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Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire

4.5 4
by Carrie Alexander

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Lara Gladstone liked to play games¿sexual games. And the moment she set eyes on Daniel Savage, she sensed that this virile man did, too. He would be the ruthless hunter and she would be his prey. But first, he had to catch her, and oh what a sensuous chase it would be!

Daniel knew he was being teased¿what this woman could do to his body with just one


Lara Gladstone liked to play games¿sexual games. And the moment she set eyes on Daniel Savage, she sensed that this virile man did, too. He would be the ruthless hunter and she would be his prey. But first, he had to catch her, and oh what a sensuous chase it would be!

Daniel knew he was being teased¿what this woman could do to his body with just one look! It inspired his competitive spirit, made him want to cause her the same restless heat, the same throbbing desire that was driving him crazy. She thought she had him right where she wanted him, but he'd played a few games in his time. And he never lost.

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Harlequin Blaze Series , #20
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Meet the Author

There was never any doubt that Carrie Alexander would have a creative career. As a two-year-old, she imagined dinosaurs on the lawn. By six it was witches in the bedroom closet. Soon she was designing elaborate paper-doll wardrobes and writing stories about Teddy the Bear.

Eventually she graduated to short horror stories and oil paints. She was working as an artist and a part-time librarian when she "discovered" her first romance novel and thought, "Hey, I can write one of these!" So she did.

Carrie is now the author of several books for various Harlequin lines, with many more crowding her imagination, demanding to be written. She has been a RITA and Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice finalist, but finds her greatest reward in becoming friends with her readers, even if it's only for the length of a book.

Carrie lives in the upper peninsula of Michigan, where the long winters still don't give her enough time to significantly reduce her to-be-read mountains of books. When she's not reading or writing (which is rare), Carrie is painting and decorating her own or her friends' houses, watching football, and shoveling snow. She loves to hear from readers, who can contact her by mail in care of Harlequin Books.

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Playing with Fire 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
NewToRomance More than 1 year ago
I wasn't crazy about the author's writing style, but some of the content definitely lived up to the BLAZE name. The whole "hunt" scene was about the steamiest chapter I've ever read - but at other times in the book, I found myself skimming over large sections because I was bored with the flowery style of writing.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lara Gladstone is a woman who likes to play games. When Daniel Savage steps into the role of hunter and she the prey, the chase is on! Only, for the first time in his life, Daniel is looking at his sexual partner as something more than just a playmate. He begins to see his life as a nothing more than a schedule, and it bothers him more than he can say. When Lara sets the rules for their relationship (just sex, nothing more), he sees the challenge, and sets out to show her that there IS more to life than just fun, and staying on the outskirts of commitment. As these two strong personalities both at once mesh and clash, Daniel¿s sense of fair play is skewed by his own new outlook on life. Lara makes him feel what no other woman has. Isn¿t it right that he pursue her with all the vigor he¿s only ever felt when he wheeling and dealing on Wall Street? Will he use Lara¿s own body and desires against her to get what he wants? And will she resent him as he chips away at the walls she¿s built around her heart? Playing a game of hide and seek has never been this intense, or as risky to her own identity! Lara is so against marriage that Daniel must use every one if his skills to change her mind. But dreams of love and forever are so new to HIM. Can what skills he possesses be enough catch his quarry? Ms. Alexander¿s story of love vs. lust is age old, but told with a twist that keeps you guessing, and rooting for her characters call it a draw and find satisfaction with each other without losing the individuality that drew them together. The sexual tension is wonderfully written, and had this reader anticipating each encounter. An intense, passionate tale of cat and mouse. Only you hope that the capture will be welcomed and pursuer and prey can find what they both desire most: happiness. Congratulations to Ms. Alexander. PLAYING WITH FIRE is a sensual, exhilarating read!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is why the Blaze line was formed - a hot and heavy fantasy between two people who believe they only want an affair, then realize they've lost their heart. Amazingly sexy, the best Blaze I've read.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Carrie Alexander knows how to leave her readers breathless. By the time I had finished the Prologue I was holding my breath and my heart was racing! Not the kind of reaction I'd come to expect in a Blaze, but it worked. It shook me out of my complacency, shook up my expectations¿and set the tone for the rest of the story. What¿s more, the author made me feel as if I was actually living the opening scene with her vivid description, the look and smell, of woods in autumn.

Lara Gladstone, an artist working in stained glass, finds herself struggling to live up to her famous-painter-father¿s expectations and suffering his rejections of her and her art. So on a night when her latest creation is being showcased, she engages in a bit of game playing to snag the attention of Daniel Savage, a junior partner in a Wall Street brokerage house. Using a false name and more bravado than she¿s used to, Lara not only gets his attention, but also convinces him to carry the game to the next level.

Daniel Savage knew all about playing games and he also knew that this woman could stir him up with just one look, so her suggestion intrigued him enough that he decides to go along¿until the point where, for him, it¿s no longer just his pride in winning that¿s involved. Now, it¿s his heart. But Lara wants nothing to do with long-term commitments of any sort. Can Daniel get her to see that the two of them were made for each other? That she doesn¿t need her father¿s acceptance to feel validated as an artist in her own right? Or will they cross the game¿s finish line and forever part ways?

I found the heroine, Lara Gladstone, likeable and believable. She¿s a party girl who doesn¿t like marriage. She and Daniel are very well matched--both are strong-willed and have strong personalities. Her immediate family, however, leaves much to be desired. Her father is so self-centered as to be thoroughly unlikeable (a trait that remains throughout the story). Her sister, Shelly, took lessons from the father in self-centeredness and graduated at the head of her class. At times I felt like smacking her and so much wanted Lara to pack up Shelly and her kids (when they unexpectedly descended on Lara and Daniel) and trot them off somewhere else, especially when Shelly proceeds to dictate house rules to Lara! I never felt Lara¿s family redeemed themselves by the end of the story leaving me to wonder how Lara and Daniel would be able to cope with them in the future.

I look forward to more of this author¿s contributions to the Blaze line.