The Playground of the Gods

The Playground of the Gods

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by Cathy Cash Spellman

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How can an invitation to the world's most exotic pleasure island lead to obsession and murder? Six of the world's most powerful men and six of the world's most beautiful and resourceful women are about to find out.

Only one place on earth can serve the needs and fantasies of Thoros Gagarian, one of the world's richest men. That place is Mora Utu -- the Playground


How can an invitation to the world's most exotic pleasure island lead to obsession and murder? Six of the world's most powerful men and six of the world's most beautiful and resourceful women are about to find out.

Only one place on earth can serve the needs and fantasies of Thoros Gagarian, one of the world's richest men. That place is Mora Utu -- the Playground of the Gods -- the most luxurious and seductive private preserve anywhere on the planet.

Only one challenge can rouse the appetites of Thoros' five closest friends: men of wealth, accomplishment, and power. That challenge is to join Thoros in celebrating the completion of Mora Utu in a week of sex and sunshine. Each guest is required to bring a trophy woman beautiful enough to grace the island and the men's beds.

But the women haven't been told the agenda and they don't consider themselves pawns in a rich man's game. So when one of them becomes the victim of sudden violence, they leave the men for the jungle and band together to teach them a lesson they'll never forget.

Suddenly, six smart, tough, and resourceful women must call on skills they've always had -- for martial combat, for negotiation, for sabotage -- to use in ways they never dreamed. They'll be guided in their crusade by a wise and ageless woman with a secret, ancient agenda of her own. And finally, they'll be forced to consider uniting with the men who have become their adversaries, when, without warning, the jungle threatens to consume them all.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
On a remote, idyllic South Pacific island, the war between the sexes takes on new heat in Cash-Spellman's (An Excess of Love) latest novel of romantic suspense. Billionaire Thoros Gagarian invites five of his equally wealthy, arrogant and macho friends to vacation with him on Mora Utu, the magnificent island he has bought, having expelled the last remnants of the native population. Unknown to him, his friends and the six women invited as ``trophies'' for a week of sybaritic pleasure and sex in the sun, the departing natives have cursed the island, and Mora Utu will demand a sacrifice. When mob boss Tony Capuletti rapes Swedish model Marika, the men try to buy silence with a big check. The furious women leave the compound, but not before dismantling the airplane that is their only means of returning to civilization. Living in the wild, and counseled by Gagarian's Yaqui Indian servant, Nelida, the women bond, discover feminine empowerment and become ``a tribe now, a sisterhood.'' Some of the men, too, find new areas of sensitivity and vulnerability in themselves. A series of perilous misadventures for both sexes culminates in two violent deaths and much physical debilitation. Ultimately, the sexes are forced to take shelter together as a murderous typhoon slams down on the island. Cash-Spellman orchestrates a fast-moving plot with panache, weaving in plenty of explicit sex, action-packed adventure and even some credible characterization. She errs in making Nelida and her husband, Emilio, agents of mystical spirits; they talk to dolphins and make such statements as: ``She is on Death's schedule, but she has not yet been collected.'' (There is explicit acknowledgement of Clarissa Pinkola Estes's Women Who Run with the Wolves and other mystical writings.) Women readers probably will overlook this posturing, however, and enjoy the tale as engaging commercial fiction. Major ad/promo. (Jan.)
Library Journal
Billionaire Thoros Gagarian had planned the ultimate vacation for six of his closest friends, the wealthy, powerful men who for years participated in his monthly poker games. For a week they and their carefully selected trophy dates are to enjoy his recently finished private paradise on his own South Pacific island. However, nature has other plans, and soon the men are paying dearly for having disturbed this particular universe. As they battle first with the alienated women and then with the elements, the men discover that money and position have given them a false sense of superiority, while the women learn to rely on each other and their considerable strengths. This riveting tale by the author of Bless the Child (Warner, 1993) could nonetheless have benefited from further exploration of the men's relationships among each other. For popular fiction collections. [Previewed in Prepub Alert, LJ 9/15/95.]-Cynthia Johnson, Cary Memorial Lib., Lexington, Mass.

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Meet the Author

Best-selling author, Cathy Cash Spellman has written five books that have been New York Times and International Best Sellers in hardcover and paperback.

Her books include:

• So Many Partings
• An Excess of Love
• Paint the Wind
• Bless the Child
• The Playground of the Gods

They've been sold in 22 countries, and Bless the Child, starring Kim Basinger and Jimmy Smits, was a successful Paramount movie in 2000.

Cathy is an Astrologer and has written extensively about esoteric subjects from metaphysics to healing and mysticism. She has both practiced and written about a wide variety of healing modalities, including Cranio Sacral Therapy, Polarity, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine, Qi Gung, Native American Shamanic Healing, and Spiritual Healing. She holds Black Belt rank in Goju Ryu Karate and teaches both Women's Empowerment and Energy (Qi) Workshops.

She has been a monthly columnist for Mode and Grace Magazines, and She has written for Mademoiselle, Self, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Town and Country, and Kung Fu magazines on health, energy, beauty, sexuality, woman's empowerment and many other topics.

Cathy invites you to visit her website at

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Playground of the Gods 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book holds you spellbound. It starts out with the reader thinking it all about rich men and beautiful women. Displays the female characters as just beautiful women, not too bright and not able to fend for themselves. The men are very male chauvenists out for themselves. Liked this book it shows strenghts and weaknesses of the two genders. Enjoyed the fact that characters pulled from strenghts and seperately would have not been as successful, but being part of a team you become a whole and can conquer insurmountable odds. This is an intense book and one that I would like to write to the author and advise that it would make an outstanding movie for our time. I have actually picked out various actors to play the different roles. This book is one I could not put down and want to read many times. It is a book that each time you read it you learn somthing new. There are many details and analygies that you will miss on the first reading. This book is all about male/female relationships and how the genders intrepret things differently. A definite read and would be a movie for our time. It has it all sex,love,relationships,suspense and a beautiful island appeal. I have also picked out the perfect island for the location. All my friends have read this book and all agree, take this book on your next island vacation.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I furry read this in the late 90's.....reading it again here as an e book was even better. delicious!