Please Take Me For a Walk

Please Take Me For a Walk

by Susan Gal

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Please Take Me for a Walk is a celebration of dogs and kids and community.

The book stars a very persuasive pup pleading with his best friend—the reader!—to take him for a walk. He recounts all the fun things they can see and do: chase squirrels in the yard, greet neighbors on their block, visit the shopkeepers downtown, swing by the


Please Take Me for a Walk is a celebration of dogs and kids and community.

The book stars a very persuasive pup pleading with his best friend—the reader!—to take him for a walk. He recounts all the fun things they can see and do: chase squirrels in the yard, greet neighbors on their block, visit the shopkeepers downtown, swing by the schoolyard, and then run and play in the park. The dog run at the park is filled with all kinds of amazing purebreds and mutts, and our puppy wants them all to see "my best friend and me."

Susan Gal uses this story of a dog's best walk ever to catalog all the favorite places in a child's world. She starts in the house and the yard, then widens her scope to the block, the neighborhood, downtown, and the park. And she captures the magical way the people of a community can be brought together through their pets.

The dog's enthusiastic voice and eagerness to go out walking will resonate with any dog owner. And Susan Gal's artwork is so enticing and adorable it will have even confirmed cat lovers heading for the pound!

Happy walking, everyone!

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Gazing adoringly up at readers with bright, soulful eyes, a sweet dog with white woolly fur repeatedly uses the titular refrain to request a trip outside, describing all the things he loves to do and see. The puppy will “keep the squirrels high up in the trees” and is eager to meet humans and fellow dogs (“Some neighbors like to pet me, and some neighbors do not”). Gal’s (Night Lights) fresh and inviting charcoal and digital collage illustrations of a hip, multicultural community (a green map covered with dogs on the endpapers suggests the setting is Berkeley, Calif.) are the highlight, with a menagerie of canines and active city residents, many wearing zesty, fashion-forward clothing. The puppy’s eyes alone telegraph a broad array of emotions, gleaming with excitement, determination, and sometimes tentativeness, as when meeting a group of larger dogs. In the end, it’s all “so everyone can see... my best friend and me.” With his ingenuous enthusiasm and the promise of exciting urban adventures at every turn, readers might wonder why he even has to ask. Ages 3-6. (May)
Children's Literature - Phyllis Kennemer
Told in first person by a small white dog with brown ears and a brown tip on his tail, the story's message is clear on the first page. The dog has his leash draped around his body and says, "Please take me for a walk." He then elaborates on his ideas about the activities of a walk. He would chase the neighbor's cat, send birds to their nests, and keep squirrels in the trees. He would greet people and some of them would pet him. The local business people are waiting for him to stop by and say hello, especially his friend the butcher. He could watch children scamper in the schoolyard and old men play chess in the park. Take along a ball or a Frisbee, and he will catch them and bring them back. The dog wants to feel the wind lift his ears and the sun warm his belly. He could visit with other dogs, but most importantly, people would see "my best friend and me." Colorful pictures fill the pages with action and humor in this fun read aloud. Reviewer: Phyllis Kennemer, Ph.D.
Kirkus Reviews
A bright-eyed pup wants to go for a walk. If taken, she can keep the squirrels in line, say hello to the shopkeepers, let neighbors pet her and show everyone her best friend. The charcoal-and-digital collage illustrations, rich in texture, transform a mere walk into an exhilarating experience. The sun warms the dog's belly, the wind lifts her ears and she feels valued and helpful to those she loves. Seen through the pooch's eyes, city streets become a lively neighborhood filled with exciting views and beloved friends. Gal's artwork, while busy, translates the pooch's friendly friskiness and the bustling energy of her surroundings well. Her strength is in the individual image, each presenting an enticing, new objective or an appealing, new environment. These lovely, singular vignettes, cut like shots in a film rather than pages that flow directly into each other, slightly disrupt the ease of her sequential storytelling. However, the text's careful repetition, the earth-toned hues depicting a brisk autumn day and the story's overall appeal will make readers itch to take their own pups out for a stroll. A real treat. (Picture book. 3-6)
School Library Journal
PreS-Gr 1—The star of this book, a fuzzy white terrier, is the quintessence of dogdom. The title serves as a refrain, and at each repetition children see only the pup against a green background, looking hopeful and appealing as he romps around on his red-and-white gingham leash. The other pages are awash with charming autumnal scenes that depict the heart of a village and all the happy activities the dog envisions himself engaging in: "I need to chase away the neighbor's cat,/send the birds back to their nests,/and keep the squirrels high up in the trees…." This is readers' opportunity to enjoy many aspects of their own world through the safety and enthusiasm of the animal's eyes. Children will appreciate the vitality and diversity in each picture, executed in charcoal on paper with digital collages. They'll see families in the park, stores with friendly proprietors, houses, sidewalks, vehicles, mail carriers, and a spectacular variety of other dogs. The collages contribute a riot of texture and color to each page. This delightful addition will have children voicing a request very much like the pup's: to get out and interact with their communities.—Susan Weitz, formerly at Spencer-Van Etten School District, Spencer, NY

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Random House Children's Books
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3 - 6 Years

Meet the Author

Susan Gal began her illustration career as a poster and calendar artist. She then worked as an "actor with a pencil" for Disney Animation Florida before returning to her native California to create lively and whimsical illustrations.

Susan Gal's first picture book was Night Lights, which also featured a great dog character. But the inspiration for this book was Susan's own best friend, the Boston terrier Wanda Woo.

Susan lives in Berkeley, California, with her husband, her daughter, and assorted studio pets. You can read more about her work at

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