Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire

by Dotti Enderle

Can divination and magic help the girls solve this latest burning mystery?
The second installment of the Fortune Tellers Club series crackles with suspense! Anne Donovan has a crush on Eric, the new boy at school. No one knows much about him except that he transferred schools after his house went up in flames.

Anne and her two friends, who call themselves The

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Can divination and magic help the girls solve this latest burning mystery?
The second installment of the Fortune Tellers Club series crackles with suspense! Anne Donovan has a crush on Eric, the new boy at school. No one knows much about him except that he transferred schools after his house went up in flames.

Anne and her two friends, who call themselves The Fortune Tellers Club, spread the tarot cards to predict Anne's future as Eric's girlfriend. When a series of fires breaks out, including one that destroys the school library, their attention turns to a more burning question. Does Eric possesses a special power-pyrokinesis? They set to work searching for answers before everything around them turns to cinders.

Selling Features
•A middle-grade novel (ages 8-12) about a trio of twelve-year-old girls who must solve the mystery of who or what is starting fires around town
•Centers on practical fortune telling to solve a mystery
•Introduces new forms of divination to an age group particularly interested in fortune telling

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Book II of the FORTUNE TELLERS CLUB was a very fun read. Anne, Juniper, and Gena are dimensional characters you want to meet in real life. Their enthusiasm and energy are contagious; you can't help feeling happy afterwards.

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Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.
Publication date:
Fortune Teller's Club Series, #2
Edition description:
Product dimensions:
5.18(w) x 7.68(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range:
8 - 12 Years

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"Go! Go! Go!" Anne Donovan and the other Avery Middle School cheerleaders jumped and shouted in syncopated rhythm.
The gymnasium bleachers looked bare with just a handful of parents and even less students watching the game. So much for school spirit.
The gym was an echo chamber as the volleyball players shouted.
"Get it, Richmond!"
"Hurry, Davis!"
Heads Up!
"Go for it, Taylor!"
Anne often wondered why the volleyball team insisted on calling each other by their last names.
It's not like they're all named Ashley or Tiffany, she thought. But the last name custom certainly fit the style of her best friend, Gena Richmond, the team's top scorer.
Anne's other best friend, Juniper Lynch, was stretched out on the metal bleachers with her ankles crossed and her elbows propped, occasionally yelling, "Way to go, Gena!"
The three girls had been best friends since fourth grade when they discovered a common interest—
divination. They call themselves the Fortune
Tellers Club, and by using Ouija boards, tarot cards, and tea leaves, they meet to forecast the future.
The volleyball came whizzing through the air and dropped just on the other side of the net.
Gena dove for it. The sparse crowd jumped to their feet as Gena slid across the floor, her sneakers squeaking like broken chalk on a blackboard.
She managed to get under it with cupped fists,
and spiked it straight into the air. The player next to her swatted it over, and that sparked the cheerleaders into another cheer.
Spike it! Spike it!
That's the way we like it!
Over, up, and in your face,
A victory you can't erase.
Admit it! Admit it!
Your team can't seem to hit it.
Wildcats, Wildcats, up the heat.
Wildcats, Wildcats, can't be beat!
Anne was having trouble concentrating on the game, but she put everything she had into the cheer because he was here—right in front of her—Eric Quinn, the hottest guy in school. Eric had just recently transferred to Avery, and even though he'd missed the first few weeks, he still impressed the football coach enough to get a starting position on the Avery Wildcat team.
He sat just three bleachers up from where Anne stood, and she couldn't take her eyes off him. He was slouched forward with elbows on knees, his black hair sweeping his forehead. His eyes were night dark, and when he stared at Anne, she thought his deep piercing glare might burn right through her. But his fiery gaze was offset by a crooked smile and a smattering of freckles on his nose.
Juniper jumped to her feet. "Heads up, Anne!"
Anne ducked as the volleyball zoomed over her head and crashed into the bleachers.
"Nice return," Juniper yelled to the girl who'd missed the hit. "Hey, Anne! Gotta feeling they should rename this place Sleepy Hollow?"
Anne laughed as she smoothed her hair and ice-blue cheer skirt. She looked toward Eric, giving him a bashful smile.
"Stop it," a voice demanded.
Anne turned to see her fellow cheerleader, Beth
Wilson, sneering at her. "Stop flirting with him."
Beth had both hands on her hips and gave the order like a true army sergeant.
"What makes you think I'm flirting with him?"
Anne said softly. She was worried that Eric might see them arguing.
Beth moved in closer. "I can't read those crystal eyes of yours, but I can sure read your body language.
I've never seen you put so much flounce in your flip."
"You're just imagining things," Anne said.
"Am I? I've seen you batting your eyelashes and tossing your hair."
Anne felt the heat rising to her cheeks. It's one thing to flirt, but getting caught at it is another.
And if Beth knew, the rest of the squad did too.
Beth couldn't keep a secret. It was guaranteed to be in her ear and out her mouth. Nothing was sacred.
"Well, why do you care if I flirt with him or not? It's my business."
Beth raised an eyebrow and smirked. "Because he's my boyfriend."
She might as well have punched Anne in the gut. "Since when?"
"Since the day he came here and I called dibs on him. Nicole and I are working out a plan to get him to ask me to the Seventh-Grade Dance."
Anne let out a sigh of relief. "So let me get this straight. You have to get your best friend to help you land a guy who you already claim is your boyfriend? What's wrong with this picture?"
Anne envisioned Beth and Nicole giggling and conniving a way to win Eric. No wonder Juniper and Gena called them the Snotty Twins.
She turned back to see Beth already whispering to another squad mate. Oh well. She'd already been caught flirting. Extra flounce in her flip?
She might as well give them something to really gossip about. Next time she'd put some extra squiggle in her wiggle.
The gym was beginning to warm up and Anne was feeling a little sticky. Usually the air conditioner was set so low the students referred to the gym as the Avery Arctic. Not this afternoon.
Anne looked up at Eric. He watched the scoreboard intensely. Just looking at him heated things up more. Two could play Beth's game, and Anne intended to win.
The cheer captain called, "Ready! Set!"
We're hot! We're hot!
Our team is hot to go!
You're not! You're not!
That's why we say—Yo!
We're hot! We're hot!
Our team is hot to go!
You're not! You're—
WHAM! The ball spliced to the left and whacked Beth on the side of her head.
"Ouch!" She grabbed her head and spun around.
Gena stood with her hand over her mouth,
eyes wide. She lifted her fingers. "Oops."
Anne and the other cheerleaders huddled around Beth to make sure she was okay.
Nicole Hoffman came rushing down to check on her best friend. She glared at Gena with a look that could melt iron.
Tears and fury sparkled in Beth's eyes. "Gena
Richmond, you did that on purpose!"
"Don't flatter me, Beth, I'm not that good of an aim," Gena said.
The coach blew her whistle. "A casualty of volleyball, ladies. Let's keep playing."
Anne looked in the stands. Eric was holding the volleyball and giving Beth an expression of sympathy. This can't be happening. Does he really like Beth? As Beth straightened the scrunchie in her hair, Anne could see her left ear—cherry red from the imprint of the volleyball. That must have stung.
The coach blew her whistle again.
Gena yelled out, "Come on, Quinn, throw us the ball!"
Eric kept his attention on Beth.
"Eric!" Gena shouted. "What are you waiting for, permission from your parents?"
He gave Gena a feverish glare. Then he fired the ball at her with the strength of a quarterback.
The sound of her catching it sprang off the walls.
Suddenly, there was a loud POP! The caged light on the gym ceiling shattered. An orange flame jetted out, then fizzled. Glass showered down like sparklers. And the kids ran.
Anne, Gena, and Juniper huddled in a corner with several other students. Parents hurried over to shelter their children, while others stood on the bleachers, pointing and awing. Anne looked over at the gym doors. Eric was casually walking out with his hands in his pockets. He seemed unrattled by the whole thing.
"Gena, Juniper," Anne whispered. "We've got to meet tonight."
"Why?" Juniper asked.
Anne stared at the gym door as it closed. "I'm calling an emergency meeting of the Fortune
Tellers Club."

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