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Playing The Game (The York Bombers, #1)

Playing The Game (The York Bombers, #1)

4.7 3
by Lisa B. Kamps

Harland Day knows what it's like to be on rock bottom: he was there once before, years ago when his mother walked out and left him behind. But he learned how to play the game and survived, crawling his way up with the help of a friend-turned-lover. This time is different: he has nobody to blame but himself for his trip to the bottom. His mouth, his attitude,


Harland Day knows what it's like to be on rock bottom: he was there once before, years ago when his mother walked out and left him behind. But he learned how to play the game and survived, crawling his way up with the help of a friend-turned-lover. This time is different: he has nobody to blame but himself for his trip to the bottom. His mouth, his attitude, his crappy play that landed him back in the minors instead of playing pro hockey with the Baltimore Banners. And this time, he doesn't have anyone to help him out, not when his own selfishness killed the most important relationship he ever had.

Courtney Williams' life isn't glamorous or full of fame and fortune but she doesn't need those things to be happy. She of all people knows there are more important things in life. And, for the most part, she's been able to forget what could have been--until Harland gets reassigned to the York Bombers and shows back up in town, full of attitude designed to hide the man underneath. But the arrogant hockey player can't hide from her, the one person who knows him better than anyone else. They had been friends. They had been lovers. And then they had been torn apart by misunderstanding and betrayal.

But some ties are hard to break. Can they look past what had been and move forward to what could be? Or will the sins of the past haunt them even now, all these years later?

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Lisa B. Kamps
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York Bombers , #1
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Meet the Author

Lisa grew up with an overactive imagination, strong encouragement from her parents, and an insatiable infatuation with the Peanuts gang. That infatuation—along with an impatience she has yet to outgrow—jump-started her love of writing. After all, why should she be forced to wait a whole week to read the stories of her favorite characters when she could create stories for them whenever she wanted? 

That love of writing continued to grow, along with all those voices in her head, even during her assorted careers: first as a firefighter with the Baltimore County Fire Department, then a very brief (and not very successful) stint at bartending in east Baltimore, and finally as the Director of Retail Operations for a busy Civil War non-profit.

Lisa currently lives in Maryland with her husband and two sons, one very spoiled Border Collie, two cats with major attitude, several head of cattle, and entirely too many chickens to count.

You may find Lisa on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LisaBKamps or reach her via email at LisaBKamps@gmail.com She's also on Twitter @LBKamps, but admits she's still trying to figure that one out!

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Playing The Game (The York Bombers, #1) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
SaschaDarlington 1 days ago
My shortest review ever: LOVE! LOVE!! LOVE!!!!! Read Playing The Game now! — From the very first paragraph Lisa B. Kamps‘ writing grabbed me and held on. All of the characters, from Harland to Courtney to her mother, to her best friend, Beth, to Harland’s teammates, all of them just worked. The story was never melodramatic, despite the fact that it could have gone there. It was well thought out and written with enough description that I felt like I was there. The situations had been considered and made sense! (It’s a pet peeve when characters throw everything away based on some idiotic thing that could have been cleared up. Fortunately, here, that’s not the case.) I’ve never been a huge hockey fan, but I certainly could entertain being one thanks to Playing The Game. But the best bit was Harland. While I’ve never been one for “book boyfriends,” Harland would certainly be at the top of the list if it existed. He’s sweet, caring, gooey-centered, sexy, and vulnerable. Kamps did a great job of bringing him to life for the reader. Maybe it was the wistful expression on her flushed face, or maybe it was just his own sudden revelation–and the realization that it was nothing more than hopeless fantasy. Whatever the reason, he felt a sudden kinship with the girl. Two lost people reaching for something they could never have. He leaned forward, caught her attention and offered her a gentle smile. “You deserve better, kiddo. He’s not worth the heartache.” Beautiful writing! Love! And, the scenes with Harland and Noah are some of the sweetest I’ve ever read and they are because it seems like Kamps isn’t trying to shove it in our faces that these are cute scenes. She just writes them and lets her characters do the persuading. Well, let’s just add that she makes it look so easy. With this, Lisa B. Kamps has just become a must-read author for me because I can’t wait to see if her other books bring about the “feels” that this one did. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
JenPH 12 days ago
Playing the Game is my second Lisa B. Kamps read and its the first book in her new York Bombers series, which also happens to be a spin-off of her Baltimore Banners series. This was a strong start to the series, with most of the focus on Harland and Caroline's second chance love story while giving us peeks at the other potential characters of interest within and outside of the team. The secret that Caroline is keeping from Harland is easy enough to figure out since it's the usual go-to when it comes to these things, but with the way their relationship ended, Harland making amends while still holding on to his desire to fight for what he knows is right while Caroline wants to protect herself and the life that she has while also acknowledging that she can't keep denying him his own rights. There's a fine balance her between the story outside of the rink and inside of it and in the locker room. Harland is a shadow of the player he used to be and finding out what it is that's led to his downward spiral is one of the things I anticipated most while reading this book. I wouldn't exactly call this a heavy drama, but there is angst and certainly lots of drama, but there's a bit of lightness to it, especially as Harland and Caroline rekindle their friendship and try to move forward. The past has a firm grip on both of them--Harland more so than Caroline--and while I won't specifically mention the secret, I will say that Harland's encounters concerning it were among the most touching in the story. With Playing the Game, you get the sport and the romance and in well-written fashion. It gets 4.5 stars. ♥
Sue_H 13 days ago
A GREAT START TO SPIN OFF SERIES. Playing the Game is the first book in the York City Bombers series. This is a new series involving a hockey farm team for the Baltimore Banners. As with the author's other books, the action is hot and steamy, so definitely 18+. While this book is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone. The book blurb adequately describes the storyline so I'm not going to repeat that info here. If you read the Baltimore Banners series, you are already familiar with the main character Harland and his implosion and demotion. Now we get his story and find out why all that happened. The author did a good job of giving depth, thoughts, and emotions to these characters. As a hockey fan, I always like the hockey action, but like how this book also highlighted that off the ice the players are real people with issues just like the rest of us. I look forward to reading more of this series.
dsubsits 13 days ago
Lisa B. Kamps is off to a tremendous start with PLAYING THE GAME the first book from the York Bombers series. The Bombers are the AHL team of Kamps NHL Baltimore Banners series team. I love that she started this series. There is a whole different level of emotion at an AHL level. Harland Day had been recently sent down from the Banners. He has lost his edge and is struggling to get it back. Once he returned to his hometown in York, he cannot stop thinking about his ex-girlfriend, Courtney Williams and discovers some secrets that have been kept from him. This contemporary sports romance is suitable for new adult and adult audiences. I loved this story. I appreciated how it started out with the prologue. It really set the mood for the book. Harland and Courtney are amazing and complex characters with a long history. They are both believable and have multiple issues to overcome. They had a horrible break up and that left them both scarred. Harland had a rough childhood. It is understandable how he hoped his dad was looking out for him. Courtney rightfully has trust issues. I love that this couple gets a second chance. I enjoyed the story about how they originally met. I love how Harland accepts and treats Noah. The hockey aspect in the story was well represented. It depicted Harland’s struggles on the ice. I enjoyed his team mates. He has some good friends who are trying to look out for him. PLAYING THE GAME is another amazing book by Lisa B. Kamps. She continues to write skillful plots that are exciting and heartfelt. I’m looking forward to her next story. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.