, but Phillip is determined to make this work as no one has ever affected him the way Catherine does..........SKIN DEEP the second story is about Kallie Bradshaw who must seduce the man of her dreams. Although how she is going to go about this feat, when that man is Beau Donavan, who has always looked at her as a best bud and little sister. She wanted him to be more, but what if he was horrified and embarrassed it would ruin their friendship forever. Unbeknown to Kallie, Beau was thinking that friendship sucked because he had feelings for her that were not platonic. Their common love was baseball and it was at the baseball game that Kallie decided to go for broke and made a suggestion that so stunned Beau that he looked at Kallie in disbelief. It is a pleasure to watch Kallie and Beau discover that they set off enough sparks to ignite a fire in dry wood. But is it the real deal or just the reaction from a knock in the head?.........PARTY GIRL the last of the trilogy is about Gina McCutcheon. Gina has had to overcome a lot of problems in her life. Her best friends send her on a cruise despite her fear of water and her tendency to burn while sunbathing, thinking this is the ideal way for Gina of fulfill her fantasy and her pact. Imagine how devastated she was to discover after setting sail that Thomas (Trey) Lipman the Third was also on the cruise. Apparently his grandmother had given him the cruise because Trey was a workaholic and never relaxed. Trey had hurt and humiliated Gina six years prior and she had never forgiven him. Trey on the other hand was remorseful for being such a jerk and thought this might be his opportunity to prove it. Gina is horrified to find that she still has feelings for Trey and what she thought was hatred isn't. Watching Trey and Gina work through their problem from the past and act on the sexually magnetic and down right intimate chemistry between them is a pleasure..........Janice has done it again she has penned three stories of friendship, love, and understanding. This book is a terrific read and will not disappoint. It has romance and heat with an ending that is a definite 'sigh' moment.