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Plays the Blues

Plays the Blues

by Django Reinhardt
For more than a century, the blues has served as an elemental framework for jazz improvisation, and today, Django Reinhardt is revered among the greatest improvising artists who ever lived. Plays the Blues is a double-disc set released in 2010 by the Spanish reissue label Essential Jazz Classics. It is highly recommended as an effective way to absorb and


For more than a century, the blues has served as an elemental framework for jazz improvisation, and today, Django Reinhardt is revered among the greatest improvising artists who ever lived. Plays the Blues is a double-disc set released in 2010 by the Spanish reissue label Essential Jazz Classics. It is highly recommended as an effective way to absorb and comprehend the master guitarist's overall artistic contribution. 51 examples are drawn from the best years of Django's musical odyssey and feature most of the noteworthy musicians with whom he recorded from the mid-'30s until shortly before his demise, including some of the best jazz players in mainland Europe and several visiting or expatriate American instrumentalists. Opening with W.C. Handy's "St. Louis Blues" performed by Stéphane Grappelli's Hot Four on the last day of September 1935, the chronology includes a live appearance with Duke Ellington's Orchestra in 1946 and extends into March 1953 with "Blues for Ike," a cool salute to newly inaugurated U.S. president and former D-Day General Dwight D. Eisenhower. Because of the freedom of expression inherent in the blues and the rapid evolution of jazz at mid-century, there's more creative variety here than the title may suggest, and relative to the parameters of Reinhardt's accomplishments, a parallel could even be drawn with the 1962 Atlantic album Coltrane Plays the Blues. Even within a discography containing reissue compilations of every description, Reinhardt's Plays the Blues marks a new high point in the study of this internationally celebrated artist and the mingled traditions to which he devoted his life.

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Essential Jazz Class


Disc 1

  1. St. Louis Blues
  2. Limehouse Blues
  3. Limehouse Blues
  4. P.B. Flat Blues
  5. St. Louis Blues
  6. Eddie's Blues
  7. Big Boy Blues
  8. Bill Coleman Blues
  9. Fiddle Blues
  10. Minor Swing
  11. Stephen's Blues
  12. Blues
  13. Blue Light Blues
  14. Farewell Blues
  15. Solid Old Man
  16. Low Cotton
  17. Blues Of Yesterday
  18. Boogie Woogie, Pts. 1 & 2
  19. Limehouse Blues
  20. Blues
  21. Noël Blues
  22. Swinging The Blues
  23. Blues en Mineur
  24. Blues Clair
  25. Zuiderzee Blues
  26. Blues D'autrefois

Disc 2

  1. Uptown Blues
  2. Uptown Blues
  3. A Blues Riff
  4. Blues
  5. Minor Blues
  6. Blues For Barclay
  7. Blues For Barclay
  8. Django's Blues
  9. Blues Clair
  10. Minor Swing
  11. Blues Primitif
  12. Blues En Mineur
  13. St. Louis Blues
  14. Minor Blues
  15. Minor Swing
  16. C Jam Blues
  17. Minor Swing
  18. Royal Garden Blues
  19. St. Louis Blues
  20. C Jam Blues
  21. Boogie Woogie
  22. Blues
  23. Blues
  24. Blues For Ike
  25. D.R. Blues

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Django Reinhardt   Primary Artist,Guitar,Violin
Cat Anderson   Piano
Bill Coleman   Trumpet
Stéphane Grappelli   Piano,Violin,Celeste
Johnny Hodges   Alto Saxophone
Pierre Michelot   Bass
Ray Nance   Trumpet,Violin
Oscar Pettiford   Bass
Sears   Tenor Saxophone
Eddie South   Violin
Rex Stewart   Cornet
Lawrence Brown   Trombone
Taft Jordan   Piano
Joe Turner   Piano
Russell Procope   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Sonny Greer   Drums
Alix Combelle   Clarinet,Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Jean Aldegon   Alto Saxophone
Fletcher Allen   Alto Saxophone
Pierre Allier   Trumpet
Michel Attenoux   Soprano Saxophone
Harold Baker   Piano
Tommy Benford   Drums
Benny Carter   Trumpet,Alto Saxophone
Barney Bigard   Clarinet,Drums
Max Blanc   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Philippe Brun   Trumpet
Fud Candrix   Tenor Saxophone
Harry Carney   Clarinet,Bass Clarinet,Baritone Saxophone
Alex Caturegli   Trumpet
H.P. Chadel   Drums
Noel Chiboust   Tenor Saxophone
Paul Cordonnier   Bass
Bill Decker   Trombone
Duke Ellington   Piano
Andre Ekyan   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Hubert Fol   Alto Saxophone
Pierre Fouad   Drums
Nic Frerar   Trombone
Maurice Giegas   Trumpet
Frank "Big Boy" Goudie   Clarinet,Trumpet,Tenor Saxophone
Roger Guerin   Trumpet
Fred Guy   Guitar
Jimmy Hamilton   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Len Harrison   Bass
Shelton Hemphill   Piano
Claude Jones   Trombone
Bertie King   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Pierre Lemarchand   Drums
Gaston Leonard   Drums
Gerard Leveque   Clarinet
Charles Lisee   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Willy Lockwood   Bass
Francis Luca   Bass
Lou Melon   Trombone
Jerry Mengo   Drums
Maurice Meunier   Clarinet
Armand Migiani   Baritone Saxophone
Robert Montmarche   Drums
Janot Morales   Trumpet
Bobby Naret   Alto Saxophone
Andre Paquinet   Trombone
Guy Paquinet   Trombone
Benny Pauwels   Tenor Saxophone
Nat Peck   Trombone
Leo Petit   Guitar
Guy Plum   Alto Saxophone
Alex Renard   Trumpet
Hubert Rostaing   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Gianni Safred   Piano
Marceau Sarbib   Bass
Lucien Simoens   Bass
Emmanuel Soudieux   Bass
Jerry Stephan   Trumpet
Emil Stern   Piano
Jean Storne   Bass
Jean-Louis Viale   Drums
Maurice Vander   Piano
Benny Vasseur   Trombone
Eugene Vees   Guitar
Fernand Verstraete   Trumpet
Louis Vola   Bass
Christian Wagner   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Michel Warlop   Violin
Eugene d'Hellemmes   Bass
Aurelio de Carolis   Drums
Wilbur De Paris   Trombone
York DeSouza   Piano
Gerard Pochonet   Drums
Paul Collot   Piano
Louis Gasté   Guitar
Maurice Gladieu   Trombone
Charles Hary   Tenor Saxophone
Robert Mavounzy   Alto Saxophone
Robert Merchez   Alto Saxophone
Carlo Pecori   Bass
Jean Bouchety   Bass
Michel de Villers   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Billy Taylor   Bass
Robin Gould   Trumpet
Joseph Reinhardt   Guitar
Ivon de Bie   Piano
Ladislas Czabanyck   Bass
André Jourdan   Drums
Red Lacky   Drums
Maurice Moufflard   Trumpet
Ralph Schecroun   Piano
Gus Wallez   Trumpet
Larry Mann   Piano
Andre Cauzard   Trombone
Craig   Drums
André Lafosse   Trombone
Jo Boyer   Trumpet
Pierre Deck   Trombone
Charlie Lewis   Piano
Gaston Moat   Trombone
Jim Hayes   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Don Gardner   Trombone
Eddie Bernard   Piano
Roger Allier   Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Paulette Izoard   Violin
Jean Liesse   Trumpet
Louis Menardi   Trumpet
Lucien Devroye   Trumpet
Herb Bass   Trumpet
Bill Bethel   Drums
Charlie Blareau   Bass
Vincent Casino   Trumpet
Paul Jeanjean   Alto Saxophone
André Persiany   Piano
Sylvio Schmidt   Violin
Pierre Foucault   Piano
Jean Fourmanoir   Tenor Saxophone
Jean Belloni   Tuba
Alphonse Masselier   Bass
Henri Aspar   Baritone Saxophone
Jean-Claude Fohrenbach   Tenor Saxophone
Daniel Dallolmo   Tenor Saxophone
Pierre "Baro" Ferret   Guitar
Georges Gay   Trumpet
Louis Soen   Tenor Saxophone
Shelton Heath   Trombone
Pierre Remy   Trombone
Maurice Chailloux   Drums
Bill Zickefoose   Tenor Saxophone
Aime Barelli   Trumpet
Bob Decker   Bass
Andre Ross   Tenor Saxophone
Joe Moser   Alto Saxophone
Bernie Cavaliere   Tenor Saxophone
Lonnie Wilfong   Trumpet
Ken Lowther   Baritone Saxophone
Jean "Matlo" Ferret   Guitar
Bernard Hulin   Trumpet
Francois Vermeille   Piano
Roger Paraboschi   Drums
Robert Guinet   Alto Saxophone
Raymond Wraskoff   Piano
Raymond Goutart   Violin
Pierre Martineau   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Nelly Kay   Vocals
Marcel Siruno   Trumpet
John Kirkpatrick   Trombone
Jean Mauclaire   Trumpet
Jean Heutchel   Trumpet
Jacques Martinson   Drums
Jack Any   Alto Saxophone
Antoine Giaccardo   Bass
André Llius   Tenor Saxophone
Albert Piguillem   Trumpet

Technical Credits

Count Basie   Composer
Bill Coleman   Composer,Duet
Stéphane Grappelli   Composer,Duet
Jimmie Lunceford   Composer
Django Reinhardt   Composer
Eddie South   Composer,Duet
Rex Stewart   Composer
Pinetop Smith   Composer
W.C. Handy   Composer
Benny Carter   Composer,Orchestra Director
Barney Bigard   Composer
Philippe Brun   Composer
Noel Chiboust   Composer
Duke Ellington   Composer
Eddie Durham   Composer
Andre Ekyan   Composer
Frank "Big Boy" Goudie   Composer
Gerard Leveque   Arranger
Paul Mares   Composer
Jack Platt   Director
Leon Roppolo   Composer
Elmer Schoebel   Composer
Billy Taylor   Composer
Clarence Williams   Composer
Spencer Williams   Composer
Eddie Barclay   Composer
Philip Braham   Composer
Douglas Furber   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Matías Rinar   Annotation
Lonnie Wilfong   Arranger
Jack Boulterman   Composer

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