Plug It In! Turn It Up! Electric Blues - The Definitive Collection, Pt. 1: Beginnings 1

Plug It In! Turn It Up! Electric Blues - The Definitive Collection, Pt. 1: Beginnings 1


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Bear Family's Electric Blues history Plug It In! Turn It Up! may not seem quite as ambitious as some of their projects, but that's only because it arrives in four volumes of three CDs, not a hulking 12-disc, 12X12 box complete with a hardcover book. Taken on its own terms, it is a pretty impressive chronicle of electrified blues from its infancy to itsSee more details below


Bear Family's Electric Blues history Plug It In! Turn It Up! may not seem quite as ambitious as some of their projects, but that's only because it arrives in four volumes of three CDs, not a hulking 12-disc, 12X12 box complete with a hardcover book. Taken on its own terms, it is a pretty impressive chronicle of electrified blues from its infancy to its prime. Here in the first volume, the spotlight shines on its birth, opening up with a cut from Andy Kirk & His Twelve Clouds of Joy, a 1939 side called "Floyd's Guitar Blues" featuring a solo by Floyd Smith, and running to 1954, when the jumping, hard-charged sound started to break into the big time. Wisely, Bear Family is happy to repeat artists -- there is no way to limit yourself to just one T-Bone Walker or Muddy Waters song, after all -- and they bend the rules ever so slightly, letting in sides by R&B singers like Fats Domino and Ray Charles, artists who aren't always strictly classified as electric blues but certainly fit this wide definition. Roughly speaking, the first disc here is devoted to the swinging, jumping sounds of the '40s and '50s, with the second finding the rawer, nastier sounds starting to sneak in (Jackie Brenston's 'Rocket '88'," Howlin' Wolf's "How Many More Years," Elmore James' "Dust My Broom," and Little Walter's "Juke" pop up here), and the third concluding with the rise of overdriven Chicago blues and boogie, with Jimmy Reed rubbing shoulders with Wynonie Harris. Perhaps there are some seminal sides from these 15 minutes -- almost certainly there are -- but this first volume of Plug it In! Turn It Up! tells its story expertly and, best of all, it sounds like a party as it does so.

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Disc 1

  1. Floyd's Guitar Blues  -  Andy Kirk & His Twelve Clouds of Joy
  2. Mean Old World  - T-Bone Walker
  3. Strange Things Happening Every Day  - Sister Rosetta Tharpe
  4. Drifting Blues  -  Johnny Moore's Three Blazers
  5. Ain't That Just Like a Woman  -  Louis Jordan & His Tympany 5
  6. That's All Right  - Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup
  7. Let Me Play with Your Poodle  - Lightnin' Hopkins
  8. Call It Stormy Monday (But Tuesday Is Just as Bad)  - T-Bone Walker
  9. Better Cut That Out  - Sonny Boy Williamson [II]
  10. Ramblin' Bill  -  Big Bill Broonzy & His Rhythm Band
  11. I Can't Be Satisfied  - Muddy Waters
  12. Boogie Chillen  - John Lee Hooker
  13. Blues After Hours  - Pee Wee Crayton
  14. Mary Is Fine  - Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown
  15. Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee  -  Sticks McGhee & His Buddies
  16. Hit the Road  - Little Willie Littlefield
  17. Who's Been Jivin' You  - Jimmy Weatherspoon
  18. Black Angel Blues (Sweet Black Angel)  -  Nighthawks
  19. My Special Friend Blues  - Baby Boy Warren
  20. Every Day I Have the Blues (Lonely Heart Blues)  - Lowell Fulson
  21. Rock Awhile  -  Goree Carter & His Hepcats
  22. Bon Ton Roula  - Clarence "Bon Ton" Garlow
  23. Rollin' and Tumblin', Pt. 1  -  Baby Face Leroy Trio
  24. Slippin' and Slidin'  -  Jack McVea Orchestra
  25. Rockin' All Day (Rockin' and Reelin')  - Jimmy McCracklin
  26. Love Don't Love Nobody  -  Roy Brown & His Might-Mighty Men

Disc 2

  1. That's All Right  - Jimmy Rogers
  2. Midnight Boogie  - Tampa Red
  3. Black Night  - Charles Brown
  4. Rock Little Baby  - Cecil Gant
  5. Why Should I Cry?  - Lonnie Johnson
  6. Rocket '88'  - Jackie Brenston
  7. How Many More Years?  - Howlin' Wolf
  8. Boogie Woogie Nighthawk  - James Wide Mouth Brown
  9. Baby Let's Go Down to the Woods  - Floyd Dixon
  10. Kansas City Blues  - Robert Nighthawk
  11. Pontiac Blues  - Sonny Boy Williamson [II]
  12. Dust My Broom  - Elmore James
  13. I'm in the Mood  - John Lee Hooker
  14. Cold Cold Feeling  - T-Bone Walker
  15. Ramblin' on My Mind  - Boyd Gilmore
  16. Please Send My Baby Back  - Sunny Blair
  17. Trust in Me  - Fats Domino
  18. Juke  - Little Walter
  19. Me and My Chauffeur Blues  - Memphis Minnie
  20. Five Long Years  - Eddie Boyd
  21. Lonesome Train  - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson
  22. Hound Dog  - Big Mama Thornton
  23. Chocolate Pork Chop Man  - Pete "Guitar" Lewis
  24. Woke Up This Morning  - B.B. King
  25. Evening Sun  - Johnny Shines
  26. Cryin' Shame  - Snooky Pryor

Disc 3

  1. Messin' Up  - Chuck Norris
  2. Please Love Me  - B.B. King
  3. Forty Cups of Coffee  - Danny Overbea
  4. Ice Cream Man  - John Brim
  5. Losing Hand  - Ray Charles
  6. Hydramatic Woman  - Joe Hill Louis
  7. Feelin' Good  -  Little Junior's Blue Flames
  8. One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer  - Amos Milburn
  9. Tiger Man  - Rufus Thomas
  10. Blues with a Feeling  - Little Walter
  11. Piggly Wiggly  - Melvin "Lil' Son" Jackson
  12. TV Mama  - Big Joe Turner
  13. The Things That I Used to Do  - Guitar Slim
  14. Shim Sham Shimmy  - Champion Jack Dupree
  15. Dirty Work at the Crossroad  - Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown
  16. You Don't Have to Go
  17. I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man  - Muddy Waters
  18. Sloppy Drunk  - Jimmy Rogers
  19. Shake That Thing  - Wynonie Harris
  20. Wine, Women, Whiskey  -  Papa Lightfoot
  21. I'm Gonna Murder My Baby  - Pat Hare
  22. Pet Cream Man  - J.B. Hutto
  23. Reconsider Baby  - Lowell Fulson
  24. Don't Have to Worry (Jumpin' in the Heart of Town)  - Lafayette Thomas
  25. The Boogie Disease  - Doctor Ross

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Floyd Smith   Guitar,Soloist

Technical Credits

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Roy Brown   Composer
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