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Pleasure Me

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by Kay Jaybee, Elizabeth Cage, Lynn Lake, Izzy French

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We all need more pleasure in our lives, and these twenty tales reveal the explicit exploits of those who devote themselves to enjoying sex to the full. From wicked wives putting on a show for their lusty husbands, to sex in the great outdoors, intimate seductions, wild one-night stands and kinky games of dominance and submission, you’ll find stories here to

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We all need more pleasure in our lives, and these twenty tales reveal the explicit exploits of those who devote themselves to enjoying sex to the full. From wicked wives putting on a show for their lusty husbands, to sex in the great outdoors, intimate seductions, wild one-night stands and kinky games of dominance and submission, you’ll find stories here to tease and please you.

Surrender to the ultimate in pleasure.

Finger Music by Kay Jaybee

The early arrival of one part of the jazz trio due to play at the restaurant where Sally works, transfixes her. The dance of his fingertips over the fret of his instrument wreaks havoc with the waitress’s imagination, as she mentally replaces her body with the expertly plucked double bass. When the musician asks Sally if she would like to try and play, she soon learns how it feels to create beautiful finger music …

Watch Me, Watch You by Lynn Lake

Catherine is into voyeurism. She watches a neighbour pleasure himself, while pleasuring herself; shows off her form to a dirty window-washer staring in from the outside; encourages her boyfriend to jack by the public pool, and her husband to fuck their babysitter on-camera – while she watches. Catherine just can’t keep her eyes to herself.

Read My Lips by Elizabeth Cage

Becky doesn’t want a boyfriend and she’s not sure she wants sex after her last guy cheated on her – big time. So when her good mate Maz sets her up with the enigmatic Kyle, she is initially annoyed. But it turns out that Kyle has a special talent , which Becky soon discovers when they agree to an unusual businesslike arrangement. She gets the chance to explore and enact her most thrilling and edgiest fantasies. Has she got the nerve to follow it through? When it comes to intense, mind-blowing satisfaction, it seems no words are needed …

A Woman of Pleasure by Izzy French

Natalie is a thoroughly modern girl who takes her thrills wherever she can, and arranges them illicitly at work. Her email is hot! And her IT-phobic boss is blind to her sexy goings on. But following a particularly passionate night spent with a couple, Liza and John, back at their place, Natalie is called to the brand new IT manager’s office in the morning. He’s read her messages and he’s not a happy man. He gives Natalie a choice – and she needs to decide how she is going to take her punishment. Will it be the hard way?

New Heights by Jenna Bright

It’s not that Pollie doesn’t enjoy sex – she just thinks she’s missing out on the really good stuff. Somewhere out there are new pinnacles of pleasure, new heights that take sex from something fun to something sublime – and she’s determined to find them. Fortunately for her, she has her best friends, Lee and Rob, on hand, willing to do whatever it takes to help her find perfect pleasure.

About to Come by Maxine Marsh

Judith has been dating Wes for a long six months and they still haven’t screwed. It’s all a part of Wes’s philosophy – waiting makes it better, and if she really wants him, she’ll wait. But the day has finally arrived, and Judith’s about to find out just how hungry the wait has made her...

Hiking by Penelope Friday

Kate isn’t sure she’s going to enjoy hiking with her boyfriend Alex, but she’s willing to give it a go – if she does it in her own way. When she admits to Alex that she has “forgotten” her knickers, their hike through secluded hillside takes an erotic turn. But it turns out the hillside isn’t as secluded as the passionate couple originally thought ...

The Crinoline by Brian M. Powell

The woman suggested, as a game, that all men at the party describe their most secret sexual fantasy. Everyone agreed my fantasy was impossible and it was voted the worst fantasy. Only the woman who had suggested the game was interested in it. But when she called and ordered me to meet her at Forest Hall I did not know what to expect. I discovered she had arranged an extreme scene that allowed me to act out my fantasy with her as its object. It gave us the most intense erotic experience of our lives.

The Mirror by J R Roberts

Sam is in the enviable position of having a lover who knows exactly what turns her on. But Scott is a tease and uses his skills and the fact that he knows how much she desires him to persuade her to be a naughty girl. Reflections in the mirror allow Sam a view usually denied to women and brings a new and exciting dimension to their lovemaking.

Penthouse Sweet by Kate Dominic

A married woman enjoys California heat by sunbathing naked on her penthouse balcony, then indulging in an anniversary gift arranged by her husband — sharing her freshly-shaved, sun-warmed pussy with another woman for the first time.

The Heat in Greece by Bel Anderson

‘Don’t open your eyes,’ he says softly, his Greek accent sending shivers down my spine and his hand warm but persistent in the small of my back. ‘Trust me. Do not be afraid.’ How could a girl resist? Sun, sea, sand and … a virile young Adonis who is feeling just as maddeningly sexy as I am on this scorching Greek afternoon. Recklessly, I put my trust in this husky-voiced stranger and let him lead me blindly away from the beach and into the most deliciously sensual and orgasmic experience of my life. An experience that turns out to be all my fantasies rolled into one …

By Design by Elise Hepner

The last thing Elena, a bored, hotel desk clerk, expects on a slow day at work is a salacious note commanding her to meet a stranger in his room. The anonymous “Frank” describes in detail how he wants to watch Elena get off in front of him. The erotic possibilities are dangerous ‑ and wicked. Swayed by her recent break-up and her intense need to do something interesting with her life, Elena follows orders. And what she walks into changes her sexually forever.

As You Wish by Maggie Morton

Bari has given his wife a lovely anniversary gift ‑ complete sexual power over him for one night. It will be a night full of power and sex, a night where the power she receives over her partner shows Bari’s wife everything she’s been missing until then, including the right to do as she wishes to her husband, no matter what those wishes involve. But Bari doesn’t mind giving up his power, not in the least, and maybe, just maybe, his wife won’t mind taking it from him either.

Play It Again by Heidi Champa

The only way to celebrate your divorce is with a “re-bachelorette” party, or at least that’s what her friend Tammy has convinced her. But she really isn’t having a good time, surrounded by so many happy brides-to-be reminding her of what she once had. That’s until a handsome groomsman offers to reintroduce her to the sweetest of pleasure…

Melonhead by Giselle Renarde

When you’re a guy with brown skin, you don’t make it through airport security too easily. Jai’s luggage seems to get rifled through forty times per trip and that’s why he never brings along any of his sex toys. But Jai is a planner, and he knows a warm cantaloupe is heaven. His hotel room doesn’t have a microwave, so he reluctantly takes up the receptionist’s offer to heat up the contents of his big paper bag and bring it to his room. When she arrives, she isn’t alone. Jai has two female spectators, and they aren’t about to leave without a show.

Torture by Pleasure by Bella Marks

Where is the line between pleasure and suffering? A sub finds out, and crosses the line, as her master delivers a well-deserved punishment. He tortures her with pleasure and teases her to within an inch of her sanity. Using his fingers, his cock and some evil little brushes, he brings her to the edge over and over again. But will she get to come? It’s up to him.

Getting Ready for Mick by Jodie Johnson-Smith

Sent to the country to finish her book, Fiona is soon feeling lonely. The only visitor she has is Penny, the busty campaigner, who is hell-bent on stopping the council from building on the field behind Fiona’s cottage. When three guys arrive to start the work, Fiona decides to get to know them better. But although getting ready for Mick is highly pleasurable, all is not as it seems and Fiona knows that the guys will soon be leaving. Meanwhile, Penny has decided on a new campaign ...

Oil, Wine, Miles and Dreaming by Ms Peach

Waking from a deliciously erotic dream, Amy expects another dull day in her job as a doctor’s receptionist. But Michael has other ideas. He’s the hunky patient she’s lusted after for ever, and when she accepts his offer of a dinner date, she doesn’t realise it’ll lead to a night of unforgettable pleasure.

Glow by Sommer Marsden

Adam is Irene’s perfect man, offering her everything she could possibly need – except his love. But she keeps making the trip to his home, where a lantern glows in the window, a sign of how much he wants her, because the pleasure he gives her is far too good to ignore. And maybe tonight will be the night he goes that one step further and gives her his heart, too…

Someone Borrowed, Something Blue by Elizabeth Coldwell

Melanie’s husband-to-be has the kinkiest fantasies about watching her with another man. She has fantasies about being dominated by a horny stranger. And with the aid of a willing wedding photographer and a second-hand dress, she’s about to make every single one of those fantasies come true.

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Adam lives on the third storey of a historic row-home in the city. I don’t. I live farther into the danger of the city in a non-historic row home with three other people. The houses are built like railroad cars, rooms connected one to the other in a straight line. Each room long but narrow and laid out like one long hallway. Main room to dining room to kitchen to summer kitchen.

Adam’s house is nicer. Each level of his row home is broad and roomy, the ceilings high, the windows too. His bedroom has a skylight and the front window faces the street.

I pass his house every night when I leave The Twisted Scarf, a tiny bar I work in that got its name from the way the original owner died. It had been McWilliams’s Tavern before then, but the original owner was killed – rumoured to be a mobtown hit – by strangulation. Did you guess a twisted scarf? You win a prize.

Gruesome name for a hole-in-the-wall dive bar. But I make good tips and once in a while a nice-looking college boy comes in and I end up going out for a night on the town. Usually followed by a night between the sheets.

But when I think of love and lust and need and all the weird and sometimes melancholy stuff that goes with it, it’s Adam who springs to mind. Adam who I met in the bar and Adam who’s worked out an arrangement with me.

He’s not into love. As he explains it, ‘I tried that once and she damn near killed me. I didn’t know a human heart could hurt that bad and still keep working. I’m never doing it again.’

And I get it. I get the pain he suffered and I get the way he feels and I get that he likes me and in another life it could have been something more. And hey, I agreed to the arrangement he and I worked out one night over shots of Patrón at the bar.

I agreed. So I live with it.

Tonight it’s cold and a bit rainy and I realise I’m holding my breath as I walk. My fur-lined cheap-ass suede boots are kicking up plumes of dirty water and my hair is getting that funky damp curl that comes with icky weather.

Adam likes those curls. He pushes his fingers up into the spirals like he’s pushing into my pussy and he says, ‘Your hair is so pretty, Irene. It’s like coiled copper.’

And usually we end up with him fucking me, a big chunk of coiled copper wrapped in his fist while I try and remember that I’m not supposed to love him.

I turn on to Anne Street and there it is.

My heart jumps and my stomach tumbles and I hear myself make a sound – this deep, needy, rumbling sound – even above the November wind.

There is a lantern in Adam’s front window. And when that lantern glows it means: I need you. I want you.

I love you

No, not that last one. That one’s a pipe dream.

My feet that felt so heavy just minutes ago feel springy and light. I dodge puddles like a schoolgirl and even though it’s nearly 2 a.m. – my boss let me sneak out a bit early – I’m laughing. I hear the ease of my laughter and it strikes me that I don’t laugh much at all.

I hurry across the street, no traffic in sight, just misty rain that makes me think of serial killers and Halloween movies. I push the doorbell with trembling fingers and wait. That lantern’s glow means a night in his bed. A night in his arms.

‘Yes?’ comes his voice over the speaker. He’s amused and he’s smiling. I can hear it.

‘It’s me.’

‘The lovely Irene?’ he drawls. Once upon a time he lived in the south and he tells me the accent stuck like molasses.

‘Well, Irene. I don’t know about lovely.’ I sigh, nervously trying to smooth my increasingly unruly hair.

‘Take it back,’ he says sternly but gently.

‘The lovely Irene,’ I amend.

The buzzer sounds and the door lock disengages and I grab the handle like a lifeline. It has not escaped my notice that my panties are damp from a constant trickle of juices from my body. My pussy already feels thick and pouty, ready for him. Flushed with blood and thumping in desperate time with my heart. My nipples against the inside of my satin cami are so hard just the brush of that tender fabric over them is maddening.

I lick my lips and make my way up the first set of steep steps. Once upon a time someone had to wall off the staircases in order to make this place three apartments with a communal set of steps. Walking them is an exercise in claustrophobia. But on the landing to the second floor I have to stop and rest my head against the chilly wall.

I cannot act a fool. I cannot let him know. I need to keep the feeling part of this equation under wraps and just enjoy the fucking.

And good fucking it is. He can be rough and gentle, giving and demanding. He can debase me and lift me up. I never know but I’m always willing and he always takes me where I need to go. And he cares.

But he won’t love you …

Up the final flight I go and he’s waiting. Jeans slung low despite the late hour, a heather grey thermal hugging his leanly cut upper body. He’s got a day’s worth of stubble and his bright grey eyes are stark against the muted light of the entire scene. It’s the middle of the night, really, so that lights are respectfully dim.

‘Come, Irene,’ he says. And I get it. Not come in. Come.

Because I will. We will.

I step into his apartment with as much calm as I can muster but the second that door clicks shut it all falls way. We crash into each other, all seeking mouths and clutching hands. He gets me caged in his arms, crushed against him, and I feel the waiting hump of his cock in those well-worn, paint-stained jeans. He’s an artist. Only an artist could explain how he’ll never love you and you will willingly buy it and also come to him when he commands.

You’re such a fool, Irene …

Maybe. But it works for me too. At least for now. And that’s the only thing that matters. The pleasure of it all.

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