Playing 4 Square

Playing 4 Square


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Suburban Home


  1. Guy in Club  -  Gamits
  2. Tonight  -  Nobodys
  3. Alone Tonight  -  Fairlanes
  4. Back on the Satellite  -  Oblivian
  5. Hey Gorbie  -  F.Y.P
  6. Death by Sex
  7. Song for My Friend
  8. Considerate Suicide
  9. Tattoo  -  Decay
  10. Wolverine  -  Bounder
  11. Mr. Sandman  -  Gob
  12. Skipping Stones
  13. My Boyfriend's Back
  14. Dirty You  -  Bounder
  15. Tenth Grade
  16. Don't Make It So Hard
  17. A Feedbag of Truckstop Poetry
  18. Jacket
  19. Against You
  20. How I Spent My Summer Vacation  -  Ataris
  21. Retardant-Jig
  22. Rich Girl  -  Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
  23. Hit or Miss
  24. Just Rock 'N' Roll  -  Midtown
  25. What If
  26. Jacob Thinks I'm Gay  -  Allister
  27. Moper  -  Allister
  28. John Bobbit

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Lagwagon   Track Performer
Bracket   Track Performer
Fairlanes   Track Performer
Nerf Herder   Track Performer
Ataris   Track Performer
Apocalypse Hoboken   Track Performer
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes   Track Performer
Gob   Track Performer
New Found Glory   Track Performer
RX Bandits   Track Performer
Armchair Martian   Track Performer
Allister   Track Performer
Midtown   Track Performer
Homeless Wonders   Track Performer
Spread   Track Performer
Adventures of Jet   Track Performer
Over It   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Apocalypse Hoboken   Composer
Eric Zumbrunnen   Composer
New Found Glory   Composer
Allister   Composer
Kris Roe   Composer
Adventures of Jet   Composer
Dave Ehrlich   Composer
Matthew Embree   Composer

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