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Please Touch

Please Touch

by Susan Striker, Frank Post

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Not everyone will agree with Striker's liberal views on childrearing (especially in the area of discipline), but she argues convincingly that parents should encourage creativity and independence during their children's first four years. Striker, author of the successful Anti-Coloring Books, illustrates her approach by noting that when her son was born she decided: ``I would not say `no' to him until he was two.'' This refusal to interferewhenever possiblewith a child's exploration of his or her small universe underlies Striker's advice on such subjects as providing a stimulating home environment, planning excursions, making sure a child has playthings that require imagination, and encouraging experimentation with art, music and movement. The author also offers pointers on a variety of specific topics, from giving birthday parties to choosing a nursery school. An intelligently presented alternative to more traditional parenting books. Foreign rights: RLR Associates, N.Y. February
Library Journal - Library Journal
In this book the creator of the successful Anti-Coloring Book series attempts to cover the ways in which parents can encourage creativity in their children's preschool years. As a professional in art education, Striker is at her best in giving tips and reassurances about preschoolers' needs and preferences in art. She has done her homework, and quotes from other sources, such as the excellent Susan D. Shilcock and Peter A. Bergson's Open Connections: the other basics (Open Connections, 1980) and David Lewis's How To Be a Gifted Parent (Berkeley Bks., 1979). Though she rambles a bit and might have done better to exclude general child-rearing material, parents will find this a valuable source of ideas. Macmillan Book Club alternate. Allayne C. Heyduk, Riverside Sch., Oneonta, N.Y.

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