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Pleasure Bound

Pleasure Bound

by Tuesday Morrigan, Nadia Aidan, Jenna Byrnes, Christy Lockhart

Sun, Surf and Sex on a Beach by Tuesday Morrigan

Sun, Surf, and a summer affair…she just might experience all three, if he can keep her alive long enough.

Sun, surf, and a summer affair are the three things on Michaela Jameson's list of things to do while on vacation in Sydney, Australia. For years now beakers, Bunsen burners


Sun, Surf and Sex on a Beach by Tuesday Morrigan

Sun, Surf, and a summer affair…she just might experience all three, if he can keep her alive long enough.

Sun, surf, and a summer affair are the three things on Michaela Jameson's list of things to do while on vacation in Sydney, Australia. For years now beakers, Bunsen burners and hypotheses have been Michaela Jameson's whole existence. But her latest experiment just might cost Michaela her life. Determined to keep their star project alive, her employers hire Donovan Kelly to protect its most important asset, Michaela.

One look at Donovan and Michaela knows she's in trouble. With him guarding her twenty four seven she sees little chance of achieving her goals. One glance at what Michaela's hiding underneath her lab coat and Donovan knows he wants in. And judging by the heat between them, Donovan might just get his chance. That is if he can keep the sexy scientist alive long enough to cross everything off her to do list, wicked sex included.

Aloha Kaua by Jenna Byrnes

On her first trip to Hawaii, Michaela Donovan discovers lust and love in the most unusual place.

Aloha Kaua. May there be love between us. Michaela Donovan isn't sure about love, but she's looking for something on her first trip to the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Her week-long stay with a group of sales contest winners, real estate agents like herself, starts out as boring as the man from Sheboygan who has eyes for her. Desperate to squeeze some fun from the rest of her vacation, Michaela sets her sights on the handsome surfer she sees every time she turns around.

Kale Mahai hangs out on the beach, surfs, then hangs out on the beach some more. Michaela can't help noticing his silky, shoulder-length black hair and smooth, muscular chest. She can only imagine what's under his colourful board shorts, and spends a lot of time doing exactly that. Kale's blue eyes are enticing, his manner seductive. His style is totally different from anyone Michaela ever met in Chicago.

What happens in Oahu stays in Oahu, right? Michaela might as well enjoy herself. It's not every day she has a vacation from ordinary, and the Hawaiian-speaking hunk who turns her world upside down isn't the type to stick around forever. When Kale predictably disappears, Michaela's reaction, and response, surprise even her.

Honeymoon for Three by Christy Lockhart

Jilted! Left at the altar, Claire Cavanaugh runs away to hide, only to end up with the honeymoon of her life.

Running away had never been so good…

Intending to hide from the embarrassment of being left at the altar, Claire Cavanaugh goes on honeymoon alone, only to find two strappingly handsome Norwegian men, one a Norse god, the other a bear of a Viking, at her beck and call.

Finn Odegaard and Christian Petersen are as wild and rugged as the fjords they call home. The two have been looking for a third to complete their relationship and when Claire arrives alone, they can't believe their luck. This lovely lady is brave, bold, and has a sexily curvy body that makes them dream of a honeymoon, for three.

Reader Advisory: This story contains m/m intimacy as part of a polyamorous relationship.

Selene's Awakening by Jude Mason

Take a gorgeous, Canadian alpha male, who's fled the rat race and moved to the woods, and add an equally gorgeous, but spoiled, British woman with an attitude and buried submissive tendencies and what do you have? World War III? Love? Maybe a little of both?

Disillusioned with the world and all its civilised gadgetry, David Wolf moves to the wilds of Western Canada's forests. Selene Jordan, one of the rich and infamous, is from the UK. She has it all and isn't afraid to show it off, or berate anyone who doesn't have as much.

Selene is vacationing in Canada and manages to run her pretty blue sports car into a ditch, and knock herself out in the process. David finds and rescues her, much to his chagrin later. She tries ordering him around and refuses to do anything to help herself or make his life easier. Yet, David keeps his calm. After all, she's not going anywhere, and he's got a plan.

Will Selene learn to pull her own weight? Or will David have to teach her a lesson in proper guest etiquette? Sparks fly and emotions run hot as these two vie for the alpha position. A position that only one of them really wants.

Reader Advisory: This story contains sensual spankings and mild D/s.

Sex Therapy by Nadia Aidan

The good doctor may be the expert, but he proves himself the master, as he takes her on a sensual journey, filled with steamy, hot nights and plenty of sex therapy.

Dr. Elena Bouchere, an expert in women's sexuality, has just one tiny little secret, she's no expert! It's been two years since she's last had sex, which means most of her advice has nothing to do with personal experience, as she claims, and more to do with her own wild imagination.

And no one knows more about Elena's wild imagination than reporter Julien Bond, who just happens to be in possession of her very naughty, very explicit diary, which reveals all the sordid details of her fantasies, none of which she's ever brought to life. But Julien wants to rectify that, so he's made a list, and over the course of a weekend vacation at an exclusive fantasy resort, he begins each day with the promise of pleasure, and ends it with the fulfilment of one fantasy from Elena's diary, leaving her in anticipation of what he will do next.

The good doctor may be the expert, but Julien proves himself the master, as he takes Elena on a sensual journey, filled with steamy, hot nights and plenty of sex therapy.

Light on the Water by Mima

She sees the beauty of mixing silver with gold, and will fight to make him see it, too.

When Sid was twenty-two, a summer storm took her into the sea. And then a merman brought her back. Not content with his decision, she dedicates herself to finding him again, ruthlessly exploring the waters of Bermuda. He's the most beautiful thing she's ever seen, and every inch of her sings "yes" in his presence.

When she finds him again, her battle has just begun. For matches between their peoples do not often end happily…

Reader Advisory: This story contains anal sex and toy play.

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'Sun, Surf and Sex on a Beach' by Tuesday Morrigan

“You were supposed to arrive over an hour ago.”

A smile spread over Michaela Jameson’s face at the familiar sound. Months passed since she heard that voice in the flesh. “Well, Cliff, it’s not my fault the plane took off an hour later than it should have.”

“I bet that cramped your careful plans,” he said with a smile as he wheeled the luggage cart forward.

She chuckled. The man knew her too well. Those familiar with Michaela understood that she lived her life according to a schedule. It was the only way she got anything done. Normally, there were so many things she had to accomplish in a single day, she found herself always checking her planner to make sure all was going according to schedule.

“So what did you do for that extra hour?”

Her smile widened as she followed him to the conveyer belt-distributing luggage. “You mean after I adjusted my schedule to fit the new timeline? I spent the remaining time going over my reading.”

“Getting ahead of schedule, huh?”

She shrugged. “It seemed like the most reasonable thing to do under the circumstances. Plus, they didn’t have any movies I wanted to watch.” She mumbled the last few words as she stifled a yawn.

Cliff glanced back at her just as she lowered her hand. “I booked you a red-eye for a reason,” he admonished.

Embarrassment flushed her system at his words. He’d been looking out for her when he scheduled the flight, but it was hard for her to change. Despite the night flight, she’d spent much of her time reviewing and reading the latest articles that touched on her specialty, bio-medical engineering. It was what she did normally.

“I’m a workaholic. Sue me.”


<strong>'Aloha Kaua' by Jenna Byrnes</strong>

Michaela Donovan had just finished the best Screaming Orgasm of her life. Several of them, in fact, and each had been the perfect mix of vodka and Kahlua. Now, she feared the alcohol was getting to her. She glanced around the dimly lit bar, much darker than it ought to be, considering her watch indicated it was barely late afternoon. The windows were covered with blinds, but through the slats she could see how bright it was outside. Not a surprise. She’d only been there two days, but, thus far, Hawaii had proven to be a sunny, cheery place.

Everywhere except right here. She looked around again. The bar was deserted except for a couple who really needed to take the lift upstairs to their hotel room.

Michaela wasn’t sure if the man’s tongue was all the way down the woman’s throat, but it had to be close. His right hand caressed her breast through a sheer, gauze shirt, and both of them seemed oblivious to everyone else in the world. They were a cute couple, both blond enough so it was easy to tell they weren’t native.

She’d tried not to stare while nursing her last drink, but it was somewhat like a train wreck. No one wants to look, but it’s hard not to.

The only other person in the room was a middle-aged, black-haired bartender who’d been friendly but not too chatty with Michaela. She’d liked him better before she’d noticed him ogling the couple who couldn’t keep their hands off one another. He obviously enjoyed looking and wasn’t trying to hide the fact. No wonder he hasn’t asked them to leave. He’s getting off on the show.


<strong>'Honeymoon for Three' by Christy Lockhart</strong>

“He left you at the altar?”

A little thrill chased up Claire’s spine as the big bear of a Viking with a shock of red hair swept his gaze over her, from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. He lingered for a few seconds on the fullness of her breasts. There was approval in his green eyes, and something even more thrilling: lust.

After her dud of a fiancé, Finn’s appreciation was a welcome change.

“This almost-husband of yours, Miss Cavanaugh…did he lose his mind?”

“That’s what I’d like to think.” Claire tried to smile, but failed. The truth was, being jilted had dealt a devastating blow to her self-confidence. What was so horrible about her that Bruce Marley left her at the church, with a dozen attendants and three hundred of their friends, colleagues, and relatives shifting uncomfortably in their seats?

“Christian, did you hear that? This beautiful woman was left at the altar. So she’s come to see us all by herself.” Finn looked past her as he spoke. “Aren’t we lucky?”

“He wasn’t man enough for you, perhaps?”

She turned around to see who asked the question. Her mouth watered. The man standing on the dock, legs spread, arms folded across his chest, highlighted by the Scandinavian sun had the looks of a Norse god. Well over six-feet, with blond hair, blue eyes, and shoulders that could carry all of a woman’s burdens, this man was straight out of her fantasies.

“Christian Petersen,” he said by way of introduction.

Oh, yes. This man was definitely man enough for her.

“You’ve already met my partner, Finn Odegaard.” Christian offered his hand. “Welcome to Norway.”


<strong>'Selene's Awakening' by Jude Mason</strong>

Leaning against the rough bark of an old cedar tree, David ran the rag over his face, sopping up some of the sweat that had trickled into his eyes. His eyes stung. His back ached from the steady, monotonous swinging of the axe, but the clearing was getting bigger. Soon it would be large enough for the garden he planned.

He flipped the long ponytail over his shoulder and wiped his chest with the damp cloth, then tucked it back into the rear pocket of his jeans. Gazing across the stump strewn field, he groaned, thinking about how difficult pulling those babies out was going to be. The gravel roadway just beyond was silent, as usual. From the angle of the sun, he figured he had about an hour before night fell—half that time to actually work.

“Better get back at it,” he muttered and pushed himself away from the tree. The axe gripped tight, he wrestled the next round of wood onto the splitting block.

He soon found his rhythm—lift, place and swing, then flip the cut pieces to the side. The pile of firewood grew steadily, until daylight went and he had to stop.

The muscles in his arms and shoulders hummed with fatigue, but he piled as much wood as he could into his cart before he felt he could call it a day. The handcart held enough wood to keep him going for a few days, and the large wheels made it easy to transport. Building it had been a stroke of genius.


<strong>'Sex Therapy' by Nadia Aidan</strong>

Elena’s hand froze over the mouse of her computer as she read that one line over and over, the words swimming before her eyes.

With trembling fingers, she set her coffee aside, afraid the shaking of her hand would send the scalding hot liquid sloshing over the rim of her mug. She apparently had a stalker, she didn’t need to add third degree burns to her list of woes.

She read the sender’s name in the email line. jbond@rakemag.com. Every muscle in her body knotted with tension as she read the name again, rolling it around her tongue. Something about it was familiar.

Dragging in a deep breath, she clicked on the subject line, before she could lose her nerve, sending the email popping open across her screen.

She’d hoped this was a hoax, a prank from some dirty old man, but there was nothing about the content of the email that was remotely amusing. She skimmed the pages of the document, her fury growing with each word she read.

The Queen of Sex should be dethroned is how it started before continuing in vivid detail about how she wouldn’t know what a butt plug looked like even if it was staring her in the face.

She frowned. Now that was harsh. She would recognise a butt plug. After all, she was the reigning Queen of Sex, also known as the Sex Doctor or, her personal favourite, Doctor Kink. As the foremost expert in women’s sexuality, she was bigger than Dr. Ruth, with her own radio talk show, a thriving chain of sex toy stores, and dozens of sex help books to her name. Yes, at thirty-seven Elena had made a solid career out of selling nothing but sex. Her business was to sell sex, so she knew&nbsp;<span style="line-height: 1.6em;">what a butt plug was, even if she’d never used one.</span>


<strong>'Light on the Water' by Mima</strong>

When Sid was twenty-two, a summer storm took her. The morning began as perfection. Four strangers joined up to charter a day’s sail, their northern skin tinged red at the start of their vacation. The burning blue sky held fluffy, tabletop clouds. They sailed above idyllic, cerulean waves, a shade only the tropics could produce. It all disappeared in approximately ten minutes. A grey wall rose from the horizon, sucked the colour from the sky, the heat from the air, and blocked out the sun.

She knew fear when the storm came so fast. She knew terror as they worked to take the boat back to the resort. Radioing in their distress, the four were silent and tense while they motored as fast as they could in the twenty-foot swells. She knew she was going to die when she washed overboard, and the cleat she’d tied her safety line to snapped off. Her life preserver hardly mattered as she was battered wildly in the black water. None of that morning’s August heat was left. Breathing was a challenge between the cold and the spray. Everyone knew the ocean could be a real bitch. But even with her lifetime of experience, Sid was shocked at how quickly and completely the grand dame had turned today.

As horrible as it was, she never quit struggling to stay on the surface, to grab a breath. Her brain was shouting, You’re done. You’re dead. But her arms fought the waves, her feet fought to move through the paralyzing cold, her eyes struggled to find the boat’s running lights.

Meet the Author

Mima lives in a sleepy village in NY. She’s a librarian by day. Mima is living proof that dreamy children do grow up to success, without their heads ever leaving the clouds.

Jude's imagination frequently leads her astray and she eagerly follows while trying to keep out of trouble, or at least, not get caught. For those of you who know her, you'll know that's not always easy. A picture, a smell, an unexpected glimpse of flesh, or a load of soil in the back of a pick-up, are all fodder for her writing. Her male characters run the gamut from the dominant male ruling his women with an iron fist, to a simpering purple-clad boy-toy whose only desire is to please. As diverse and as richly depicted, her women find themselves in a myriad of exotic and erotic situations. Catch up with Jude at her blog and MySpace.

Nadia Aidan lives, works and writes on the West Coast in the United States. Under her real name, Nadia holds a PhD in Political Science and Public Policy and by day she works as an Assistant Professor.She writes across all genres, from historical, to fantasy/sci-fi to contemporary. In addition to writing erotic romances Nadia enjoys reading other authors, playing flag football, studying muay thai, working out, listening to music, scuba diving, and target shooting.Her other interests include collecting Top Cow comics, especially Witchblade and Tomb Raider. She loves professional football and soccer. Her favorite teams are the Washington Redskins and Manchester United, respectively.Nadia loves watching, reading about, and writing about strong, assertive heroines which is why she is an enduring fan of Fight Girls, Xena, Buffy, American Gladiators—New and Old, and La Femme Nikita!Nadia also loves interacting with people so feel free to visit her at nadiaaidan.com for more information about her and her new releases.

Jenna Byrnes could use more cabinet space and more hours in a day. She’d fill the kitchen with gadgets her husband purchases off TV and let him cook for her to his heart’s content. She’d breeze through the days adding hours of sleep, and more time for writing the hot, erotic romance she loves to read. Jenna thinks everyone deserves a happy ending, and loves to provide as many of those as possible to her gay, lesbian and hetero characters. Her favourite quote, from a pro-gay billboard, is “Be careful who you hate. It may be someone you love.”

Bestselling author Christy Lockhart is the author of eleven books from Silhouette Desire, Silhouette Intimate Moments, Elloras Cave and Loose Id and now, happily, Total-e-bound. She also had a historical romance produced in audio format.Originally from Manchester, the world is her playground, and she now calls the splendor of Rocky Mountain Colorado home. She is a past president of Colorado Romance Writers and a past Board Member of Romance Writers of America. She's the recipient of Colorado Romance Writers Writer of the Year Award, RWA's prestigious Emma Merritt Service Award, along with the Coeur Du Bois Love of Romance Award.As a certified life coach, she helps inspire others to live their dreams, as well.

Tuesday Morrigan began her love affair with romance at an early age. As a child she was always infatuated with the novels she snuck from her mother. Later, in high school, the public library became her sanctuary with an endless array of romance novels. Tuesday is still an avid reader of books. Thanks to shows like Buffy, Angel, and her latest infatuation, Supernatural, Tuesday prefers her stories to have a little more grit. Her favourite genres have always been fantasy, mystery, romance and erotica, so as a writer, she tries to blend the genres to create her own personal niche.

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