Plus Que Tout Au Monde

Plus Que Tout Au Monde

by Pascal Obispo

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Epic Europe

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Pascal Obispo   Primary Artist
Mickey Feat   Bass
Michel Gaucher   Flute
Roland Vaughan Kerridge   Drums
Bernard Paganotti   Bass
Claude Salmiéri   Drums
Gavyn Wright   Violin
Basil Leroux   Guitar,Sitar
Zazie   Choir, Chorus
Volodia   Choir, Chorus
Denis Benarrosch   Percussion
Alain Lanty   Piano

Technical Credits

Haydn Bendall   Contributor
Isobel Griffiths   Contributor
Nick Patrick   Contributor
Pascal Obispo   Arranger
Zazie   Contributor
Francois Delabriere   Engineer
Volodia   Programming

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